Hoyt Spyder 30 Review

Hoyt Spyder 30 Review

Hoyt Archery, one of the industry's finest bow manufacturers, continues to push forward with new technologies and higher levels of performance. The new Spyder line was created by diehard bowhunters and designed with a clear purpose — getting the job done in the field. There are three bows in the line — Spyder 30, Spyder 34 and Spyder Turbo.

The Hoyt Spyder 30 features Hoyt's  popular Tec-Lite riser design, Perfect Balance Stabilization System, RKT Cam & ½, XTS Pro Arc limbs, Pro-Lock X-Lite limb pockets, 180 Pro-Fit grip and In-Line Roller Guard. New for 2013, Hoyt presents its new, patent-pending AirShox silencing system that interacts with the limbs upon release.


One of the first things I noticed about the Spyder 30 was the way it settled on target at full draw. There are bows that work against you and others that work for you during the aiming process. The Spyder 30 is firmly in the "works for you" category. Hoyt also considers balance when accessories are added. Their Perfect Balance stabilizer mounting system counters the weight of accessories and brings balance back toward the centerline by sweeping a small section of the riser to the side opposite of those accessories.

Hoyt's new aluminum hunting rig is also designed to produce excellent arrow speeds. The engine tasked with powering arrows down range is the RKT Cam & ½ system, which is advertised to generate ATA speeds reaching 330 fps on a 6'‰3⁄4-inch brace height. Each cam rides on a steel axle and sealed inner-race bearings for smooth, reliable performance, minimum friction and increased efficiency.

A total draw-length range from 24'‰1⁄2-30 inches is covered by three base cams and a series of modules. System letoff is advertised at approximately 75 percent.

Hoyt continues to invest in performance by outfitting the Spyder bows with their XTS Pro Arc split limbs. The 5-Layer laminated limbs are contoured and pre-loaded using uniform stress distribution (USD) technology that eliminates potential failure areas. Hoyt subjects all of its top bow designs to an unbelievable 1,500 dry-fire test that should give any archer assurance they are holding one tough rig. The Pro-Lock X-Lite pivoting limb pockets provide a broad base and precise limb-to-riser interface.


Hoyt places a great deal of importance, and rightly so in my opinion, on the draw cycle. The technology is called ErgoDraw. In addition to the smooth draw cycle is a letdown feature. If you decide to pass on a shot, or you have to let down for a quick break while your trophy moves into position, the RKT Cam allows you to easily return the string to its resting position. Another feature of ErgoDraw is a comfortable valley — comfort in that it allows you to relax before the shot because the string does not threaten to take off before you are ready.

The Spyder's one-piece wooden grip is contoured and angled for functionality and comfort. The smooth surface allows the shooter's hand to consistently attain the same position shot after shot, while the size, material and shape all chip in to offer comfort. The Spyder is compatible with Hoyt's Pro-Fit Grip system, which includes four grip styles that share a common mounting platform.


Stealth in the field is a premium for bowhunters, and Hoyt delivers with several features and technologies. First, the counteracting forces of the extreme past parallel XTS limbs work to reduce noise from the shot by eliminating excess vibration. Additionally, the new, patent-pending AirShox, which are mounted to the limb pockets rather than the limbs, stand ready at the shot to catch the limbs and tame any residual energy. Hoyt chose not to mount these directly to the limbs because they said any added weight on the limbs can erode accuracy. Also joining the fight against excess noise is the Stealth Shot string silencer and Silent Shelf Pad.

Meanwhile, maneuvering around brush, treestand rails or ground blind obstacles is an easy task with a bow that only measures 30 inches between the axles.


Hoyt's new Spyder 30 is impressively engineered and raises the bar in terms of combining comfort and performance. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting this bow and was particularly pleased with the balance, draw cycle and valley.

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