Off The Rack Options

Off The Rack Options

If the price of a custom recurve or longbow has prevented you from enjoying the simple fun of traditional archery, look into today's modern production models.

There's a world of custom options available in the traditional bow market. These are some of the most elegant, smoothest-drawing bows made. They're also some of the most expensive, prices ranging from $750 to upwards of $1,400. Plunk down your deposit and own one of these beauties in 90 to 120 days; if your chosen bowyer is caught up on orders.

Or, buy a perfectly-functional recurve or longbow now, off the rack, sometimes at half the cost. Whether looking for a knock-around model for bowfishing, a serious hunting or 3-D bow, or something extra special, current production recurves and longbows meet your desires. Better materials and construction make most compatible with modern string materials. They're also faster, more impervious to wet conditions, and oftentimes easier to shoot consistently.

3Rivers Archery Supply
3Rivers' exclusive DAS Kinetic-designed Dalaa Camo Elite T/D Recurve could change the face of traditional archery. This precision recurve adjusts to fit you and your particular style of shooting, allowing perfect arrow flight through readily-adjustable tiller, preload and even bow weight up to 10-percent. The aircraft-aluminum riser is milled to include a center shot .35-inch inside zero, and holds a machined wood grip. The riser is non-glare dark bronze, holding rock-maple-core under carbon limbs film dipped in NatGear Camo. Fifty-eight-, 60- and 62-inch lengths are offered. Limb pockets include anti-vibration material, the high-performance string modern silencers. To learn more go to

Bear Archery
Bear's legacy lives on in today's comprehensive traditional line. Hunter Series one-piece recurves include highly-functional, workingman bows for about $300. The SuperMag 48 is a short brush bow, the Grizzly a proven 58-inch design essentially unchanged after five decades.

Elite Series provide added eye appeal through laminated black-and-tan maple risers and satin finish. Included is 52-inch Kodiak Mag, 55-inch Cheyenne and 60-inch Super Kodiak one-piece recurves. The gorgeous TakeDown Elite includes inlaid compass and 30-second assembly, offered in 56/60- ("A" handle, #1 or #3 limbs) or 60/64-inch ("B" handle, #1 or #3 limbs). Stickbow fans might choose between the 64-inch deflex-reflex Montana Longbow or the 66-inch Royal Safari longbows. All handle FastFlight strings.

Supreme Series recurves offer ultimate eye-grabbing appeal; featuring two-tone exotic zebra- and rose-wood handles plus clear glass limbs and FastFlight compatibility. Included are 52-inch Kodiak Magnum, 60-inch Super Kodiak and classic, compass-equipped TakeDown Supreme. Highly-exotic hardwoods and handcrafting makes Supreme models pricey (from $800 to $1,300 MSRP), but include beauty to rival even most custom recurves. For more info go to

Hoyt's 62-inch GameMaster II and 60-inch Dorado take-down recurves took the traditional industry by storm. Employing high-performance rock-maple limbs and Hoyt's milled-aluminum TEC-bridge riser and holding a high-wrist laminated wood handle, they don't exactly own classic lines but shoot as well as any production recurve around. These hunting recurves are rock solid in the hand and straight shooting. Limbs are quickly interchangeable through an ingeniously-simple yet foolproof limb-bolt system, risers seamlessly accepting Hoyt and Fuse two-piece quivers. They are available with Realtree APG HD camo or "custom" maple finish limbs with black riser.

The Reflex Nomad is a 60-inch take-down paralleling Dorado specs but owning a lower, straight-wrist grip. It is offered with a Realtree APG HD camo finish in draw weights from 40 to 65 pounds in five-pound increments. The Nomad is also available with a complete AMS Retriever System bowfishing package. All bows mentioned are Fast-Flight compatible. For more details see or

Martin Archery
Martin/Howatt is a traditional icon. Their handcrafted hunter models comprise six one-piece and one take-down recurve, plus five longbows; everything from no-frills models to chic works of art. Hunter, Rebel and X-200 one-piece recurves serve as examples of venerable workhorse bows, with classic lines and hand craftsmanship for sweet, straight shooting. Mamba and Dreamcatcher one-piece recurves provide added aesthetic appeal without sacrificing performance, while the clear-glassed Hatfield Take-Down recurve makes for a trouble-free traveling companion. Also of note, red elm limb laminations are included on upper-echelon models, adding smoothness combined with speed not possible with cheaper core materials.

Martin longbow models like the Bamboo Viper and Savannah take longbow performance to new levels. A Savannah longbow set the National and World Flight Record, while the pistol-gripped Bamboo Viper with its bamboo core laminations is said to be even faster yet. For more details see

Mathews Heritage
Using durable Diamondwood laminated risers, fast bamboo limb cores and clear glass, Mathews' (Sky Archery) two Heritage longbows and recurve offer a remarkable combination of shootability and performance. The original Heritage longbow includes a semi-pistol grip and 63-, 66- and 68-inch lengths. The newer Heritage Hawk longbow includes faster deflex-reflex hybrid geometry and a tad deeper semi-pistol grip plus more- maneuverable 60-, 63- or 66-inch lengths. The Eagle is a one-piece recurve with a 62-inch length. All use Fast-Flight strings. Learn more at

PSE Archery
PSE's traditional bows won't bust your budget. The machined-aluminum-riser Coyote take-down recurve is built for speed, covered in Mossy Oak Break-Up camo. The 60-inch bow's standard accessory bushings make it a favorite bowfishing machine. The handsome Kudu 58-inch take-down recurve includes a multi-layered laminated hardwood riser and shoots as sweet as it looks. The Impala is made for shootability and features a laminated hardwood riser. PSE also offers classic 68-inch Sequoia and 66-inch deflex/reflex Legacy longbows that include semi-pistol grips and handsome styling. For more details see

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