2011 Crossbow Guide

2011 Crossbow Guide

Looking for a NEW Crossbow? Check out this list of some of the best for 2011.

Woven Carbon Fiber
TenPoint utilized an industry first woven carbon fiber barrel to make its new Carbon Fusion CLS -- a lighter and quieter bow that shaves a remarkable 20 ounces from the company's original Phantom CLS design. Threaded aluminum rivet nuts "float" the barrel inside the stock to reduce noise and vibration.

An extruded aluminum trigger mount and the highly regarded 3 1⁄2-pound patented PowerTouch trigger are fitted securely inside the rear of the barrel cavity. The barrel's flight deck has extremely low friction for improved string life.

The 12-inch IsoTaper Limbs are fitted with MR Cams and D-75 string and cables that, combined, create a 185-pound power plant that shoots 345 fps and generates 111 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.

The Carbon Fusion CLS also features TenPoint's DFI (dry-fire inhibitor) and GripSafety, is equipped with the ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 cocking units and the new RangeMaster Pro variable speed/power scope.

In Realtree APG and sold only as complete package including case, carbon arrows, silencer kit, SteddyEddy monopod system and more.

MSRP: $1,999 (w/ACUdraw), $1,899 (w/ACUdraw 50)

Contact: TenPoint, 800-548-6837; www.tenpointcrossbows.com

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Dressed In Mossy Oak
The Copperhead TS is back and better than ever for 2011. Now in film-dipped Mossy Oak Treestand camo, PSE's Copperhead TS is a rock solid performer and features an ergonomic thumbhole grip and adjustable foreend and rifle-style stock for added comfort and accuracy.

The trigger assembly has an automatic safety mechanism that engages when cocked, and the fixed-mount, Weaver-style scope rail offers universal mounting options. At 150 pounds of draw weight, it's rated to shoot 260 fps.

Package includes Viper Series 4x32 multi-reticle scope, four 20-inch Charger bolts (points not included), six-arrow quick-detach quiver and cocking strap.

MSRP: $300

Contact: Precision Shooting Equipment, 520-884-9065; www.pse-archery.com

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Lightweight & Portable
The Excalibur Axiom SMF's 175-pound draw weight and 14 ½-inch power stroke make it comfortable to cock, yet it's still capable of speeds in excess of 300 fps.

A black fiber reinforced composite mainframe helps it achieve a light, six-pound mass weight, making the crossbow more comfortable to carry in the field.

Sold only as a kit, the Axiom SMF comes with a matching multiplex crossbow scope, rings and base, a four-arrow quiver, four arrows and a rope cocking aid.

MSRP: $480

Excalibur Crossbows, 800-463-1817; www.excaliburcrossbow.com

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Binary Cam Technology
Reinforced limbs on the Stryker StrykeForce are designed to withstand greater tension, plus Binary synchronized dua- cam technology with reinforced cams allow for a higher draw weight and letoff.

The result is a 190-pound draw weight bow capable of speeds of 385 fps and 140 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. Binary Cams also function as a single unit, resulting in perfect timing, which means more accurate shots.

Other features include a Teflon coated string hook to enhance string life, WhisperTech string stops for added stealth, a bolt sensor for added safety, military Weaver rail for aftermarket accessories and an adjustable pistol foregrip for comfort and stability.

Available with an optional accessory package that includes a multiple reticle red-dot 1x30 scope, four matched 425-grain bolts with fieldpoints, detachable sling and hip quiver. Cocking is made effortless with the EZ2Draw Cocking Aid that reduces pull by 50 percent. Available in Realtree Hardwoods HD and Next FLX Digital camo.

$1,099, $1,199 (Package)

Contact: Stryker, 877-447-0293; www.strykerxbow.com

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Three-Pound Trigger
Scorpyd's RDT-165 has a modest 165 pounds of draw weight. However, an extra-long 20 1⁄2-inch power stroke and parallel, reverse-draw limbs result in lots of speed with less vibration, recoil and hand shock.

It's capable of shooting a 400-grain, 22-inch arrow at 425 fps. String slap and limb vibration are further reduced with rubber Tip Tamers. Scorpyd's Jim Kempf also engineered a unique trigger that only requires three pounds of pull.

The RDT-165 comes with many other hunter-friendly features, including a folding stock that makes cocking the crossbow easy even when sitting in a treestand. The crossbow is 37 1⁄2 inches long when ready to fire and 27 1⁄2 inches when the stock is folded.

Its 17 1⁄2-inch cocked width makes for easy maneuvering, even in tight places. To ensure user safety, the RDT-165 has an anti-dry fire bolt sensor. Crossbow hunters looking for less draw weight can purchase the RDT-165 with an extra set of 145 pound limbs.

Like the Scorpyd RDT-100 and RDT-125,

the RDT-165 can be purchased as a package that includes a quiver, four bolts, four fieldpoints, a sling, rubber string dampeners and a scope.

MSRP: $1,349

Contact: Scorpyd, 319-331-4700; www.scorpydcrossbows.com

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Laminated Limbs
Barnsdale/Gordon Glass laminated limbs on Barnett's Buck Commander propel arrows at a blistering 365 fps with 129 foot-pounds of kinetic energy, while AVI overmolding technology reduces shot noise up to 30 percent.

An aluminum flight rail enhances precision shooting and increases durability. A patented, shoot-through foot stirrup offers increased power and speed by extending the power stroke to 15 inches, while allowing for a more compact fit and perfect balance.

The Buck Commander features Barnett's new 3.5-pound MIM, Anti-Dry Fire trigger system and high-tech composite stock that allows for the integration of a crank cocking device. Includes illuminated 3x32 scope that offers the illumination of a red-dot sight with the efficiency and accuracy of a multi-reticle scope.


Barnett Outdoors, 727-234-4962; www.barnettcrossbows.com

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Reverse-Limb Design
The Armcross Leo Pro combines Leonardo da Vinci's reverse-limb configuration with the most modern technology to produce a bow that's efficient, compact and easy to operate.

The ABS, fiberglass-filled stock is lightweight and has an ergonomic shape for better handling. The barrel and riser are made of a durable aluminum alloy, and the rail is made of PA to reduce friction and preserve string life.

The three-pound trigger is made of hard steel to ensure durability and long life. The composite limbs are strong enough to hold the 175-pound draw weight, yet their reverse configuration spans a mere 16 inches of width.

Not Provided

Armcross, 49-0-211-757-0775, www.armcross.de

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Ready To Shoot
Ready to go, right out of the box, the CenterPoint Crown 175 offers an affordable option for hunters of smaller stature, or those looking for a compact, lightweight crossbow without sacrificing knock-down power.

It features a Lightning Touch trigger system, custom strings and cables, CenterPoint 1x30mm 3-dot illuminated optic, quiver and three metal-tipped carbon arrows, and is smartly dressed in Next G-1 Camo.

The compression-molded, fiberglass composite, single-limb system sends arrows down range at velocities up to 265 fps.


CenterPoint Hunting and Outdoors, 866-726-1122; www.centerpoint.crosman.com

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Bone-Splitting Power
The Maximus Bone Splitter series offers models in four draw weights: 150, 175, 200 and 225 pounds. All Maximus crossbows come with a wrench set, quiver, four aluminum arrows, rope cocking aid and 2x7 variable scope. New for this year, Maximus is adding a carrying strap, padded bag and soft bag.

MSRP: Not Provided

Contact: Maximus Crossbows, 800-663-0359; www.maximuscrossbows.com

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Ideal For Treestands
For 2011, Darton has revamped its compact Serpent, giving it a lighter feel and a sleeker look. The new, trigger-forward design allows for a longer power stroke, which translates to more power and better balance.

The one-piece stock also features a pistol grip and a wider forearm section with a flare to keep the shooter's hand away from the shooting plane. Darton also managed to shave half a pound of weight compared to the 2010 model.

The compact Serpent, available in Realtree APG, is the perfect treestand or ground blind crossbow with its narrow front end and perfect balance. It fires a 425-grain arrow at a lethal 325 fps. The machined aluminum barrel has a Teflon-impregnated arrow track for more consistent arrow flight. A Positive Limb Alignment System and precision receiver and trigger also help produce tight groups.

Also included is a safety that engages when cocked and a new dry-fire prevention mechanism.

MSRP: $750

Contact: Darton Archery, 989-728-4231; www.dartonarchery.com

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Gas-Powered Cocking
Parker's new Concorde features a new, internal cocking mechanism powered by a 9-ounce CO2 cylinder housed inside the crossbow's vented forearm. The cylinder's location and weight distribution contributes to the Concorde having a neutral balance point in your hands, optimizing accuracy and minimizing fatigue.

No heavy front end here! The Concorde launches arrows at over 300 fps thanks to 165-pound limbs that are swept back in a compact frame only 16 3⁄4 inches wide when cocked. The 100-percent m

achined aluminum barrel and riser are married seamlessly with factory installed String Suppressors for ultra-quiet shooting.

Parker's innovative G2 trigger is at the heart of the Concorde's accuracy and has an automatic anti-dry fire mechanism. The composite stock features an ergonomic pistol grip.

$1,200-plus (depending on scope)

Parker Bows, 540-337-5426; www.parkerbows.com

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Maximum Penetration
Designed for maximum penetration, the Covert XB-3.5 and XB-3.5T (3.5T includes a carbon weave finish) feature 115 foot-pounds of energy. Stable to hold on target, Covert crossbows shoot great thanks to a recoil-dampening parallel-limb design.

The crossbow comes with a quick-detach Husky Pro quiver with Picatinny mounting system, Pro 5 Step Deluxe lighted scope with red/green dual illumination for varying light conditions and includes three Surge 20-inch bolts with practice points and rail lubricant.

The Covert XB-3.5 series are the highest performing crossbows in the Carbon Express line, which also includes the X-Force series.


Contact: Carbon Express, 800-241-4833; www.cxcrossbows.com

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