2011 Treestands & Blinds

2011 Treestands & Blinds

Check out this list for the top Bowhunting treestands and blinds for 2011.


Be A Tree King
Gorilla's new Pro Series King Kong Expedition HX hang-on stand is spacious and comfortable, making it perfect for all-day hunts. Highlights include welded, all-steel HX construction, Gorilla's XLS (Extreme Leveling System), an extra-wide ComfortMesh flip-up seat, XPE dual-density foam backrest and armrests, Gorilla's Exclusive XT-6 red nylon bushings and washers for silence, a solid, one-piece footrest and fully adjustable backpack straps.

MSRP: $180

Contact: Gorilla, 877-685-7817; www.gorillatreestands.com

Safety To The ExtremeHunter
Safety System continues to improve its line of top-quality, full-body safety harnesses. For 2011, the company is introducing the Ultra Lite X-TREME, which offers all the benefits of the original Ultra Lite plus several added features. For starters, the 32-ounce X-TREME is cloaked in Realtree APG camo and sports binocular/rangefinder straps. These straps are conveniently located near the shoulder/chest area and will adjust to fit each hunter individually. Another change in this harness is that the loops for attachment of a lineman's belt have been relocated toward the front of the harness, making them easier to use. The X-TREME comes with a lineman's belt and suspension-relief strap, which doubles as a deer drag.

MSRP: $120

Contact: Hunter Safety System, 877-296-3528; www.huntersafetysystem.com

A Quick and Easy Hide
Bowhunters looking for an easy and affordable hub-style blind need look no further than the new Hide 'N Hunt from Hunter's Specialties. The Hide 'N Hunt measures 65 inches tall and 59 inches square at the base. A triangle door offers easy access, and windows are covered with adjustable, shoot-through camo netting. Two interior mesh storage pockets will keep your calls, snacks and other gear organized and handy. Setup and tear down of the Hide 'N Hunt is easy, and it comes with ropes, stakes, carry bag and instructions.

MSRP: $160

Contact: Hunter's Specialties, 319-395-0321; www.hunterspec.com

Taking Climbers Higher
Gorilla's new Greyback Stealth HX Climber features ultra-quiet, rock-solid stability that promises a perfect fit to almost any tree. "For hunter's looking for a versatile climber, the Greyback Stealth is the ultimate in functionality, comfort, and portability," said Stephen Graham, Gorilla's marketing director. "We took the best features of the HX series, including the XPE seat, XT-6 nylon washers and HX platform and incorporated them into our Greyback Stealth, creating a climber that has no equal." With its re-designed HX platform, XPE zero-G Dual Density seat and high-density, foam-padded climbing bar and upper arms, the Greyback provides supreme comfort for long days in the field. Gorilla grip pivoting arms adjust to fit most trees from eight-20 inches in diameter. The Greyback Stealth HX weighs 27.5 pounds, features a 19 1⁄2x33-inch foot platform and 18x12-inch seat. In addition, the stand features XT-6 nylon washers for silent performance and fully adjustable padded backpack straps. Rated for 300-pound loads.

MSRP: $190

Contact: Gorilla, 877-685-7817; www.gorillatreestands.com

Crushing the Competition
Primos teamed up with celebrity hunters Lee and Tiffany Lakosky to create the Double Bull Crusher, featuring the most technical ground blind fabric ever developed. The Crusher is made from three-ply, sonic-welded fabric. The first layer is a cotton/polyester blend that is crushed and then welded to a PVC layer with a black polyester fabric back. The result is a blind that naturally blends in with its surroundings with no shine and natural shadowing. The PVC makes the blind extremely water resistant and scent tight, while the black poly back layer eliminates your profile inside the blind. Setup and take down is a breeze thanks to the new Double Bull hub system, which reduces the force required to operate the blind by 50 percent. The magnesium hubs provide a high-tension, rock-solid framework, and they are over molded with rubber to eliminate hand pinch. The Crusher also comes with Double Bull's new Frame Pak, which packs and unpacks the blind in seconds and converts into a high-back ground chair or blind shelf for ultimate versatility.

MSRP: $400

Contact: Primos Hunting Calls, 800-523-2395; www.primos.com

Single-Man Stand
Weighing 55 pounds, Millennium's 16-foot L50 single ladder stand was introduced for the hunter on a budget. Easy to set up, the L50 features a durable, welded steel construction and powder coat finish for long life and performance. The ComforTech contoured sling seat and adjustable padded shooting rail and arm rests provide comfort and versatility needed afield. Designed to be quiet, durable and convenient, Millennium's new L50 will be perfect for bowhunters looking to get elevated on their hunt.

MSRP: $170

Contact: Millennium Treestands, 601-932-5832; www.millenniumstands.com

Devastating Performance
Ameristep's new Devastator hub-style ground blind features a carbon-enhanced, scent-blocking laminated interior for the ultimate in scent control. New, heavy-duty Spider Hub Technology provides durability combined with fast and easy setup. Cutting-edge, high-quality NS3 MICRO-TECH fabric is quiet, UV resistant and eliminates glare with its dull fleece finish. The Devastator is finished in Ameristep's new Tangle 2.0 camo, a hybrid pattern incorporating digital elements with high-resolution photos. The Devastator weighs 20 po

unds, measures 75 inches square at the base and is 69 inches tall in the center. It also features shoot-through mesh windows, Ameristep's exclusive Vertical Window Technology and stubble pockets for adding natural brush.

MSRP: $200

Contact: Ameristep, 810-686-4035; www.ameristep.com


She's Safe & Stylish
The number of female bowhunters has grown exponentially in recent years, and Hunter Safety System is stepping up to keep those women safe on stand with the all-new Lady Pro Series of full-body harnesses. The Lady Pro Series (also pictured on opposite page) features all the benefits of other Hunter Safety System products, but is specially designed to accommodate the female body. A sleeker cut, tailored fit, superior comfort and pink accents are sure to be a hit with women hunters. Plus, a portion of each sale will be donated to breast cancer research. The Lady Pro offers a ventilating mesh-design back for cool hunting in hot weather. Six pockets make it easy to store everything you need, and each Lady Pro vest comes with a lineman's belt and suspension relief strap that doubles as a deer drag. The Lady Pro Series will be available in Realtree APG and Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo patterns starting spring 2011.

MSRP: $160

Contact: Hunter Safety System, 877-296-3528; www.huntersafetysystem.com

Be An Invisible Predator
Patent-pending reflective mirror panels are the secret to the GhostBlind's ability to literally make you disappear, regardless of your hunting location. Designed to eliminate sun reflection, the lightweight mirror panels only reflect the surrounding area directly in front of the blind. The 12-pound GhostBlind can be set up in less than a minute, making re-location quick and easy. It's like getting thousands of camo patterns for the price of one. No matter where you hunt, it matches the terrain perfectly. Regardless of whether you hunt with rifle, shotgun, bow, crossbow or traditional bow, the American-made GhostBlind was designed to allow for shooting from a seated position. This minimizes your exposure while you take the shot.

MSRP: $250

Contact: GhostBlind Industries, 877-751-4868; www.ghostblind.com

A Seat With Style
The new Freestyle 720 ground-blind chair from S4Gear is stylish, functional and durable, helping make you more successful in the field. The Freestyle 720 features patent-pending cam-over latch technology, 6061T6 aluminum, reinforced polymer construction and rapid setup in fewer than 20 seconds. The 720 gets its name from its unique tripod design, which not only allows users to swivel 360 degrees, but also move a full 360 degrees around a ground blind to make a perfect shot from any window while remaining seated and silent. "The Freestyle 720 is like nothing on the market and is truly going to change the way people hunt from a blind," said Dayne Lester, S4's vice president of product development. The key to the silent rotation is the coaxial bearing system coupled with the cantilevered seat frame. The coaxial bearing distributes the cantilevered load between four lubricant-infused polymeric bearings, allowing for smooth and silent rotation and translation for the life of the product. Automatic cam-over latches on the height adjustable legs allow the hunter to deploy the system quietly and quickly -- even in the dark. Oversized feet are designed for four-season versatility and stability. The closed cell foam seat with nylon laminate is quiet, comfortable and minimizes heat and moisture buildup. Aftermarket accessories include a collapsible chair back, fully adjustable camera arm and an articulating rifle arm.

MSRP: $140

Contact: S4Gear, 541-998-8800; www.s4gear.com

Use The Buddy System
The Tree Stand Buddy universal mounting system makes mounting your hang-on style stands safer and easier. It also helps ensure your valuable stands aren't stolen, since the Tree Stand Buddy makes it easy to take your stands with you when you leave. Compatible with hang-on stands that have a single back bar or double back bar not wider than 6 1⁄2 inches, the two-part system consists of two brackets -- one that attaches to the tree and one that attaches to your stand. Simply mount the tree bracket at your desired hunting height, use the V-shaped hoist feature to pull up your stand, slide the stand bracket into the tree bracket and start hunting.

MSRP: $99

Contact: Tree Stand Buddy, 877-987-2723; www.treestandbuddy.com

Where To Take Your Tom
Take your next tom from inside Ameristep's new TomTaker 2 ground blind. The low-profile, hub-style design is rugged and sets up in seconds, making it perfect for "run and gun" hunting while covering plenty of ground. Durashell PLUS fabric eliminates noise and is weatherproof. The triangular window system provides excellent views and unlimited shot placement. The blind also has a reinforced, carbon-enhanced shadow guard laminated interior, which helps contain your scent while eliminating shadows. The TomTaker 2 weighs 12 pounds, measures 48 inches square at the base and 54 inches tall in the center. It's available in Realtree APG camo and comes with a camo backpack carry case with integrated turkey-hauling Game Pouch System.

MSRP: $150

Contact: Ameristep, 810-686-4035; www.ameristep.com

Quick Quiver Connection
Kwikee Kwiver's line of single-bracket archery quivers has long been popular for its ease of use and simple organization. The company has long offered mounting brackets for trees, and now for 2011, a new bracket kit that attaches directly to the frame of your treestand is available. The Kwikee Treestand Bracket Kit includes a Kwikee Kwiver mounting bracket along with a Kwikee Kwiver shim. Together with the screws and wing nuts included, the consumer can attach the bracket to any square tubing up to one inch in diameter. This allows for the

placement of a quiver bracket on a treestand without drilling any safety compromising holes in the structure.

MSRP: $9

Contact: Kwikee Kwiver, 800-346-7001; www.kwikeekwiver.com

Lets You Down Softly
Gorilla's new G-15 Treestand Safety Harness features the patent-pending E.A.S. (Energy Absorbing System), which provides ultimate protection in case of a fall. The G-15 features a one-size-fits-all design for waists from 25-51 inches and is composed of a lightweight, ventilated mesh acceptable for both warm and cold climates. The G-15 has a 30-inch tether and provides a 360-degree range of movement, giving the hunter all the freedom needed to take that perfect shot. For added comfort and convenience, the G-15 features a fully adjustable, quick-release buckle system, padded shoulder straps, backrest and waist belt. In addition, the G-15 has convenient binocular straps and accessory clips. It comes standard with a climbing strap/suspension relief strap, extra-wide waist and leg straps, lineman's belt and tree strap.

MSRP: $100

Contact: Gorilla, 877-685-7817; www.gorillatreestands.com

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