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Digital Game Capture

Digital Game Capture

(Big) gamesmanship with cameras.

Bushnell's Trophy Cam 3/5 MegaPixel Trail Camera
Bushnell's Trophy Cam 3/5 MegaPixel Trail Camera is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and will run up to six months on eight AA batteries. The 24 night vision LEDs won't spook game and the PIR sensor covers more area than any other Bushnell trail camera. Record 3- or 5-megapixel images at up to three rapid-fire images per trigger, or opt for a 0-60 second photo interval. Trigger speed is less than a second. The camera can be programmed to record from 1-60 seconds of video action, too. Time lapse mode and a built-in color image viewer. Available from Bass Pro Shops (; 800-227-7776). Contact:; 800-423-3537.


Stealth Cam's NOMAD IR Digital Video Scouting Recorder
Stealth Cam's NOMAD IR Digital Video Scouting Recorder, like most of the cameras featured here, takes both video and still images. Digital video stamping monitors and records month, day, hour, minute, second, moon phase and temperature. Recording takes place 24/7 since 'IR' means infrared. The Nomad's 27 IR emitters have a range of 30 feet. Can be programmed to video events lasting from 5-180 seconds. In still image mode, Burst Mode Technology will capture from 1-9 images per event. The SD memory card slot will accept cards up to 2GB. Contact:; 888-304-6125.

Moultrie's Game Spy M-65
Moultrie's Game Spy M-65 game camera, with 6.0 MPs and four resolution settings, takes daytime photos and videos, as well as nighttime photos and videos using white flash illumination. The infrared sensor allows rapid triggering, plus there's a time-lapse mode, programmable photo timer, and multi-shot photo capability of up to three shots per series with 15 seconds between each. Use the 1.8-inch LCD menu-driven screen to view images, check battery level or determine the photo count. Upgradeable to Moultrie's optional 12-volt battery support system and compatible with Moultrie's Game Management System. Contact:; 800-653-3334.

Pine Ridge Archery AT-5 Trail Camera Support
Pine Ridge Archery has a handy product in the AT-5 Trail Camera Support, a trail camera mounting device, that not only lets users mount a trail camera to a tree, using the strap provided with each AT-5, but allows users to tilt the camera up or down at any conceivable angle. The AT-5 can be pivoted left or right, too. Want to monitor a food plot? Simply pound a metal fence post into the ground and mount the AT-5 to it. The downright affordable AT-5 works in tandem with all trail cameras. Contact:; 877-746-7434.

Reconyx MC65HO High Output Covert IR Trail Camera
Teaming up with Mathews, Reconyx adds the new MC65HO High Output Covert IR trail camera, which sports Mathews' Lost Camo pattern, to their Mathews Edition Solo cam IR line. The MC65HO takes color pictures by day and monochrome images by night, features Time-Lapse Surveillance, and offers the latest in Covert Surveillance -- No-Glow Infrared Illuminators and Light Filtering Technology (LFT) that eliminates the red glow common to infrared cameras. Images can be captured almost instantly thanks to InstaOn motion sensing technology with trigger speeds as fast as 1„5 of a second. Compact flash cards up to 32GB can be used -- a 4GB holds up to 10,000 images. All RapidFire IR cameras feature CodeLoc theft deterrent password protection that requires the user to enter a four-digit security code to operate the camera. Also included is BuckView mapping and image management software to help organize images. Contact:; 866-493-6064

Non Typical Inc. Cuddeback 5.0 MP Capture Model 1125 Trail Camera
Non Typical Inc. is rightfully amped up about the new Cuddeback 5.0 MP Capture Model 1125 Trail Camera, with its super simple setup, and Hair Trigger Technology. Trigger speeds are twice as fast as on previous Cuddeback cameras. The Capture is a snap to use -- a minute of study and you'll be good to go. Rotary switch programming too; just like setting an alarm clock. The format is color digital, day or night, with a flash capable of illuminating up to 40 feet distant. Operating on four D-cell batteries, the 24MB internal memory will hold up to 100 images. Also accepts SD memory cards up to 2GB. Encased in a weatherproof housing. Contact:; 715-762-2260


Wildview EZ-Cam
Wildview has taken hassle-free setup to the next level with the Wildview EZ-Cam. A single switch turns on the 1.3 MP EZ-Cam. Additional features include Wildview's Burst Mode 3 picture pre-set, a 30 foot flash range, wide angle coverage, test mode, an external LCD image counter, expandable SD memory card slot and external power jack. A time and date stamping option is also available. Contact:; 888-304-6125

Wildgame Innovations
Wildgame Innovations provides awesome technology in affordable and highly effective trail cameras. The D6 features dual flash-infrared and strobe with an effective flash range of 40 feet and sensor range up to 60 feet. Boasting 32MB of onboard memory the D6 will accommodate up to 2GB SD cards. It shoots day or night video and photos, and includes a USB cable for image viewing on big screen. To make set up easy and to get a solid mount bungee cords are included. Simple programming when light is scarce thanks to a large backlit programming interface and easy to operate press buttons.Contact:; 800-847-8269

Spypoint's Pro-X Infrared Digital Camera
Spypoint's Pro-X Infrared Digital Camera provides near-amazing 12.0 MP still photo resolution, video resolution of 640x480 AVI, audio recording, and a large, built-in, three-inch viewing screen. The Pro-X monitors and records date, time, moon phase and temperature, has 32MB of internal memory and will accept an SD/MMC device. Nighttime illumination is provided by 46 IR LEDs. The camera can be removed from its housing for use other than as a trail camera. Powered by six AA batteries; the solar panel will recharge batteries (rechargeable batteries only, of course). Contact:; 888-779-7646

Smart Scouter's Cellular Surveillance System
Smart Scouter's Cellular Surveillance System will wirelessly send trail camera photos anywhere. A network of up to six bowhunting buddies can see what's going on at the same time. Transmits on Sprint but can be modified for Alltel. Daytime photos are 1.3 MP; three 'smart' passive infrared sensors -- high, medium or low -- detect temperature to trigger the camera, while 50 IR bulbs will snap nighttime photos up to 60 feet distant. Programmable to snap images at pre-set times at the camera, or from a computer via a personal user account. A compact flash (CF) card makes image retrieval easy, and can store images if no cellular network is available. Powered by a 6V rechar

geable battery (included).Contact:; 888-707-2688

Predator's Xtinction
Predator's Xtinction features One-Touch Setup and Double Vision IR technology. Activate Double Vision and 30 true IR emitters provide coverage to 30 feet, with no visible light. Turn on the 18 additional emitters, which glow slightly red, and boost camera range to 40+ feet. Daylight 3.0 MP color images; nighttime 1.3 MP black-and-white. The Hypersonic (half-second) trigger speed will capture a five-image burst in under five seconds or commence recording a 10-30 second video clip. Date and time stamped, plus activation delays can be programmed between photos or video clips. Flash card or USB jump drive storage. The 3.5-inch color touch screen displays four split images that can be panned, locked and deleted while in the field. Four-digit security code protected. Contact:; 715-893-5001

Moultrie's Game Spy I-45
Moultrie's Game Spy I-45 trail camera's invisible infrared flash can't be detected by wildlife or humans -- no white flash, no glowing red emitter. Capture up to 4.0 MP color images (three resolution settings) out to 50 feet, up to three shots per triggering, with a 1-60 minute delay, or video day or night at one of two resolutions. Images are viewed on an easy-to-read photo strip. Other features include date, time, temperature and moon phase recording, 32MB of internal memory (will accept up to a 4GB memory card), battery power indicator, photo counter and external power port for Moultrie's optional PowerPanel. Powered by four D-cell batteries. Compatible with Moultrie's new Game Management System.

Bushnell's Trail Scout Deluxe Viewer
Providing instant viewing of images and playback of sounds on video clips, Bushnell's Trail Scout Deluxe Viewer has a 2.5-inch flat panel color LCD screen. The Scout viewer is designed to be used with Bushnell's trail cameras that use SD cards. It features two SD card slots and one compact flash slot. This allows the user to transfer images between SD cards and also store images on the compact flash card. It operates off two AA batteries and comes with a USB cable and soft case with belt loop.

Stealth Cam's Sniper Pro Flash Scouting Camera
Stealth Cam's Sniper Pro high-resolution 8.0 MP Flash Scouting Camera records time, date, moon phase and temperature. With 32MB of built-in memory, plus an expandable SD memory card slot (up to a 4GB card), there's no shortage of storage capacity. An integral counter reveals how many images are stored in memory. Once motion is detected, Burst Mode technology will take from 1-9 pictures or up to 90 seconds of video per triggering. Use the on-screen menu to select recording or photo intervals of 1-60 minutes. Test mode ensures optimum camera positioning. The waterproof housing will accept an optional 12V battery pack. The Sniper Pro is also available in an IR model.

Non Typical's Cuddeback 5.0 Capture IR Trail Camera
Those who prefer infrared will go straight for Non Typical's weatherproof Cuddeback 5.0 Capture (no flash) IR Trail Camera with all the features of the Capture Model 1125, plus 48 infrared illuminators with a range of more than 25 feet. Daytime images have a resolution of 5.0 MP; nighttime images are recorded at 1.3 MP. Easy on batteries, too. A set of batteries should be good for at least 2,000 images.

Buckeye Cam's Orion Wireless Camera
Buckeye Cam's Orion Wireless Camera can be used as a stand-alone trail camera or as part of a long-range wireless system. The Orion, an advanced, 24-hour-per day camera, will shoot video and still pictures and transmit either to the BuckEye Cam Orion PC Base (sold separately) or to another Orion Camera. The LiveCam function can upload directly to a website for instant viewing, even for use as part of a security system. Will take up to 30,000 photos per charge, has a heat/motion activated .02 (2„10ths of a second) trigger with adjustable sensitivity settings, selectable resolutions up to 3.1 MP and two video modes -- daylight and infrared. Records data and works even at -32 degrees Fahrenheit. Adjustable delay and time lapse function, too. Contact:; 866-325-8172

Spypoint FL-A
Spypoint makes the Spypoint FL-A, a mini digital trail camera that produces photos of 4 MP resolution day or night. Users have the option of removing the camera's flash and replacing it with a 35 LED infrared module for no-flash nighttime photography. Sensitivity settings are adjustable, video resolution is 640x480 AVI, there's a date and time stamp, 32MB of internal memory, and the internal camera can be removed from its housing for other uses. Powered by six AA batteries or a 12V battery.

Predator's IR Evolution
Predator's IR Evolution includes most of the same features found on the Xtinction, but not One-Touch Setup or Double Vision IR. In other words, the IR Evolution has all the essentials bat a more affordable price.

Stealth Cam's Prowler HD
Stealth Cam's Prowler HD, the industry's first Infrared DVR, uses H.264 video compression technology to produce finer quality video at 30 frames per second (FPS). The 1280x760 format is suited to wide screens, plus there's audio and a patented test mode for use during setup. Digital video stamping monitors year, month, day, hour, minute and second, moon phase and temperature. Record during daylight or dark, from 5-300 seconds of footage per triggering, or 8 MP still images. The 54 IR emitters have a range of up to 40 feet. The SD memory slot can handle cards of up to 4GB.

Bushnell's Trail Scout Pro
Bushnell's Trail Scout Pro has game call technology included to attract even more wildlife within range of this adjustable resolution 3-, 5- and 7-MP trail camera. An extended range infrared LED array assures better night photos. The passive IR sensor motion activates at distances up to 45 feet. Select from deer, elk, moose, turkey or predator calls and program the camera to broadcast the sounds at pre-selected intervals. As animals respond the camera will digitally record images as stills or video. Audio can be added to 15 second video clips. There's a programmable delay, an SD card slot, a time, date and moon phase recorder and low battery indicator. Compatible with Bushnell's solar panel accessory.

Reconyx RC60HO RapidFire Covert High Output
The RC60HO RapidFire Covert High Output IR from Reconyx includes all the same technological features of its predecessor, the RC60, however the nighttime infrared flash range has been increased to 50 feet and they've added their new High Definition imaging format; full 1080P Widescreen High Definition with Progressive Scan Technology. The new RC60HO still features Covert no-red-glow feature to keep animals from spooking and also RapidFire NearVideo technology that captures 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 images as quickly as one per second. It accepts compact flash cards up to 32GB and stamps time, date, temperature, moon phase and user defined label on images.

Wildview EZ-Video IR
Wildview advertises the EZ-Video IR as the most user friendly video scouting camera on the market. No programming is necessary for the camera to capture full-length, 60-second video clips as soon as you get it out in the woods. Features include industry standard 640x480 VGA Video, 24 infrared emitters, wide angle coverage, test mode, external LCD image counter, expandable SD

memory card slot, an external power jack and optional time and date stamping.

Wildgame Innovations iR4
The infrared iR4 from Wildgame Innovations will capture pictures and video up to 30 seconds day or night thanks to its infrared flash that is good to 30 feet. With 16MB of onboard memory the new iR4 will also accept compact flash cards up to 2GB. That's plenty of storage to keep your camera out for extended periods of time. Plus, the camera comes with a second battery compartment so time and programming settings are saved when the unit is powered off. Weighs two pounds.

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