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2010 Archery Trade Show Review

2010 Archery Trade Show Review

A sneak peek at some of the more interesting and innovative products spotted at the 2010 ATA Trade Show in Columbus, OH

The bowhunting industry annually meets one time a year to unveil their newest products. So on January 12, 2010 I jumped on a plane headed to Columbus, Ohio to attend the 2010 Archery Trade Show. Hunting's largest, newest and most respectable manufacturers gather under one roof every January to proudly show off their newest latest and greatest products. Each year I always ponder, what can they come up with next? This year I was stoked to find a number of products I'd gladly take or carry into the field. From hybrid broadheads to easy to use bow vises, there are a number of new toys that will surely be found in future issues of BOWHUNTING magazine. In the meantime, we would like to give you a sneak peek at some of the more interesting and innovative products spotted in Columbus. Following is just a handful of must-have products found at this year's ATA show.

IQ Bowsight
One of the most talked about products introduced at the 2010 ATA show in Columbus, OH was the new IQ Sight, which is a new sister company to Field Logic. This highly innovative sight uses Retina Lock Technology and they've incorporated this unique aiming system into the top of the sight housing. How does it work? At the top of the housing is an opening that you look into with a small black reference dot at the front. In the back is a red dot that is illuminated by fiber optics.


Simply align the front center black reference dot in the center of the rear red dot. The result is torque free shooting and pinpoint accuracy. If the dot isn't centered in the rear colored circle, you know you're either torquing the bow or not anchoring correctly. For superior pin brightness the IQ sight features Light Trap Technology, which stores light, releasing it to the pins (and Retina Lock). The system uses sunglass technology and actually reverses the lens so light is gathered and then trapped within the housing and mount bracket where the fiber optics is held.

To show how truly bright these pins are I was taken into a room with lights that dim and given a bow with a mounted IQ sight. As they turned the lights off the sights pins were glowing exceptionally well in complete darkness. Simply put, they were bright! The new IQ sight also features IQ's PinPocket Design and runs fiber optic hanks through a cavity inside the cast aluminum pins for extreme durability and fiber protection. The IQ also includes StackTight Pins for the tightest gin gaps possible and will be offered in 4- and 7-pin configurations. MSRP: $180-200 estimateContact: IQ Bowsights, 800-282-4868;

Illusion Game Calls Quick Change
Illusion Game Call Systems new Quick Change box call with patent pending Paddletek System allows turkey callers to quickly change their paddle in the field without tools. A notched section in each available paddle makes switching out paddles extremely easy and quick. The box call comes with a paddle made from canary wood and one from yellow heart wood, and each paddle is designed to produce a variety of tones and volume.

Whether it's the raspy tone of an old hen or a group of young hens looking for feed, the Quick Change box call was made to lure in distant turkeys or even up close when looking to close the distance. Additional paddles are available for purchase. MSRP: $59.99Contact: Illusion Game Call Systems, 507-281-0300;


Hunter Safety System 2010 New Products
I've been using Hunter Safety System's harness/vest religiously the last 6 years and about the only complaint I have is the potential to produce game-spooking noises due to the exposed large buckles. This year, HSS addressed this concern and now offer their HSS Buckle Cover System (BCS). Constructed of soft fleece, the BCS slide over the harness buckles on your HSS vest. This eliminates any metal- or plastic-to-metal contact between the buckle and your stand, binos, bow and gear.


Plus, all new HSS vests come equipped with fleece buckle covers. Also new for HSS is their new Ultra Light Safety Vest, which is designed for those hunters looking for a top quality harness in a lightweight design. Last, is HSS's 360 Extension Limb. The new 360 Extension Limb is a reinforced steel branch that attaches to the tree in place of HSS's standard tree strap. It allows the tether to move freely and silently above the hunter, for 360-degree shooting capabilities. And most importantly, if a hunter falls, the harness tether will slide down the bracket and against the tree for a safe recovery.

The 360 has attachment points to hang gear, a unique 180-degree articulating bow hanger, camouflage umbrella, and for the rifle hunter, an overhead rope sling to help steady a rifle while aiming and shooting. MSRP: $9.95 3/pk (BCS); Not Provided (Ultra Light Safety Vest); $69.95 (360 Extension Limb)Contact: Hunter Safety System, 256-773-7732;

NAP Bloodrunner 2-blade
Combining features of fixed and mechanical broadheads, New Archery Product's new hybrid Bloodrunner 2-Blade has over two inches of cutting diameter. Durable stainless-steel rear-deploying blades are designed to produce awesome entry and exit holes.


The ferrule is constructed of 7075 aircraft aluminum for hard-hitting durability while .039-inch blades ensures lethal cuts through bone. The new replaceable blade Bloodrunner 2-Blade is offered in 100 grains. NAP also offers a 2/pk of practice heads and a 3/pk of replacement blades for the Bloodrunner 2-Blade. MSRP: $39.99 3/pkContact: New Archery Products, 800-323-1279; www.newarchery


Mid-Atlantic Archery Tri-Van Multi-Adjust Pro
Expanding on their Tri-Van rest line, Mid-Atlantic Archery adds two new rests for 2010, which both include new solid micro windage and elevation adjustments. The Tri-Van Contour, which doesn't include Mid-Atlantic's Vanishing Arm Technology (VAT), differs the most from the series and provides a three-point full-containment design and holds an arrow during the entire shot cycle. Advertised to reduce friction up to 92 percent over traditional bristle-style rests, the Contour's three Shock-Sorb Arms cushions your shot yet provides superior guidance for the entire length of the arrow.

Mid-Atlantic Tri-Van Multi-Adjust Pro

Adjustable to fit any size arrow, the Contour can be set up right or left handed and includes a Vibra-Shield, eliminating the transfer of vibration from the bow to the rest, for quiet performance. The Tri-Van Multi-Adjust Pro includes Vanishing Arm Technology for fletch-free contact and zero vane damage, and includes the same standard features as the Contour including Vibra-Shield Damping Technology, windage and elevation marks and adjustability to fit any arrow. The drop-away full containment design provides added insurance that your arrow doesn't bounce off the rest launcher and drop-away performance for superior downrange accuracy. Shooters can also let down during full draw without fear the three rest arms activate and drop out of the way. A simple lever to the side lets users nock an arrow quickly and prepare for the shot. MSRP: $49.99 Tri-Van Contour, $129.99 Tri-Van Multi-Adjust ProContact: Mid-Atlantic Archery Products, 410-658-9660;

Lightning Bowstrings Square-Up
Eliminate left and right misses while using Lightning Bowstring' Square-Up torque reference sight accessory. This accuracy-enhancing sighting unit has been upgraded for 2010 and includes a 2-inch pin bracket housing, from 1 1/2 inches, as well as thicker and more durable reference pins, now measuring .030 inches. The Square-Up attaches to your existing sight and quickly identifies if you're torquing the bow or even pressing your release hand too hard or light into your anchor point.


East to set up, simply set center shot and after paper tuning and getting your bows shooting straight out of the bow, simply align the Square-Up so the pins are aligned in the middle of the two reference pins. Compatible with and without a peep sight, it's offered with a number of mounting brackets, compatible on all bows and helps increase overall accuracy and extend your effective range. MSRP: $64.95 (standard mount with 2-inch housing)Contact: Lightning Bowstrings, 860-663-3949;

Plano 108110 AW Series Bow Case
Headed on a trip and need the ultimate in protection? Protect your hunt and bow with Plano's AW Series Bow Case. Measuring 48x20 3/4x7 1/2 inches, the new archery bow case has thicker walls than any of their other previous cases and they've added stronger dual stage latches (two are lockable) to improve security.


Combined with Plano's crush-resistant PillarLock System for the ultimate in protection, the case features an ergonomic comfort handle, weather resistant seal (air, water and dust), high density interior foam and integrated arrow storage. The new AW Series Case is Airline approved. MSRP: Not ProvidedContact: Plano Molding Company, 800-226-9868;

GamePlan Gear Leech Treestand Accessory Pack
Pack your hunting gear and stand easily into the field with GamePlan Gear's Leech Treestand Accessory Pack. The Leech can attach to any style or brand of treestand with their unique elastic hook set-up system and is compatible with GamePlan Gear's T.T.S. (Treestand Transport Harness) Harness. The adjustable cord system on the Leech tightens the pack to a treestand and can be secured to the stand with strap hardware.


Multiple pockets provide simple organization and a bottom bed-roll pocket lets users attach apparel or gear. Once at your tree, the pack can be removed quickly and secured to a tree so gear is in hands reach. For 2010, GamePlan Gear upgraded their zippers and now provides durable Monster Zippers on their packs. Available in Realtree AP and new for 2010, Mossy Oak Treestand camouflage. MSRP: $69.95Contact: GamePlan Gear, 877-544-6611;

Elite Quivers and Stabilizers
Expanding on their impressive product line, Elite Archery has added a bow accessory line for 2010, including two new stabilizers and two new quivers. Elite partnered with Treelimb Products on the Tension Lock Mounting System and their new One Piece and Two Piece Quivers are constructed from 6061-T6 machined aluminum and are compatible with fixed and mechanical broadheads. Both quivers feature a removable foam insert and are available in Black, Realtree AP or Max-1. The 5-arrow quivers feature a lightweight design and innovative Quick-Detach Mounting System.


Even the Two Piece quiver can be easily removed if needed. For their new stabilizers, Elite teamed up with Stokerized Aiming Solutions and Leven Industries (Doinker) to produce highly effective active stabilizers that not only aid in balance but are designed to tame shock and eliminate bow torque and noise. The laser engraved Elite stabilizers are offered in two sizes; a 7-¼ inch, 6.

6 ounce model and a 11-inch, 7.4 ounce model. Both stabilizers feature Doinker A-Bomb Dampeners with ITP Technology, coupled with the natural dampening properties of solid acrylic rods used by Stokerized Aiming Solutions. All new accessories are available in Black, Realtree AP and Max-1 camouflage finishes. MSRP: $119.99 (One Piece Quiver); $139.99 (Two Piece Quiver); $99.99 (7 ¼-inch model in Black); $109.99 (7 ¼-inch model in Realtree AP and Max-1); $109.99 (11-inch model in Black); $119.99 (11-inch model in Realtree AP and Max-1)Contact: Elite Archery, 877-503-5483;

Coffey Marketing Bow Vise
Every good bow shop or workbench needs a good bow vise. And this year at the 2010 ATA show, Coffey Marketing had a hot vise to share with the archery industry. The new Made In The USA Bow Vise will accept any compound bow and is designed to securely hold a bow upright and tight at any of the positions you can adjust the vise to.

The vise can swing the bow left or right and forward to back to get your bow in the perfect position to work on. The unique design lets users swap bows out quickly and efficiently. The new Bow Vise is great to use when serving strings, installing string loops and peep sights, installing sights, kisser button and just about every job possible that doesn't require a bowpress. MSRP: $149.99Contact: Coffey Marketing, 270-369-0445;

Easton Archery V3 Expandable Varmint Point
Intended solely for small game, Easton Archery's new V3 Expandable Varmint Point is as high tech of a fieldpoint as they come. The V3 features impact-activated expansion arms that transfer much needed energy upon impact of your target.


The shape of the V3 is designed to provide fieldpoint accuracy by using aerodynamic flight surfaces and is also designed to reduce penetration, which is a good thing when hunting thin-skinned game and smaller critters. MSRP: $19.99 2/pk. Contact: Easton Technical Products, 801-539-1400;

DoubleTake Archery Transition Peep
One of the most innovative bow sight accessories in 2010 is DoubleTake Archery's Transition Peep. The new peep sight uses Photochromic technology and self adjusts its tint level according to available light.

DoubleTake Archery Transition Peep

Working similar to prescription sunglasses, the Transition Peep darkens during bright daylight and turns practically clear in low light conditions -- the hours where game animals tend to have the highest activity. Weighing just six grains the peep lets the most available light from the target to reach your eye. MSRP:$11.99Contact: DoubleTake Archery, 830-947-9744;

Sportchief Apparel
While walking the aisles at this year's ATA show, a company by the name of Sportchief caught my attention. They were displaying some impressive apparel items and I had to find out more about the company. Talking with David Cote from Sportchief's marketing and sales team, I found out they are a top Canadian apparel manufacturer and have been in business since the late '40s. I was honestly amazed I hadn't heard of them before. Their diverse product line included some innovative technology and gear designed perfectly for the modern bowhunter. One of the top items that piqued my interested was the Specific Hunter Jacket, which features Airmax lining, two side pockets, front pocket with hand warmer, heat sealed outer seams and incorporated adjustable arm guards.


The bowhunting jacket also includes a diagonal front zip closure system and special elastic draw cord at the waist to help move extra bulk to the back so bulky apparel doesn't interfere with drawing and shooting a bow. Plus, the jacket features Aquatex technology, providing a high level of comfort and protection against nasty wet weather. Also, this high-tech membrane is laminated to the underside of their Silent X fabric and assures users a high level of waterproofness, breathability and quietness.

The highly effective garment uses ScentZro -- a brand new antibacterial process incorporated into the construction that helps combat bacteria and scent. A second item I saw that would be perfect for bowhunters is their Ultra Light EVA Boot. Owning a rubber outsole for better resistance against heavy use, Sportchief also added a TPU arch for better support and a neoprene lining inside for protection against wet environments. The same boot is offered with an insulated Radiantex removable felt liner and can resist temperatures down to -40 and below. Last, they had a hot looking snow camo that would be a great fit here in Minnesota!! MSRP: Not ProvidedContact: Sportchief, 800-567-1729;

Athens Zen Quiver
Constructed from stainless steel and aircraft aluminum, Athens super durable Zen quiver is designed specifically for treestand bowhunters. The hood of the quiver has a rubber liner, which eliminates the need for a foam insert. Holding two arrow retainers arrows are securely held tight while a quick disconnect feature allows taking the quiver on and off a breeze.


Most unique to the Zen quiver is the built in screw-in hook/bow hanger, allowing an archer to quickly attach their quiver to a tree for convenient access and then hang their bow out of the way but in hands reach. Available in 4- and 6-arrow models, in Next Vista camouflage and a Black Carbon fiber finish. MSRP: $134.99 6-arrow quiver, $129.99 4-arrow quiver. Contact: Athens Archery, 574-224-2300;

Ripcord Code Red
Fall-away rests are perfect for bowhunters, offering clearance not found on older prong style rests or today's popular full-containment rests. However, through high-speed photography, we've found that some launchers can bounce back so fast that they can clip the vanes on your arrow as it passes by.

The Ripcord Code Red fall-away rest eliminates this with its DropDead brake system -- an internal brake system that helps eliminate this effect resulting in easier bow tuning and pinpoint accuracy. The Code Red not only has a fall-away design but also a containment feature letting shooters draw at all angles and shooting positions without fearing the arrow will fall of the rest. To help tame noise, the launcher includes a soft, red overmolding on the launcher and containment arm to dampen potential game-spooking noises and it also eliminates the demand for extra moleskin. MSRP: $103.95 Black, $108.95 Camo. Contact: Ripcord Arrow Rest, 406-683-0100;

Tooth Of The Arrow Wolf Broadheads
Brand new to the industry, Tooth Of The Arrow, introduced an artery slicing one-piece fixed broadhead at this year's ATA show. Offered in 100 and 125 grains, the new Wolf Series broadheads are manufactured from steel rod, heat treated to a Rc40-45, and then Black Oxide plated and ground for superior sharpness.


Both the 100 and 125 grain Wolf feature 1-inch cutting diameters and a compact design for easy tuning and pinpoint downrange accuracy. MSRP: Not Provided Contact: Tooth Of The Arrow, 651-423-8899;

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