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New Bowhunting Accessories for 2014

New Bowhunting Accessories for 2014

No matter what context we're talking about, everybody likes to accessorize. For bowhunters, it's really no different.

Sure, we like our compound bows, but half the fun is everything you can do to optimize your rig to make it exclusively your own. Whether it's a new stabilizer, arrow rest or bowstring, it's all the little things that add up to make a big difference. Check out all the best new bowhunting accessories for 2014, only at Petersen's Bowhunting.

PSE DOA Drop-Away Rest

For a bowhunter, there isn't anything more fun to tinker with than a brand new, hot-of-the-press arrow rest. And when you're talking about the DOA drop-away by the folks at PSE, it gets even more intriguing due to the fact that the company has a reputation for showing you things that haven't been seen before. The DOA has the smoothest, fastest release PSE has ever offered, and archers will be thrilled to know the arm is guaranteed to stay up completely when you're at full draw. High-quality aluminum components are used in construction for strong durability over its entire lifespan. MSRP: $129.99

Archer Xtreme Arrow Rest

Carbon and titanium are the main ingredients in what may be the lightest, toughest arrow rest we've seen to date. Archer Xtreme has created the Titanium Recon in conjunction with Arizona Archery Equipment. It takes AAE's DOA technology and combines it with Archer Xtreme's own bulletproof design to form a rest all archers can agree is top notch. Another feature is the Adapter Plug System, which allows a single arrow rest to fit virtually any bow on the market. MSRP: $169.99

T.R.U. Ball Fang GS

Last year's Fang release was well received by the archery community, so T.R.U. Ball has decided to make it even better for 2014. The Globo Swivel connection system is the newest and biggest change to a device that is now being referred to as the Fang GS. It provides a solid, tubular design that hooks directly to the wrist strap. When not in use, simply tuck it away inside your sleeve so that your hand is always free. The product has a hook-style jaw that features a rubber insert in the trigger for improved feel and traction. Choose the strap and finish of your choice to round out the package. MSRP: $129.99

Scott Archery Mongoose XT

The new Mongoose XT from Scott Archery is packed with features bowhunters are sure to love. First and foremost is the new, ultra-thin, in-line caliper design with a titanium-coated, stainless steel jaw. The trigger-enhancing return spring makes for a constantly closed position and an increased range of trigger adjustibility. A knurled, forward trigger optimizes draw length and gives the shooter a comfortable feel. Lastly, the patented, five-hole, spiral connector will adjust to fit any archer. You can customize your look with either black or Realtree. MSRP: $99

New Archery Products Apache Series

If you're in the market for a rugged, lightweight quiver, New Archery Products has just the thing. The company has unveiled two new models for 2014, the Apache Tribal and the Apache Grid. The arrow holders have a soft-touch finish that reduces glare and dampens vibration, and each features an easy, quick-disconnect mount for a one-handed removal from your bow. Both the Tribal and the Grid accommodate a wide variety of arrow-shaft diameters, so you're sure to be covered whether you choose to shoot an older aluminum arrow or a new, micro-diamter shaft. Both models hold five arrows and are available with black, gold or red molded hood inserts. MSRP: Not available

Trophy Taker XFC

Trophy Taker has worked long and hard to produce its new XFC arrow rest that combines a sleek look with bulletproof operation. With tons of features and an affordable price, bowhunters are sure to love what the company has produced for 2014. It all starts with a buss cable-driven fall-away that is built around the company's proven launcher and spring design. The XFC features the new PRO containment ring that has a one-way loading gate for true full-capture confidence. Quiet operation, a lightweight design and built-in silencing dampeners are other key components that were installed by Trophy Taker. An unconditional lifetime warranty comes standard, along with all-aluminum construction and a stainless steel launcher. MSRP: $89.99

G5 Outdoors Cmax Drop-Away Arrow Rest

With a complete 360 degrees of containment comes the new Cmax Drop-Away Arrow Rest from G5 Outdoors. The rest is arm-activated by either a push-button activation system or simply by drawing the bowstring. Weighing in at just 2.7 ounces, the Cmax features a long life span, an all-metal frame, more than an inch of adjustment for windage and elevation and the ability to be used with any fletching orientation. It's quiet, easy to set up and has absolutely no launcher arm bounce back. MSRP: $134.99

Tru-Fire HardCore 4 Revolution

It's a new year, and that means the unveiling of another great product from Tru-Fire. This year brings the sequel to the popular HardCore 4 — the HardCore 4 Revolution. Built in the United States with the same integrity and innovation as the original, the Revolution brings its own cascade of features that will let the legacy live on. A 360-degree rotating head is installed and it fits both right- and left-handed shooters. The Revolution also offers a 17-position thumb-trigger adjustment system. The release is available in black and Realtree AP. MSRP: $169.99

Bowjax Monsterjax Solid Limb Dampener

Bowjax, known for its lineup of bow dampening and silencing systems, is back at it again with the Monsterjax Solid Limb Dampeners. Each dampener uses six arms that vibrate at different frequencies to muffle sound. They should be placed on the flat part of your limb between the cam and limb pocket for the most effectiveness. Weighing in at just 167 grains, the products add no noticeable weight to your hunting rig while eliminating all the unwanted noise that comes with the shot. Get them in camouflage to add to your sharp-looking setup. MSRP: $12.99

Stiktamer String Groove Pads

The folks at Stiktamer want to make sure you're doing everything you can to reduce the unwanted string slap that goes along with shooting your traditional bow. Their clever solution? String Groove Pads — made from lightweight, durable hybrid foam rubber that fits onto your string near the string groove. String slap is guaranteed to be reduced without the loss of speed or kinetic energy. Pads are easy to install and adjust, and come in a four-pack with an included cotter pin. Made in the USA. MSRP: $5.99

KTECH MX Series Stabilizers

KTECH Designs hit the ground running last year, and the company has expanded on its success with the new MX Series of stabilizers. Designed with an option to complement every bow brand on the market, CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum is once again the key component. MX stabilizers feature a unique grid system to aid with stability and limit wind resistance. A three-groove port is machined to provide multiple dampener placement configurations. Offered in black, Realtree Xtra, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity and Muddy Girl in 3, 5, or 7 inches. Custom color and camo option available. MSRP: $65.99-$81.99

BCY-X Bowstring

BCY Bowstring has combined the benefits and performance of its popular 452X and 8190 products to produce the BCY-X. With no creep, good arrow speed, low fuzziness and high abrasion resistance, you'll get exactly what your rig needs, whether it be a compound or a recurve bow. BCY recommends 24 strands for compounds, with 22 on most recurves. MSRP: Not available

Dead-On Rangefinder

If you've ever missed an animal — and we know it has happened to the best of us — then you're a candidate for the Dead-On Rangefinder! Welcome to the archer's solution for judging distance in the field. It's the same, pin-guard mounted reference device we've come to know and appreciate, but now manufactured right here in the United States. Additionally, there is a mule deer calibration to this year's model, while the whitetail and elk specs are still present. Look for the new packaging in your local archery shop this spring. MSRP: $19.99

Hot Shot Vapor

Accurate arrow flight begins with a smooth and crisp release. So, when choosing a release aid, you need to make sure it's the one you are fully on board with. Hot Shot Manufacturing thinks it has the answer to all of your questions with the Vapor — a handheld version with an ergonomically advanced handle available in three- and four-finger models. It's comfortable, perfectly balanced, features a 360-degree adjustable thumb barrel and is completely silent. An automatically closing jaw means the Vapor is always ready to go. Get it in black or Realtree Xtra with a lifetime warranty. MSRP: $103 (black), $120 (camo)

Arizona Archery Western Hunter Stabilizer

Working with the Western bowhunter in mind, Arizona Archery Enterprises has come out with the perfect way to keep your bow completely stable when the moment of truth arrives. The Western Hunter Stabilizer comes with two, eight-inch carbon rods and five ounces of adjustable weights, in one-ounce increments. One rod faces forward while the second is angled slightly downward and back to allow for better bow balance at full draw. Also incorporated is an anti- vibration ball in each rod. MSRP: Not available

Elusive Wildlife Technologies XLR 100

The XLR 100 bow light, now in Lost Camo, is guaranteed to illuminate your entire target out to 100 yards for positive identification. The light screws into the stabilizer hole on your bow and has a wired remote switch that attaches to the grip. Available in red, green or white lights, Elusive Wildlife Technologies is depended upon in many states for nuisance animal control. Product can be powered with CR123 or AAA batteries to give you multiple power options. Also, it utilizes a molded dampening system and weighs 6.5 ounces so it functions just like a regular stabilizer. MSRP: Not available

PSE Covert-X Quiver

PSE's line of bow accessories is getting more popular every year, and the new Covert-X arrow quiver for 2014 is sure to have legions of fans once hunters get their first look. The quiver hood provides up to six adjustable positions for multiple arrow lengths and can hold up to six arrows of any size. An extended arrow clip is another important feature of the quiver, as it positions the arrow nocks above the lower cam of your bow for increased protection. Three finish options are available so you can customize your rig — PSE Skullworks, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity and black. MSRP: $69.99

HHA Sports Optimizer Speed Dial

The Optimizer Speed Dial from HHA Sports will give crossbow hunters accuracy that has never been seen before. With this new product, you completely eliminate the need for multi-reticle scopes and also extend your weapon's effective range. At just seven ounces, the rock-solid base bolts to the existing 7„8-inch rail. Using the Optimizer's patented yardage tape system, the user shoots at 20 yards and 60 yards to select the correct tape. Once installed, spot-on ranging from 20-80 yards is just a turn of the dial away. MSRP: Not Available

Trophy Ridge Revolution 2.0

You asked for it, and now you have it. Trophy Ridge has put the Revolution 2.0 on the market for 2014 after a very successful two-year campaign with the original Revolution arrow rest. Giving you full containment and allowing for perfect arrow clearance, the new product has beefed up windage and elevation adjustments for added strength. The company also added a laser-engraved reference mark for quick and easy setup. A redesigned launcher arm can be swapped out so you can insert the color of your choice for customization of your bow's look. MSRP: $74.99

FUSE Stealth Blade Stabilizers

With the new Stealth Blade stabilizers from FUSE Accessories, you can finally forget about the frustrating noise and vibration that comes from arrow release. Featuring the company's exclusive Stealth Band Technology (bands come in eight different colors), the low-mass tool that measures 6.5 inches long couples with the proven Blade Doinker Technology dampening system to produce the desired silent delivery of your arrow. MSRP: $89.99

T.R.U. Ball Shooter Series

The new Shooter Series of releases from T.R.U. Ball has been unveiled with our young archers in mind. You have four color combinations to choose from — red, white and blue; green and black; red and gold; purple and black — and users will appreciate the simplicity. With a new, quick-lock connection system, the release will be easy to adjust for any anchor point. A rope-style connection between the head and strap allows for less torque and greater accuracy, while also keeping the length of the release short enough to fit smaller hands. Available with the choice of strap. MSRP: $39.99

S4 Gear Jackknife Smartphone Bow Mount

Thanks to the Jackknife Smartphone Bow Mount from S4 Gear, bowhunters don't have to wait until they get home to relive all the excitement. Mounted off your sight, the Jackknife allows you to produce video of all your live excursions straight from the treestand. It can also be helpful in viewing your shot placement before tracking. The mount will fit all bows with AMO standard sight mounts and works for both left- and right-handed shooters. MSRP: $44.99

Apex Gear Carbon Core Stabilizer

Archers from all over will want to take a look at the new CARBON CORE Stabilizer Series from the reputable folks at Apex Gear. There are two models — a seven-inch and a 10-inch — both of which fit all bows and are available in black, Realtree Xtra or Lost Camo. Both models feature a carbon-fiber core, and users can adjust the weight to their desired position. The longer of the two can go from 10-12 ounces, while the shorter may be adjusted from 6-8 ounces. Multi-colored dampening rings are interchangeable and come in black, green, red, pink and blue. MSRP: Not available

Stiktamer Flatliner Minis

Silence all your unwanted noise with Flatliner Minis from Stiktamer. Ultra lightweight and extremely durable, these silencers easily slip on your bowstring and have all the adjustability you want. Made of a hybrid rubber foam, you will see no loss of speed or kinetic energy from your rig. Comes in a four-pack with an included cotter pin for installation. MSRP: $10.99

Rancho Safari Catquiver Mini

Rancho Safari has made some upgrades to its popular Catquiver Mini. First, an all-new, detachable waistbelt will keep the hip quiver in place while bending beneath obstructions or when kneeling to take a shot. It also features a wider shoulder strap designed to improve comfort and to stand up to the elements better. The other original features you have come to know and love remain unchanged. Made in the USA. MSRP: $59.95

Limbsaver Silent Quiver

Very little is more frustrating than a quiver that you simply can't get tightened properly. The rattle it produces when you're searching for an arrow is just about the last thing you'd want to hear when afield. And it's just plain annoying any other time, too! The problem is taken care of with the Silent Quiver from Limbsaver. The sleek, lightweight, low-profile design provides a good fit to your riser, and the universal design accommodates any type of broadhead. The company's proprietary NAVCOM material eliminates unwanted noise and vibration. MSRP: $59.99

Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro

Trophy Taker's most popular arrow rest over the past few years — the SmackDown Pro — has received a facelift for the 2014 season. A new windage and elevation adjustment system has been installed as well as a cosmetic overhaul to ensure the rest is as compact as possible without compromising durability. Tuning and locking the rest down is now hassle free, and the new, sleek look is an added bonus to all archers. If you're worried about losing some of the luster with the changes, fear not. The company's all-metal configuration ensures that its commitment to durability has not been altered and it's still one of the easiest-to-adjust rests on the market today. MSRP: $139.99

Bowjax Dampeners

As you are most definitely aware, there has been a lot of green added to many new bow lines over the past few years. Bowjax now gives you an opportunity to create some flare of your own by allowing your dampening products to match your bowstring setup. Enter the Flo Green design, now available in almost every product that the company makes. MSRP: Varies by product


We've all been there. It's nearly dark, we're packing up to call it a night and we hear the footsteps we had longed to hear since we climbed up into the stand. The shot opportunity is just around the corner, but we simply can't see well enough to feel comfortable with the shot. That's where Glowpeep comes in — you now have a way to maintain peep visibility. The company uses aircraft grade aluminum peeps manufactured by Jim Fletcher Archery and coats them with Glowpeep luminescent technology for up to 12 hours of glow time per charge. Available in 3„16- or 1„4-inch apertures. Charging time from a bright LED light is just two minutes. MSRP: Not available

Fuse Quivers

FUSE Accessories is giving you a lot of options for picking out your new quiver. The hardest part may be deciding which of the three brand-new arrow holders you like best. First, there is the Vector — the most basic of the group — that features a no-nonsense, lightweight, composite frame. The second is the upgraded Vector XT (pictured in black). This quiver features the Stealth Band Technology for a quieter, flashier and more customizable option. The choice of eight different colored Stealth bands is up to you. On the high end is the Vector Streamline (pictured with camo hood). Like the XT, SealthBand Technology is part of this package, but it comes in a super sleek, low-profile design that keeps arrows close to your bow for compact and ultimate maneuverability. All three are available in 4-arrow or 6-arrow options, and also in your choice of Realtree Xtra or Black Out. MSRP: $39.99 (Vector), $59.99 (Vector XT), $79.99 (Vector Streamline)

BlackHeart Archery String Wax-Rail Lube Combo

A properly lubed crossbow rail is a fast, friction-free rail. To keep your crossbow shooting its best, BlackHeart Archery offers its new String Wax-Rail Lube Combo. The premium rail lube creates a slippery surface for your string to glide across, vastly improving shot consistency and extending the life of your string. And of course, keeping your crossbow string properly waxed is just basic bow maintainence. BlackHeart's premium crossbow string wax protects your string and cables from the weather and UV light while deeply penetrating the fibers to offer a cushioning effect during the shot. Both the rail lube and string wax are scent-free and clear to maintain your stealth in the field. MSRP: Not Available

Dead Center Dead Silent Stabilizer

Made from 7„8-inch aluminum for the utmost durability, the Dead Silent line of stabilizers from Dead Center Archery is exactly what you need to cap off your rig. You spend too much of your valuable time in the woods to screw on any old stabilizer that simply won't get the job done. Using the company's built-in weight-forward technology, each stabilizer features vibration dampening o-rings and a pair of Bowjax silencers to make them among the best noise-reducing products of their kind. The front silencer can be removed if you want the option to place weights behind it. Additionally, choose the length you desire and combine that with your choice of camo pattern or color scheme for a sharp look. MSRP: $44.99

T.R.U. Ball Laguna Release

T.R.U. Ball has introduced a pair of new releases this year designed strictly for female hunters. The Laguna comes with a turquoise head while the Malibu features a magenta head — and both come complete with gold jaws and trigger. Both devices are equipped with the Assassin caliper head with a new, web-style strap that accommodates smaller hands and can be tucked under a sleeve when not in use. Both are available in junior and large sizes. MSRP: $49.99

Hoyt Arrow Rack Quivers

Hoyt has come out with the perfect quiver to match its 2014 bow line. The Arrow Rack line of quivers is exceptionally lightweight and designed to fit close to your rig for a compact and well-balanced setup. There are two models — the In-Line and the Double Gripper (pictured). They each are equipped with the universal Quick Detach System, are available to hold four or six arrows and will provide the utmost arrow security. Both fixed-blade broadheads and mechanicals will be handled with no problem. Color options include Realtree Xtra, Max-1, AP Snow and Black Out. MSRP: $99.99

BlackHeart Archery Crossbow String

BlackHeart Archery is new to the bowhunting scene, but that hasn't stopped them from hitting the ground running for 2014. The company's crossbow strings are crafted by using the perfect combination of modern material, machinery and of course the numerous time-honored techniques that are the backbone of each and every hunting company. The result is a crossbow string that features innovative GlideLock center-serving and exclusive DuraWeave construction. Each string is handcrafted to fit your flat bow and make you a believer in what the company says is the finest crossbow string available today. Comes with a pocket-sized stick of Premium Crossbow String Wax. MSRP: $39.99-$49.99

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