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New Archery Accessories for 2015

New Archery Accessories for 2015

It's not just the ladies who like to accessorize anymore. Today, manufacturers are racing to produce the newest bow accessories that help us to be more successful in the field.

Whether it's a new quiver, rest, release or stabilizer camera for recording your shot, this year's lineup of new options will have you heading to the field in confidence.

Check out the best new archery accessories for 2015:

Alpine Archery | Alpine Power Loc Ultralite 4 Arrow Quiver

Alpine Archery has introduced the new Alpine Power Loc Ultralite 4 Arrow Quiver for 2015 — an accessory that can be used on either your crossbow or compound. Alpine continues to use its patented rubber mount, but this year the company has taken it a step further so that when it's removed from the bow, the latching system comes off and there is absolutely no chance of unwanted noise. The Power Loc's roll and lock latch holds it securely in place and prevents the chance that it accidentally releases the quiver when you're not expecting it. It will accept the smallest arrow diameters, weighs just 4.5 ounces and features full vertical adjustment. MSRP: $59.99

Archer Xtreme | Nitrix Quiver

When it comes to the new Nitrix Quiver from Archer Xtreme, there isn't a better word to describe it than versatile. You want it to hold the smallest micro-diameter arrow shafts on the market? Done. How about all the larger ones? Done. Additionally, Xtreme Drop Rack Technology allows hunters to adjust the quiver to accommodate any length of arrow while dampening noise and vibration in the process. The quiver hood also features a grilled gate design that allows for quick viewing of your broadheads at any time. Also, a tip insert over-mold securely holds all types of broadheads. Available in a four- or six-arrow model. MSRP: $139.99

BCY Bowstring | Powergrip Serving

Archers have depended on BCY Bowstring to produce top-notch products for years. The company has now unveiled a new blend of tightly braided Spectra nylon called Powergrip Serving. Durable and Resin-coated, it's made in four different sizes to fit every need — a .018-inch diameter for end or center serving, .21- and .25-inch diameter for center serving and a .032-inch diameter for crossbow center serving. Offered in jig, 1„4-pound or 1-pound spools in black, white and many other solid colors. MSRP: $21 (jig spool)

Bowfinger Archery | ZX5 Bow Camera Mount

GoPro cameras are everywhere in today's world to capture footage that otherwise would be left to the imagination. Thanks to Bowfinger Archery's new ZX5 Bow Camera Mount, your time in the woods can be replayed over and over for all to enjoy. Drilled and tapped to allow for perfect balance once it's attached to your stabilizer, this product allows you to leave your cumbersome tripod in the truck where it belongs. Features include two mounting holes, a CNC machined billet aluminum construction, a compact design and a product that is made right here in the United States. MSRP: $24.95

Bowjax | Silent Tamer Stabilizer Dampeners

BowJax is at it again for 2015, this time with Silent Tamer Stabilizer Dampeners. These innovative, sound-muffling products, which weigh in at 305 grains each, are designed to provide an extra level of dampening to your stabilizers. With holes at each end of the arms, it opens up the possibility of adding additional weight to fit your personal hunting needs. MSRP: $7.99

Cabela's | Instinct Dynomite

If you're in the market for a new release aid prior to the 2015 hunting season, look no further than the new Instinct Dynomite from Cabela's. A four-fingered, hand-held design, the release aid has an open, auto-cocking hook for fast loading. Additionally, it features an ergonomic, full-radius handle for top-notch comfort, as well as an ergonomically engineered design for maximum accuracy. Trigger tension and travel are fully adjustable, and the trigger arm has a 360-degree rotational trigger barrel. MSRP: $200

Crossroad Archery | Crossover Stabilizer

Not sure what length you want your stabilizer to be? That's not a problem with the new Crossover Stabilizer from Crossroad Archery. The Crossover is available in two models — a 12-inch (model 1233) that can be extended up to 33 inches, and a 10-inch (model 1017) that can be extended up to 17 inches. The first comes with three, one-ounce brass weights, while the latter comes with four. Additional brass weights are also available in one ounce, four ounces and eight ounces. The stabilizers are constructed with uni-directional carbon fiber tubes that provide plenty of rigidity without adding extra weight. MSRP: $109.99 (1233) and $84.99 (1017)

Dead Center Archery | Dead Silent Carbon Series Hunting Stabilizer

Some bowhunters have the mindset that any stabilizer will do the job sufficiently. Not so, says Dead Center Archery — the makers of the all-new Dead Silent Carbon Series Hunting Stabilizer. Combining ultra-rigid, pultruded 5„8-inch carbon tubing with 6061 T6 Aluminum Hex end caps, this stabilizer ensures a steady, quiet shot every time. BowJax silencers and dual o-rings are added to dispose of any vibration, and an optional custom balance weight system allows you to tailor your weight configuration to fit your specific needs. Dead Center offers its 100 percent American-made products in lengths of 6, 8 and 10 inches, as well as in 23 different finishes. MSRP: $64.99-$74.99

Elusive Wildlife | Piglet

The title says it all, as the new Piglet bow light from Elusive Wildlife is just that. Ideal for bowhunters who wish to continue using their favorite stabilizers for more familiar shooting experience, the Piglet bow rail mount allows the light to be positioned just under the arrow for proper target illumination. Features include three brightness settings, the lightweight bow rail mount weighing just 2.5 ounces, a Mathews Harmonic Damper and a Picatinny rail for easy-to-install optional accessories. Piglet bow lights, which come in red, green, white or multi-color pro packs, are guaranteed to illuminate your entire target at 120 yards in the highest brightness mode. MSRP: $119.99 (single color), $159.99 (multi-color)

Fin-Finder | Hydro-Glide Pro Bowfishing Arrow Rest

This one is for you, bowfishermen! For 2015, Fin-Finder has given fish every reason to search for new waters with the unveiling of the Hydro-Glide Pro Bowfishing Arrow Rest. Designed to increase overall performance and fish-wrecking accuracy, the Hydro-Glide Pro features a full-containment design and a toolless, micro-drive system. Other notables include a Teflon channel for increased arrow flight and shootability, stainless steel hardware and heavy-duty, T6 aircraftgrade aluminum construction. No matter where you do your bowfishing, this arrow rest will get the job done. MSRP: Not available

FUSE | Playback HD Stabilizer Camera

Want to relive every big moment of your bowhunting season? Of course you do! And with the new Playback HD Stabilizer Camera from FUSE Accessories, all of your stabilizer duties are taken care of as well. You'll receive full HD 1080p video that can download straight to your computer, tablet or phone in a durable machined aluminum camera housing. Tactacam Technology ensures a very similar view to what you saw with the human eye, and a rechargeable lithium battery provides more than two hours of recording time. You can add in a micro SD card for up to 32GB of storage space, and the unit is waterproof tested up to 30 meters. MSRP: $299

Hoyt | Pro Series Stabilizer

The Pro Series Stabilizer from Hoyt Archery is available in 5.5- or 8-inch models. With proven Shock Rod Technology on board, consumers can expect increased accuracy while maintaining critical stealth in the field. The main feature is the unique, machined aluminum cylinders, which work toward the goal of completely eliminating noise and vibration from your bow. Choose your choice of finish from among Realtree Xtra, MAX-1, AP Snow and Black Out. MSRP: $65

LimbSaver | HD S-Coil

All new for 2015 comes the HD S-Coil stabilizer from LimbSaver. It has a short, 4.5-inch length, so it's perfect for a bowhunter who wants minimal interference while shooting in tight spaces. It even functions up to 10 percent better than the popular, classic S-Coil. No other compact, lightweight stabilizer will even compare, according to the company. It also stays discreet with an HD camo dipping. MSRP: $24.99

LimbSaver | LS Hunter

A sleek, carbon-fiber frame packed with vibration-dampening technology is found in the brand new LS Hunter stabilizer from LimbSaver. Noise, bow torque, vibration and hand shock are a thing of the past due in part to a removable, weighted broadband node that neutralizes vibration and helps eliminate bow jump and improve bow balance. MSRP: $69.99

Pine Ridge Archery | Nitro Hunter

Pine Ridge Archery has released its newest stabilizer for 2015 — the Nitro Hunter. Sawtooth blades, which are present on the lightweight aluminum body of the stabilizer, are made of vibration-destroying material that quickly erases unwanted noise and vibration in today's world of radical speed bows. Available in two sizes — a 5.5-inch model that weighs 5 ounces, and a 7.5-inch model that weighs 6 ounces — the Nitro Hunter will also help keep your bow balanced in the hand for better down-range accuracy. The new Snake pattern is available in eight colors, in addition to black, Mathews Lost Camo and Next G1 Vista camo. MSRP: $24.99 (5.5-inch) and $29.99 (7.5-inch)

Quality Archery Designs | PSE ULTRAREST

Quality Archery Designs and PSE have teamed up to design an ULTRAREST specifically for PSE bows. Available in red, black or Mossy Oak camo, consumers will be treated to a drop-away rest with total fletching clearance. Additionally, total containment ensures your arrow will never fall off the shelf, and Lock-Down Technology guarantees no bounce back. The launcher arm will be in a 90-degree position at full draw, dropping off the table only when the string is released — not when the bow is slowly let down. The PSE ULTRAREST also is equipped with noise-reducing felt and rubber dampeners, and can be used by both right- and left-handed shooters. MSRP: $174.96

Quality Archery Designs | ULTRAREST Patriot

You don't want to miss out on the Limited Edition ULTRAREST Patriot from Quality Archery Designs. With your purchase of the Patriot, not only will you have the opportunity to shoot one of the most popular drop-away arrow rests on the market, but you'll also be doing it in honor of our troops. Five dollars from every Patriot sale will be donated to an organization that supports our wounded warriors. Each rest is designed, manufactured and assembled from start to finish right here in the USA. MSRP: $174.96

Ramcat | Ramcat Quiver

Ramcat is best known for many years of broadhead manufacturing. But after listening to customer feedback, Ramcat has partnered with Treelimb Products to produce its own quiver for 2015. The Ramcat-branded quiver holds five arrows and has a double-gripper system to ensure your arrows stay in place and out of the way when not in use. Specially made to hold the large cutting diameter of the Ramcat Broadheads, the quiver is currently available in black, but look for a carbon fiber and multiple camouflage options to hit the market in the near future. MSRP: $109.99 (black)

Scott Archery | Anchor

Scott Archery has built its reputation on quality release aids, and for 2015 the company has combined the best attributes from several of its best-selling hinge releases. The result is the Anchor, a release with a fully enclosed index-finger hole with enhanced geometry to maximize the release pivot point. Features include an ergonomic, fully tapered handle with minimal finger separation for comfort and consistent shot timing, as well as heavy, stainless steel construction. The Anchor is available with interchangeable two-, three- and four-finger swept handles. MSRP: $200

Scott Archery | Mongoose XT

For shooters who prefer a lighter trigger setting, the simple, reliable design of Scott Archery's Mongoose XT is sure to be a hit. Unveiled last year, the popular release aid is now available in Realtree Xtra camouflage. The Mongoose XT has an ultra-thin, titanium coated stainless steel jaw, in addition to a trigger-enhancing spring for increased range-of-trigger adjustability. Scott's exclusive Roller Sear design gives archers a clean, crisp release, and the solid Swivel Connector with the patented 5-hole spiral length adjustment just adds to the convenience. MSRP: $100

Trophy Taker | Quivalizer

Trophy Taker has combined two key accessories on any bow setup — the quiver and stabilizer — to produce the new Quivalizer for the upcoming season. The product reduces overall bow weight, improves bow balance and increases aiming stability at full draw by combining the two tools into a single unit. A quick-release connection requiring no tools allows the Quivalizer to be used like a one-piece quiver, as it can be clipped to the side of the bow for storage and transport before being moved into shooting position in a matter of seconds. Easily converts for right- or left-handed shooters. MSRP: $219.99

Tru-Fire | Smoke

Tru-Fire has taken the latest technology from its Edge release and the reliability from its popular Hurricane to design the brand new Smoke for 2015. It utilizes the proven spring-loaded jaws from the Edge, as well as Tru-Forward trigger-finger positioning found on the Hurricane. Set at 4.5 ounces out of the factory, the jaws will return to the closed position after the shot. Features include an adjustable travel range up to 5„8 of an inch, a black, high-grain leather buckle strap with heavy-duty silver stitching and a Foldback Ring design that allows the release head to be flipped 180 degrees and kept out of the way. MSRP: $49.99

Winner's Choice

In a continuing effort to produce the best strings and cables on the market, Winner's Choice is constantly listening to customers and professional archers. The company has developed a combination of automated and manual string building, during which each fiber is prestreched, precision measured and perfectly paired with a family of complimentary strands to eliminate creep and peep rotation. Strings are constructed of BCY-X material, and there are hundreds of color combinations available. Every string comes with a lifetime performance guarantee. MSRP: $99-$119

T.R.U. Ball | Fang RC

With the new Fang RC hook-style release from T.R.U. Ball, no longer will bowhunters have to worry about missing their anchor point. The rope connection system provides quick and simple adjustments to ensure that you'll hit the same anchor point every time. Simply pull the rope knot before moving the connector in or out and pull the head tight to change draw length. The release also features a rubber insert in the trigger for improved feel and traction. Two triggers are included — a forward/straight trigger for more draw length and speed, or a comfort/relaxed trigger style. You also get a two-screw trigger sensitivity setting, and your choice of three included varied weight springs. MSRP: $99.99

Carter's | 1st Choice

Carter's new 1st Choice thumb-trigger release features an auto-closing jaw design and an extended neck length for optimal face clearance. The 1st Choice also has a comfortable, universal-fit handle and Carter's innovative setscrew tension-adjustment system that allows you to customize its feel for your shooting style. Add it all up and you've got a target-quality release that is also very easy to use and bowhunter friendly. MSRP: $222.99

Rancho Safari | BC Quiver

Rancho Safari's BC Quiver solves problems inherent to standard bow quivers that have changed little for decades. Based on the proven CatQuiver, the BC keeps arrows handy and secure, while also assuring broadhead edges remain razor sharp and fletchings safely under cover. Arrows pressure fit between broadhead point and nock, meaning arrow diameter in relation to gripper spacing is no longer a concern. A foam-lined, fleece-covered cradle shields broadhead edges from harm or mechanicals from premature deployment to keeps archers safe. A fleece-covered and lined ABS hood conceals bright fletchings and keeps natural feathers dry in wet weather. They're made in the USA and backed by a money-back guarantee. MSRP: $96

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