Nugent Goes Nuclear: 5 Questions With Uncle Ted

Nugent Goes Nuclear: 5 Questions With Uncle Ted

Hunting and rock and roll icon Ted Nugent is no stranger to controversy, and the 'Motor City Madman' finds himself squarely back in the national spotlight in the wake of incendiary political comments made last week at the National Rifle Association annual meetings. In an interview with NRA News, Nugent called President Obama and senior administration officials criminals, accused four Supreme Court justices of not believing in the Constitution and likened Republican voters to warriors who need to "ride out onto the battlefield and chop their heads off in November." And if all that wasn't enough, the Nuge predicted that if President Obama is re-elected in November, "I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year."

So, what more does Uncle Ted have to say about the election? Find out here in our exclusive interview'¦

VOTE: Did Ted Nugent go too far with his comments regarding President Obama at the NRA Show?

BH: Obviously, the Second Amendment is a very important issue when it comes to the sportsmen's vote. However, many avid bowhunters don't hunt with guns at all. What do you tell fellow bowhunters who ask why this election is so important for them?

TED: When government agents are arresting sporters for killing their bag limit of bullfrogs with a bow and arrow because it is not an authorized weapon to kill bullfrogs with, when jackbooted USFW agents storm troop law abiding CA hunters homes with fraudulent search warrants, guns drawn, terrorizing innocent families for allegations of misdemeanor game violations, when federal agents swoop down on hunting camps in TX threatening law abiding bowhunters for the legal activity of hunting alligators at night when it is perfectly legal to do so, when USFW agents harass law abiding bowhunters with threats of federal felony Lacey Act violations for shooting a deer with the number one selling broadhead or with a lighted knock, when armed USFW agents raid Gibson guitars and shut them down, confiscate precious legally imported wood but fail to actually file charges in four years, financially wrecking Gibson's business, when armed USDA agents raid Amish families, guns drawn for selling raw milk to people who want to buy raw milk, when family farms are raided by gun toting government agents in MI slaughtering private property and fenced in livestock  based on a fraudulent Invasive Species Order, when the number one cop in America orchestrates the illegal running of firearms to Mexican gangs...and I could go on and on and on with 100s and 100s of examples of vile corruption and vicious abuse of power by a government out of control. I see no need whatsoever for any American to be concerned.

BH:  Mitt Romney says he is a hunter, but he really doesn't have a track record of spending much time in the field. What makes you comfortable enough to say  "Romney is one of us now" and will look out for our interests? Have you met Romney personally?

TED: When conservationist hunters recruit new hunters to our beloved lifestyle, it would seem incredibly foolish and counterproductive to fail to embrace our new supporters. My serious conversations with Mitt Romney and his son Josh has convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mitt will be a vastly superior POTUS than the current monsters. He will stand with us for improved, sensible, scientific based hunting regulations and rights and for all the desperately critical improvements our wonderful country needs now.

BH:  Some of your political analogies and comments from your NRA Show interview last week were caught in the bright lights of the mainstream media. Do you see criticism from traditional media outlets as helpful to your cause?

TED: When you are doing God's work, the devils go berserk. That the enemies of America and freedom so despise me is a powerful sign I represent all the right stuff.

BH: From a reader: What did you really mean when you said you would either be dead or in jail by this time next year if Obama is re-elected?

TED: I speak for Americans who are tuned into the outrageous growing threat from an increasingly out-of-control government and who fear their government.

BH: You've been asked often about your own political aspirations but we'll ask again, do you have any and what's a more effective position to spark change? Holding political office or holding court similar to the way you did in St. Louis?

TED: I currently hold the most important office in the world -- a proud "We the People Citizen of America" who is not afraid to use my 1st Amendment rights. At 63, I remain dedicated to steer America back on the U.S. Constitution track for my children and grandchildren. One never knows where that might take me.

Bonus Question: Any plans for a Presidential hunt on the Nugent ranch if Romney wins in November?

TED: We are actually talking about that. I will be hunting everyday as usual all Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb. and March, so I would welcome self-evident, truth-driven patriots including our new president and his family.

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