Hoyt CRX 32 Review

Hoyt CRX 32 Review
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Hoyt has been in the headlines a lot lately because of its new, carbon-riser bows, which have gained considerable interest and created a loud buzz. Unfortunately, all that attention may have taken some of the spotlight off of one of 2011's best bows -- Hoyt's own CRX 32. Let's steal a little of that limelight back and see what this new rig has to offer in this Hoyt CRX 32 review.

The CRX 32 features the company's popular TEC LITE riser with the new Perfect Balance Stabilization System. The Fuel Cam &'‰1⁄2, XTS Pro ARC limbs, Pro-Lock limb pockets, 180 Pro-Fit Custom Grip, In-Line Roller Guard and more are showcased on the new Hoyt rig as well.

Key TEC-nology

Hoyt's CRX 32 uses the LITE version of the company's unique and proven TEC (Total Engineering Concept) riser. The TEC LITE is sleek from top to bottom, relying on improved technology to get the job done with less mass. The overall weight of the CRX 32 is less than four pounds.

The basic TEC platform consists of a thin strut that loops back behind the shooter's bow hand and acts as a shock absorber, channeling vibration through the truss and away from the grip while increasing strength and stiffness. A stiffer, stronger riser has several benefits, including longer product life, reduced vibration and improved accuracy.

New to the Hoyt technology list is the Perfect Balance Stabilization System. Rather than place the stabilizer mounting hole directly in line with the center of the bow, Hoyt has offset the stainless steel stabilizer mounting insert. This puts the stabilizer on the left side of the bow's centerline (for a right-handed shooter), opposite all the accessories many of us attach to our rigs -- quiver, rest, sight, etc.

Attached to the TEC LITE riser is Hoyt's In-Line Roller Guard. By placing the cables in line, one in front of the other (rather than stacked), torque in the system is reduced. That results in increased stability, consistency and accuracy.

In my opinion, the Hoyt Thermo Plastic Elastomer 180 Pro-Fit Custom Grip is super comfortable. It is soft, warm and well-shaped. It also looks good with an inlay of the Hoyt Buck Logo. The CRX 32 is compatible with the Pro-Fit Grip system, which includes four styles that share a common mounting platform.

Just below the grip and opposite the stabilizer insert you will find Hoyt's StealthShot String Suppressor. The company advertises a reduction of string oscillation of up to 70 percent using this feature. Another quieting feature is the Silent Shelf Pad that will render a falling arrow noiseless and tame any sound from drop away rests bouncing off the shelf.

The CRX 32 is available in Realtree AP, Realtree Max-1, Black Out, Half and Half (Black Out riser with AP Camo limbs) and Bone Collector (AP Camo riser with Black Out limbs and custom graphics) finish options.

Fuel the Fire

Hoyt's Fuel Cam & 1⁄2 system is a hybrid cam, meaning it uses two elliptical cams, a control cable and an evenly placed string. The control cable essentially ties the two cams together and forces them to work in sync with each other, while the power cable handles the lion's share of the applied load. Hybrid cams, and more specifically, Hoyt's Cam & 1/2 designs, have gained a solid reputation among bowhunters for reliability, easy maintenance, stealth and accuracy.

Layers of Performance

Hoyt XTS PRO ARC limbs are built with a five-layer lamination process that includes the use of high-pressure, precision machining. Limbs are matched into sets based on deflection values so each bow has consistent performance.

Hoyt's limb testing regimen is intense and thorough -- you can rest assured your new rig will not let you down. Limbs are available in 50-, 60-, 65-, 70-, 80- and 90-pound peak draw weight options, each with 10 pounds of downward adjustment.


There is no doubt you are holding a quality bow when shooting the CRX 32. It has a solid feel with low mass weight. The test bow demonstrated excellent balance on target, and the back wall was super solid. Hoyt designed its signature smooth draw into the CRX 32, and they have a history of hitting their advertised performance numbers. Shock, vibration and noise levels were minimal.

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