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Bowfishing Bonanza!

Bowfishing Bonanza!

Bowfishing Rigs
Hoyt is making a splash in the bowfishing market this year with the introduction of the Riptide, the company's first bowfishing outfit. The Riptide is a versatile, split-limb bow capable of tackling everything from carp and gar to sharks and gators. It measures 35.5 inches between the axles, has a 7.25-inch brace height, AccuWheel wheels and can accommodate draw lengths from 25.5-31 inches.


The bow, available in Riptide blue (shown) or Realtree APG HD, weighs 3.7 pounds and offers peak draw weights from 30-60 pounds. The Riptide is available in right- and left-handed models and also comes standard with an AMS Bowfishing package that includes a spool, line, reel, rest, arrow and barbed head. Contact: Hoyt, (801) 363-2990;

The all-new Hammerhead is PSE Archery's newest arrival on the bowfishing scene. The highly adjustable single-cam, split-limb bow weighs 3.7 pounds, measures 34 inches between the axles, has a 7.125-inch brace height and sports a unique, aquatic blue finish.

The Hammerhead's modular NI cam is optimized for bowfishing. For those who prefer fixed draw lengths with letoff of 65 percent or 80 percent, modules are available to accommodate draws from 17-31 inches. The Hammerhead is available in right- or left-handed models and comes either as a bare bow or with an AMS Bowfishing kit that includes everything needed to hit the water. Contact: PSE Archery, (520) 884-9065;

Sullivan Industries, maker of the popular Innerloc broadheads, teamed up with Pearson Archery to create its Hydro-Strike bowfishing rig. The Hydro-Strike is built around new "Rapid Fire Fish Cams." The cams offer two shooting modes -- no letoff or 75 percent letoff. In the no letoff mode, the bow optimizes accuracy at any draw length and is "finger friendly."

In 75 percent letoff mode, the draw is designed for smooth break-over, which allows for quicker aiming and less fatigue. The Hydro-Strike measures 36 inches between the axles, features parallel split limbs, a 7.125-inch brace height and draw weight adjustments from 40-55 pounds.


Draw lengths range from 21-30 inches and can be adjusted without a bowpress using the rotating cam module. Other features include stainless steel hardware, mounted single arrow quiver and a matching line pull. Contact: Sullivan Industries, (706)-782-5863;

The new Fish Hawk from AMS Bowfishing features the exclusive Whiplash Cam that maximizes arrow speed at minimum draw lengths, which means you can snap shoot the Fish Hawk like a traditional bow but still get the punch of a compound. The single-cam Fish Hawk has no set draw stop, and with a draw length range of 15-30 inches, virtually anyone can shoot this bow with ease.

Minimal, 20 percent letoff and draw weights from 30-40 pounds are optimized for any on-the-water archery action. The Fish Hawk measures 35.5 inches between the axles, has a 7.75-inch brace height and weighs just 3.4 pounds. It can be purchased with factory-installed finger tabs and features a blue Mothwing camouflage riser with black composite limbs. Contact: AMS Bowfishing, (888) 541-7657;

The MAKO from Forge Bow Company features a wide draw weight range from 25-60 pounds, making it a great choice for chasing everything from suckers to sharks. The powerful, single-cam system draws as smoothly as an older wheel bow and provides 68 percent letoff. The bow also features a 8.25-inch brace height and a sight window that's 25 percent larger than other bowfishing rigs.

The MAKO measures 34 inches between the axles, can accommodate draw lengths from 26-31 inches and weighs 3.7 pounds. It features blue camouflage finish and stainless steel hardware. Available in left- or right-handed models and equipped with No-Glovs on the string and BowJax string silencers. Contact: Forge Bow Company, (414) 732-7400;


An action-packed day of bowfishing can be an excellent way to introduce youngsters to archery, and a lightweight traditional bow such as the Polaris Youth Recurve from Greatree Archery will keep them shooting for hours without fatigue. The Polaris is a takedown model crafted from maple and walnut hardwood and comes with a sight, stabilizer and plunger bushings installed.

Four models are available to accommodate children from ages 7-18: a 48-inch, 20-pound bow; a 54-inch, 24-pound bow; a 62-inch, 36-pound bow; and a 62-inch, 40-pound bow. Contact: 3Rivers Archery, (866) 732-8783;

Hook 'Em Up...
The newly improved Stingray fish point from Muzzy broadheads is specially designed for chasing gliding rays in saltwater and is a favorite choice of tournament anglers. The Stingray features a replaceable carp tip and an extra wide bite for superior hold on strong fish. Two quick twists of the tip allow the blades to reverse for quick fish release. It's also a handy feature when trying to remove the head from tangled line or when stuck in shallow bottom areas. Contact: Muzzy, (770) 387-9300;

The new Yellow Fin and Shocker arrows from Forge Bow Company are kicking bowfishing shaft performance up a notch or two. The Yellow Fin is a 1,200-grain fiberglass composite arrow featuring a high-visibility yellow color and straightness of +/.015 inches -- up to three times straighter than other fiberglass shafts.

The Shocker features a woven carbon shaft and is available in 1,100- or 1,300-grain models. Both offer a tunable, inline nock and an impressive straightness of +/- .003 inches. The straighter the arrow, the better it will track through the water. Contact: Forge Bow Company, (414) 732-7400;

Another new twist on bowfishing arrows comes from Cajun Archery in the form of the revolutionary new Yellow Jacket. The Yellow Jacket features five layers of black carbon fused onto a yellow fiberglass core to create an extremely stiff and sturdy bowfishing projectile. The Yellow Jacket offers a 65 percent stiffer spine and 10 percent greater strength than traditional bowfishing arrows. The Yellow Jacket can be purchased as a bare shaft or with

a variety of Cajun bowfishing points. Contact: Cajun Archery, (800) 551-3076;

The new Piranha Long Barb from Cajun Archery is the latest addition to the company's extensive line of bowfishing tips. The Piranha Long Barb features a spring steel barb that's 50 percent longer than the original Piranha, helping to grab soft flesh and hold tight. Machined from 304 stainless steel, this head is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion, and the five-sided Jackhammer tip ensures you always have a sharp point. Fish are quickly and easily removed with a few turns of the tip, which allows the barb to reverse. Contact: Cajun Archery, (800) 551-3076;

The new Gator and Carp from Steelforce are the company's most devastating aquatic broadheads ever. As the names imply, the Gator is intended for archery anglers who want to tangle with nasty reptiles, while the Carp is for those pursuing fish with softer flesh.

Both points feature a two-piece, steel ferrule dipped in a galvanized coating to prevent rust, titanium front blades and titanium barbs that grab flesh and won't let go. The replaceable, 1-inch unsharpened blade of the Carp is designed for soft fish and maximum penetration, while the replaceable 1.5-inch, sharpened blade of the Gator drives deep into the hard flesh of water-dwelling lizards.

As added bonus, the Gator's ferrule is designed to separate from your arrow shaft to prevent the arrow from being pulled out if an alligator performs a "death roll" while reeling him in. Contact: Steelforce, (570) 448-2845;


The new Innerloc Grapple Point from Sullivan Industries is a mechanical head that opens on contact to an unmatched 2.75-inch diameter for maximum holding power. The Grapple Point's blades ride behind a new, patent-pending tip designed to grab and slice through scales and flesh with less damage during pass through. Cleaner penetration translates into better hold on the retrieve. The Grapple Point also incorporates a special, vibration-dampening insert that eliminates tip loosening during the hunt. Contact: Sullivan Industries, (706) 782-5863;

Nighttime bowfishermen will appreciate the new Innerloc Lighted Nock Adapter from Sullivan Industries. The adapter fits all 5/16-inch diameter fish arrows and accepts most popular lighted arrow nocks. The company sells the adapter with Lumenok signature nocks. It's also available in a kit that includes the company's Glow Max glow-in-the-dark arrow, Grapple Point head and safety slide. Contact: Sullivan Industries, (706) 782-5863;

...And Reel 'Em In
Muzzy's Xtreme Duty bowfishing reel is capable of tackling 20-pound carp, 200-pound alligator gar and everything in between. The Xtreme Duty features a new, stainless steel reel foot that will stand up to the toughest abuse any fish can dish out.

Other notables include a heavy-duty, stainless steel and brass drive system, oversized gears, dual spool shaft ball bearings, disc drag, left- or right-hand retrieve, stainless steel reel hood, graphite composite main frame and high gear ratio for faster retrieves. The Xtreme Duty has a line capacity of 100 feet for 200-pound braided spectra line and 165 feet for 150-pound line. Contact: Muzzy, (770) 387-9300;

The new Retriever Pro reel from AMS Bowfishing has been redesigned to include a number of features that make it stronger, lighter and more corrosion resistant. The Retriever Pro has no button to push before the shot -- just draw, aim and shoot. The 130-pound, high-visibility line is stacked in a bottle, and with zero drag, your arrow will fly faster and deeper.

The Retriever Pro also features a built-in arrow quiver, an integrated telescoping clamp for tool-less adjustments and increased clearance for offset risers and protruding arrow rests. Contact: AMS Bowfishing, (888) 541-7657;

BCY has long been a trusted name in bowstrings, and the company's braided Spectra Bow Fishing Line offers unparalleled strength and durability with the smallest diameter possible. The line is available in 90-, 175-, 350- and 700-pound tests in either white or a variety of new high-visibility colors. Contact: BCY Bowstring, (860) 632-7115;

Practice Makes Perfect
Experienced bowfishermen know compensating for the way water bends light and then making accurate shots at moving targets is no easy task. That's why practice is critical to honing your water-shooting skills. The new 3-D Gar Target, made exclusively for Innerloc by Rinehart, comes with an included submersion kit that allows users to attach the target to a cement block or other weight and then position it at the desired depth. Contact: Sullivan Industries, (706) 782-5863;

Bowfishing Out Of The Box
Looking to get started in bowfishing in a hurry? Well, look no further than Bohning Archery's Bowfishing Kit, which includes everything you need to set up your bow and hit the water. Designed especially for beginners, the kit includes a Lightning reel, glass fish arrow with RuffNeck point, AMS safety slide and 50 feet of 80-pound line. Contact: Bohning Archery, (800) 253-0136;

Splashy Accessories
Archers who love the Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit full containment arrow rest on their bowhunting rigs will appreciate the company's new bowfishing model. The Bow Fishing Biscuit features laser-engraved reference marks, an aluminum-encased biscuit that's three times stronger than previous models and custom rubber boots that ensure arrow loading is dead silent. The rest can accommodate left- and right-handed shooters and is finished in blue camo. Contact: Trophy Ridge, (800) 694-9494;

Peep sights can be tough to deal with during a fast-paced bowfishing outing, particularly in low-light conditions. The revolutionary new Hind Sight PathFinder eliminates your peep and features dual roving sights that move as one, maintaining a straight line of sight from eye to impact.

It even allows for range adjustment at full draw simply by rotating a dial to shorten or lengthen the flight of the arrow. The front sight, designed by TruGlo, has a single green fiber-optic cable in a .029-inch pin. A bubble level and LED light also are included. The PathFinder is CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum and anodized in a shadow black finish. Contact: Hind Sight, (734) 878-2842;

When a big fish shows up in the searchlight, the last thing you want to do is fumble for your nocking loop. The Release Light Plus from 3B Outdoors LLC makes finding your string loop as easy as pushing a button. This small, green LED can be attached to the head of most releases.

Contact: 3B Outdoors LLC, (740) 398-6469;

The Wave Rest from AMS Bowfishing features a friction-free roller and raised edges to maintain perfect arrow control even while swing shooting. The Wave Rest's spinning Celcon roller reduces arrow wear, increases arrow speed and provides increased arrow control during the shot, which boosts accuracy. Contact: AMS Bowfishing, (888) 541-7657;

A good headlamp is a must for successful night fishing, and the new AMS Headlamp from AMS Bowfishing comes in 20- and 50-watt ball cap models that easily attach to your favorite hat. The 50-watt light can send a beam half a mile and weighs just six ounces.

Both lights have a 10-foot cord that connects to any 12-volt battery. An optional battery pack/dimmer combination allows you to keep your power source on your belt and adjust the intensity of the light as needed. A fully charged battery will run the 20-watt light for 4.5 hours. Contact: AMS Bowfishing, (888) 541-7657;

A long day of finger shooting out of the boat can do a number on your hands. But with the Benders No-Glov finger savers, you can shoot all day in comfort. These soft rubber cushions slide directly onto the bowstring and ensure proper arrow placement and shooting form. Contact: Benders No-Glov, 1511 Nakomis Ave., La Crosse, WI 54603.

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