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Best New Arrows for 2014

Best New Arrows for 2014

Like all technology, the only constant about arrow design is that it's always changing and developing.

This year was no different, as companies expanded on their product lineups and introduced all the flashy new arrows at the 2014 ATA Show in Nashville, Tenn. Whether you're in the mood for a Deep Six revolution with Easton, or you're seeing Red with Carbon Express, we've got the perfect arrow for you, live from the ATA Show. Check out all the latest, greatest arrows for 2014.

Carbon Express Hot Pursuit

Carbon Express' all-new Hot Pursuit arrows were especially designed with women and youth bowhunters in mind. Short-draw, low-poundage shooters now have an ultra-light design for flatter trajectory and tighter pin gaps. They wear Launchpad Precision Nocks installed at the factory for more consistent string release. Carbon Express NRG-2 low-profile vanes provide maximum velocity and superior accuracy. Hot Pursuitshafts are weight sorted to match within +/- 3 grains and have a maximum straightness deviance of +/-.006 inch. They are offered in six or 12 packs. MSRP: $55 per 6

Easton Bowfire

The all-new BowFire from arrow powerhouse Easton features striking, new-generation, high-definition graphics on a carbon arrow that combines a striking appearance with speed to burn and hunting-broadhead accuracy. The BowFire is a standard-diameter shaft with exclusive White-Hot graphics to make it easy to track in flight or locate after the shot. The overall white appearance makes it easier to identify your point of impact on game or 3-D targets. Direct-fit S Nocks and standard RPS inserts are included — precision components that complement the BowFire's exceptional specs. MSRP: Not available

Victory Archery VAP Arrows

Victory Archery's high-modulus carbon fiber, ultra small-diameter VAP (Victory Armour Piercing) hunting arrows keep getting better. Independent tests have confirmed that the high speeds generated by relatively lightweight VAP shafts, combined with their small diameter, offers deeper penetration than standard-diameter hunting arrows. Now equipped with Penetrator II Broadhead Adaptors, the VAP offers these obvious attributes with an insert that offers zero compromises when pitted against notorious bone hits. Penetrator Adaptors are offered in aircraft-grade aluminum or newer stainless steel. All accept standard 8„32-inch threading. Victory ICE coating makes these shafts quieter and easier to pull from foam targets. MSRP: $140-$200 per 12, depending on straightness

Clean-Shot Archery Nock Out Lighted Nocks

Nock Out Lighted Nocks from Clean-Shot Archery offer exclusive features that make them bowhunting friendly. They're one of the easiest lighted nocks to turn off — just gently pull the indexed nock straight back until it clicks. No tools required. The nock can be shot with the light deactivated to save battery life while also maintaining the exact hunting arrow weight. Each package includes Nock Adaptor Sleeves to fit just about any common arrow size in the industry. The nock is activated by forward string pressure and provides more than 24 hours of battery life. MSRP: $30 per 3 or $10 each

Bohning Stretch Fletch

All-new Stretch Fletch vanes from Bohning Archery make fletching a dozen new arrows faster and easier. Each consists of a 2€‰7„8-inch molded sleeve holding three Blazer vanes on a 3-degree right helical. The entire assembly simply slides over the arrow shaft and locks in place with a drop of the included adhesive. Each one-piece Stretch Fletch unit is molded from the same material used to manufacture proven Blazer vanes, so you can count on them to be extremely durable and long lasting. Stretch Fletch is designed for standard carbon shafts with an outside diameter from .293-.306 inch. Colors include Neon Green, Orange, Yellow, Hot Pink and White. MSRP: $19 per 6

Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Wraps

Using their long expertise in everything plastic and adhesive, Pine Ridge Archery has developed its own line of premium arrow wraps. Nitro Wraps add excellent visibility to your arrows and help add a personal touch. They are offered in standard and small-diameter carbon widths and are 4 inches long. Nitro Wraps are made from premium material and compatible with new Nitro Vanes and other popular brands of fletching. They're offered in neon orange, yellow, pink and white and sold by the dozen. MSRP: $12.49 per dozen

New Archery Products Speedfletch

New Archery Products' new Speedfletch comes in large sizes to fit arrows with outside diameters of .285-.300 inch, and medium to fit arrows measuring .265-.275 inch outside diameter. The sleeves hold three tough, 2-inch Twister vanes set at a 2-degree offset. They include Microgroove Technology for faster arrow-spin rates. Simply slide Speedfletch over an appropriately-sized arrow and apply the provided glue to the front and rear and the arrow is ready to shoot in minutes. They are offered in orange, yellow, green and white with a Speedfletch logo applied to the cock vane for fast shooting alignment. MSRP: $13 per 6

Beman ICS Hunter Patriot Arrows

Beman's All-American ICS Hunter Patriot Edition arrows wrap the speed of advanced, lightweight carbon with the sleek look of patriotic American red, white and blue flag graphics. This proven, made-in-the-USA carbon arrow is designed specifically for utmost strength and durability, plus vital-piercing accuracy and penetration for quick kills and fast game recovery. They wear red direct-fit H Nocks from the factory and boast a guaranteed straightness tolerance of +/-.003-inch. They're offered in 7.3 gpi 500, 8.4 gpi 400, 9.3 gpi 340 and 9.5 gpi 300 deflections. MSRP: $65 (per 6, fletched with Blazer vanes)

Arizona Archery Pro Max Vanes

AAE's new Pro Max vanes have been specifically designed and tested to be the perfect size for 3-D competition or bowhunting with mechanical broadheads. AAE used the proven profile of the Max Hunter vane but scaled them down to accommodate improved bow and cable clearance. The new Pro Max is a 1.7-inch long by .46-inch high profile vane and it has been tested by some of the best archers in the nation. All AAE vanes have a primer activator applied to the bases for the strongest possible adhesion. They are offered in eight popular colors, including bright green, fire orange and hot pink. MSRP: Not available

Victory Archery Penetrator II

Victory Archery's new, stronger Penetrator II Broadhead Adaptor insert for VAP arrows is now even more accurate via improved manufacturing techniques and stronger 7075 aluminum material. The patent-pending design provides an exclusive impact-protection sleeve containing the leading edge of the shaft during punishing hits. They use standard 8„32-inch threads so they're compatible with most modern broadheads. They are coded gold, orange and green to match specific VAP arrow spines. MSRP: Not available

Easton Deep Six FMJ

Both Easton'sFull Metal Jacket and Injexion arrows have made headlines as some of the deadliest arrows in the bowhunting field. Now, for 2014, Easton has combined these technologies to create the Deep Six FMJ. The new arrow melds a Full Metal Jacket over an ultra micro-diameter carbon core resulting in the most advanced arrow ever offered by Easton. Deep Six FMJ arrows absorb more of your bow's energy and carry it downrange in a concentrated package of mass with smaller diameter and reduced surface area for reduced wind drift and increased penetration. MSRP: Not available

Nockturnal Helios

Over the years, more and more people have discovered the benefits of lighted nocks. And the bowhunters who are still skeptical may change their tune when they lay their eyes on the innovative new Helios from Nockturnal. The product is an illuminated nock and arrow fletching combination that offers significantly more light in flight than a lighted nock alone. Boasting a six-vane configuration with a 1€‰1„8-inch diameter and an integrated Nockturnal lighted nock, the Helios unit weighs just 54 grains and quietly guides your arrow with deadly accuracy. They'll be available for popular arrow sizes in your choice of red or green illumination. MSRP: $34.99 per 3

Bohning Steel Fieldpoints

Bohning Archery's new tapered and tempered steel fieldpoints are weight matched to within +/-.5 grain. They are offered in 85-, 100- and 125-grain versions with standard 8„32 threading. Tighter weight tolerances spell tighter target groups. Each point is designed to be slightly larger than the shaft size for easier removal from stubborn foam targets. The 85-grain models are offered in 9„32 and 5„16-inch diameters, while 100- and 125-grain versions come in 21„64, 9„32 and 5„16 inch. They are offered in 12 or 100 packs. MSRP: $9 (per 12), $59 (per 100)

Bloodsport Flare Series Impact Hunter

Bloodsport's Flare Series Impact Hunter by Muddy includes proprietary Rugged Wrap Construction to provide a much thicker carbon wall than other shafts in this class. This makes the Impact Hunter one of the toughest arrows on the market. The ultra-small diameter provides greater penetration potential and less wind drift. The Flare Series Impact Hunter comes with lighted nocks that allow for practicing without draining batteries and then inserting the 5-grain battery when you are ready to hunt. Finally, a patent-pending Blood Ring includes a ring of bright-white paint specially formulated to hold blood after a pass-through to reveal the kind of hit you have made and help you make better tracking decisions. MSRP: $80 per 6

Outer LImit Archery Blood Vane

The Blood Vane is one of the most durable and easy-to-install fletching systems ever devised. The flexible, one-piece, molded design gives you an easy answer to fletching hunting arrows in a hurry. Just slide the Blood Vane unit over your shaft and position as wanted before placing a drop of glue in each of the external glue ports. Internal glue channels siphon the glue over the length of the vane tube to provide a high-strength bond to assure no slippage. The tube holds three offset, 2-inch 'broadhead vanes ' suitable for most bowhunting needs. The flexible design is available in two sizes to fit almost every standard hunting arrow and in multiple colors. MSRP: $25

Firenock J-Style Nocks

Firenock's new J-Style nock is uniquely designed with a throat and prongs to fit onto the serving size of .137-.158-inch crossbow strings without protruding beyond the string. The new style functions perfectly with crossbow models such as the Barnett Vengeance and Stryker StrykeZone. And since the J-Nock includes a design that locks onto the serving, it will not fall off the string after loading. The locking system maximizes speed and consistency by separating from the string later in the launch and releasing at exactly the same point shot after shot. MSRP: $10 per 7, $120 per 100

Iron Mountain Products Game Vector

Developed by mechanical and electrical engineers, Iron Mountain Products' Game Vector includes a unique, electronic tracking system bringing state-of-art, patent-pending technology to bowhunting. Game Vector's scientific approach greatly improves a hunter's ability to locate and recover game. A HideRider transmitter is fitted onto the arrow shaft, separating on impact and attaching to the animal's hide to transmit radio frequency signals to a handheld receiver. The lithium battery-powered transmitter weighs about 45 grains and is aerodynamically shaped. Battery life is from 48-72 hours. Check state regulations, as product is not legal in all states. MSRP: $390 (kit) and $60 (extra transmitter)

Carbon Express Precision Lighted Arrow Nocks

Carbon Express Precision Lighted Arrow Nocks are built around a precise CX LaunchPad Precision Arrow Nock including +/-.001-inch straightness tolerances, exact bowstring contact points and perfect concentricity for deadly bowhunting accuracy. The ultra-tough and dependable design weighs only 18.5 grains, so most archers won't notice an impact difference between lighted and standard CX nocks for simplified practice and sight-in. They are offered in green, red, blue and pink, with up to 50-hour battery life that equates to about 600 shots. They are also made in a crossbow-bolt version. MSRP: $30 per 3

Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Vanes

Pine Ridge Archery's Nitro Vanes are engineered to be easy to apply to arrows and fly them like darts to increase downrange accuracy. The Nitro Vane features a patent-pending rounded leading edge that creates a more aerodynamic profile to reduce overall drag for superior flight and improved arrow groups. This rounded edge also greatly reduces the chances of the vane lifting away from the shaft after hard use. Micro Glue Pockets in the glue channel add surface area to the vane for improved adhesion between the shaft and vane for long life and easier application. Durable yet flexible material makes them tough and quiet in flight. Nitro Vanes are 2 inches long and offered in nine colors. MSRP: $9.99 per 36

Last Chance Archery Vane Master Pro

The Vane Master Pro from Last Chance Archery offers a great combination of precision vane placement and easy operation. Setup is quick and simple, and the Vane Master Pro will fletch any diameter arrow with minimal adjustment while applying a 0- to 5-degree helical, either left or right. It incorporates vane-flat technology to ensure edges sit tight to any arrow surface every time. It also allows for replacing individual vanes without removing those left intact. Teflon-coated wire holds vanes in place instead of a bulky clamp and accommodates three- or four-fletch orientations. The entire unit is made from durable Delrin and includes a protective storage and carry case. MSRP: Not available

Alaska Bowhunting Supply GrizzlyStik

GrizzlyStik by Alaska Bowhunting Supply announces a new concept in bowhunting arrows designed specifically for the biggest big game with bows pulling more than 70 pounds. The concept is to shoot the shortest, stiffest arrow possible, minimizing the archer's paradox and impact paradox while maintaining maximum arrow weight and high Front Of Center balance. With new Momentum 250 arrows and 200-grain broadheads, bowhunters easily reach the magical heavy-bone threshold of 650 grains finished weight, while also attaining F.O.C. balance in the 20 percentiles. MSRP: $150 per 6, fletched

Bloodsport FPS Hunter Flare

Bloodsport's FPS Hunter Flare arrow by Muddy was designed for bowhunters seeking a lightweight but tough hunting shaft. They weigh only 7.9 gpi, so they shoot flat and help eliminate misses due to misjudging range. These all-carbon shafts incorporate Rugged Wrap construction for nail-tough performance. The Flare series FPS Hunter shaft also come with lighted nocks, allowing practicing and hunting with a single system before adding the five-grain battery before the big hunt. Blood Ring Technology involves a bright-white, textured, blood-capture ring letting you know exactly what has happened after a hit on big game. MSRP: $70 per 6, fletched

Burt Coyote Lumen-Arrows

Burt Coyote Lumen-Arrows are high-quality, all-carbon shafts designed to operate flawlessly with the company's innovative lighted-nock technology. They're hand squared at the rear to boost nock reliability and fletched with Bohning Blazer vanes. A printed red line marks the stiffest point in the arrow around its diameter so you can always fletch all your arrows with the same spine orientation for the most consistent and accurate groups possible. They're offered with red, green or pink Lumenoks, in .300, .350 and .400 deflections. MSRP: $136 per 6

Firenock AeroInserts

Firenock's AeroInserts in D23 and AA models were especially designed for odd-diameter shafts such as the Black Eagle Challenger, Carbon Express CXL, Easton Fatboy (D23), Easton Axis or Black Eagle Rampage (AA). The D23 system includes a special inner shaft weighing 5.92 gpi, which in conjunction with a 45-grain field point creates a 100-grain tip. The AA is available in aluminum (18 grains) or stainless steel (50 grains). MSRP: $20 per 12 alloy, $45 per 12 steel

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