Mathews Monster Chill Review

Mathews Monster Chill Review

The Mathews McPherson Series line of bows is Matt McPherson's playground in the two-cam market. He loves to create and improve current designs and brings his considerable engineering expertise to the table as his company pulls it all together for an impressive package in the Monster Chill.

The Chill's DYAD AVS cam system combines speed and comfort while the past-parallel Quad V-Lock limbs, along with numerous vibration damping features, tame and quiet the shot. Mathews' GeoGrid riser, Reverse Assist Roller Guard and Focus grip complete the lightweight package.

Power Generation

Mathews features its new DYAD AVS (Advanced Vectoring System) cam system on the Monster Chill. Dual perimeter weights, also called metal inertia disks, are strategically placed on the perimeter of the cams so they surge in the opposite direction of the fired limbs, significantly counteracting momentum and reducing recoil and noise while enhancing speed.

In this new system, the split cable ends loop around a set of special, two-part wheels on either side of the cam. The outer wheel remains stationary in terms of rotation while the inner wheel, which is not centered on the axle, rotates and rises as the archer starts the draw cycle, increasing stored energy. It then drops back closer to the limb at full draw, increasing letoff.

This essentially moves the force vector from one side of the axle to the other during the draw cycle. Mathews uses this technology to enhance the draw-force curve (balanced blend of comfort and performance) and store more energy (power). This system also terminates the ends of each cable to the opposite cam, forcing the system to work in sync and thereby automatically correcting any imbalances. This translates into dependability for the archer.

The DYAD AVS cam system rides on sealed bearings and stainless steel axles, producing 80 percent letoff. It accommodates draw lengths from 25-30 inches, in half-inch increments, through a series of modules.

Energy Management

Once you have the system in place to produce the power, you then need to manage it. A dynamic efficiency well in exces of 80 percent means most of the bow's energy is transferred to your arrow. However, there is still some leftover foce that  needs to be managed. Mathews begins the fight against shock, vibration and noise by outfitting the Chill with a set of past-parallel split limbs, which move in opposite directions at the shot to cancel unwanted energy.

The riser is home to a Harmonic Damper on the upper section and a Harmonic Stabilizer Lite on the lower section. Their benefits are well documented with testimony and demonstrations easily found online. Mathews' String Stop Lite "catches" the string at the shot and reduces oscillation, which in turn reduces noise. Monkey Tails on the string drastically reduce vibration and noise while decreasing arrow speed by just 1-2 feet per second. Positioned right next to the Monkey Tails, String Grubs actually cause an increase in speed.

Smart Grid

Mathews doesn't use a grid pattern riser design just for looks — it has a purpose; several really. This new version of the Grid Lock riser follows the geometry of the handle, which is why it is named GeoGrid. Mathews was able to reduce the weight even further while maintaining an ultra-rigid platform. Also, it adds a measure of concealment in the field when viewed from the side and combined with Lost Camo. Separate quiver attachment fixtures are available as they are not built into this riser.

The Focus Grip is clearly functional, as Levi Morgan won two world championships with it. A small design reduces contact with the shooter's hand, thereby lowering the possibility of hand torque. The rubber material also adds comfort and warmth. Last but not least, the Reverse Assist Roller Guard wraps the cables around the rollers on the side closest to the archer, which decreases friction and torque on the cables as compared to traditional systems. In turn, that increases efficiency and makes the draw smoother.


I believe the lightweight Chill is one of 2013's top bows. Packed with high-end technologies, it is fast, quiet, easy to draw and has little report (shock, vibration and noise) when shot. The Focus grip is proven and functional. One of the best tests for any bow is whether it is fun to shoot, and I had fun shooting the Chill.

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