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New Treestands and Blinds for 2014

New Treestands and Blinds for 2014

For any bowhunter who's serious about staying safe and hidden, the lineup of new treestands and blinds at the 2014 ATA Show in Nashville, Tenn., had to be a happy sight.

We were also at the show to get the scoop on the latest treestand safety equipment, which is better than ever. When it comes right down to it, there's no excuse for staying safe — and comfortable — when you're up a tree. Check out all the latest treestands and blinds, straight from the 2014 ATA Show.

Summit Treestands Peak

Summit's all-new Peak hang-on places a premium on comfort thanks to an 18x12-inch Viper Swing Seat, padded backrest, padded armrests and a generous platform that measures 34.5 inches long and 25 inches wide. The Peak is the latest addition to Summit's The Crush Series, developed in partnership with Lee and Tiffany Lakosky. Featuring a simple, easy-to-use attachment system, the 22-pound Peak can be hung in minutes. The Peak also offers a folding frame for a smaller profile when packing and includes a full-body harness. The Peak has a powder coat finish, integrated footrest, Realtree AP camo fabric and a 300-pound weight capacity. MSRP: $129.99

ScentBlocker SpiderWeb FeatherLite

ScentBlocker's new SpiderWeb FeatherLite is an early-season hunting bib with the dual advantages of a SpiderWeb safety harness and Trinity Technology scent control. You no longer have to worry about messing around with a separate harness or add-on scent-control products. Just slip on your FeatherLite and head for the woods. The FeatherLite provides full-featured safety with freedom from straps, buckles, noise and excess weight. The back of the bibs feature SpiderWeb's removable bungee tether, which now also includes the Shock Blocker, which reduces felt fall force by up to 40 percent. And you'll have plenty of room for essential gear thanks to two zippered slash pockets at the waist and two side cargo pockets with additional zippered side-entry compartments. Other highlights include 20-inch leg zippers and included tree strap, carabiner and suspension relief strap. The FeatherLite is available in Realtree Xtra or Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo. MSRP: $229.99 Contact: Robinson Outdoor Products, 800-397-1927;

Ameristep Hyde Treestands

New from the makers of Ameristep is Hyde treestands, featuring durable, rustproof, cast aluminum foot platforms that are stronger, more stable and last much longer than standard hollow-tube designs. And because there are no welds, seams or rivets, Hyde stands are also free from hunt-busting pings and squeaks. Hyde offers two models for 2014 — the Skywalker and Cliffhanger — both featuring 21.5x33-inch, self-leveling platforms. The Skywalker has a 15x12-inch padded seat, while the Cliffhanger has a roomier 21x15-inch Durasling seat with adjustable back support. MSRP: $219.99 (Skywalker) and $249.99 (Cliffhanger)

Hunter Safety System Ultra-Lite Flex Harness

The all-new Ultra-Lite Flex harness from Hunter Safety System offers unmatched freedom of movement plus padded comfort. The Ultra-Lite Flex features a series of individual hexagons that help keep the harness snug while also allowing you to easily twist and turn into any possible shooting position. The 2-pound harness also features Hunter Safety System's new 1€‰¼-inch upper body webbing, tether and waist buckle, which represents a move away from heavier, bulkier straps of the past without sacrificing an ounce of safety. The Ultra-Lite Flex features Realtree Xtra camo and comes with a tree strap, lineman's climbing strap and suspension-relief strap. MSRP: $99.95

TreeOps 360 Stand

The all-new TreeOps 360 hang-on stand from ArborCon LLC features a unique SwingArm that allows you to silently pivot up to 180 degrees to take advantage of just about any shot opportunity imaginable. In addition to being able to swing the entire stand 180 degrees, the comfortable molded seat swivels 360 degrees for even more versatility. Further enhancing the attractiveness of the TreeOps 360 is its mounting system. All you do is attach the TreeMount to the tree and slip the stand's SwingArm over it. Hunters can purchase as many TreeMounts as needed. The TreeOps 360 allows hunters to keep the tree trunk between them and approaching deer for maximum concealment yet virtually ensures they will never encounter a blind spot or bad shot angle. The TreeOps 360 TreeMount weighs 11 pounds, the SwingArm weighs 11 pounds and the seat weighs 5 pounds. MSRP: $399

Gorilla Gear G-TAC AIR

The new G-TAC AIR harness from Gorilla Gear weighs just 2.6 pounds and offers tremendous comfort and freedom. A key design feature on the G-TAC AIR is the proprietary, 30-inch tether, which allows hunters to move freely for a full 360-degree shooting angle. The tether also results in a 40 percent reduction in fall force due to a unique webbing system that helps slow a hunter's descent in the event of a fall. The harness also boasts Gorilla's exclusive Integrated Suspension Relief System. Other highlights include a built-in comfort strap and adjustable ergonomic design with narrow sides that widen in the center. This profile creates maximum comfort while walking. The G-TAC AIR is available in black and camo for men, women and youth. MSRP: $89.99 (black) and $99.99 (camo)

Rivers Edge Bowman Ladder

As the name suggests, the new Bowman Ladder from Rivers Edge is designed for bowhunters. The Bowman is 19 feet, 9 inches tall and sits tight to the tree, both of which maximize what bowhunters care about most — concealment. The Bowman also features a flip-up seat, allowing full platform use for standing shots. The seat is made from TearTuff mesh, so you'll be plenty comfortable on long sits. Hunters wanting the stability and security they've come to expect from a Rivers Edge ladder stand can now have the height and concealment of a hang-on too. MSRP: $169.99

Barronett Big Mike SuperTough Blind

Barronett's new Big Mike SuperTough blind is made from an extremely durable, double-layer, welded fabric built to withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw at it. The unique fabric features two layers of heavy-duty, high-thread-count polyester welded in a checkerboard pattern. If you do get a tear in your blind, it will be stopped by the nearest weld line, preventing a small tear from becoming a big problem. In addition to stronger fabric, the Big Mike SuperTough features thicker, stiffer frame poles and extra reinforcement in all corners. Barronett is so confident in the blind's durability it comes with a three-year warranty. And just like the original Big Mike, the SuperTough offers plenty of room to take standing shots and maneuver for difficult angles thanks to a footprint that measures 80 inches high at the center, 59 inches square at the base and 75 inches square in the middle. MSRP: $249.99

Browning Camping Shadow Series

Browning Camping has updated its Shadow Series pop-up blinds with a new Silent Track Window System that allows hunters to quickly and silently adjust for unexpected shots. All four Shadow Series models (Powerhouse, Phantom X, Phantom and Mirage) now feature window curtains that ride on silent tracks that can be quickly adjusted for any height or opening size. The new window system comes in addition to other features such as custom carry bags that can accommodate your bow and blind chair, oversized zippers, included bow hanger, oversized stakes, brush loops, four interior gear pockets and strong, flexible frame poles. MSRP: $219.99-$299.99

TreeSpider iHunt Fall Call

TreeSpider's new iHunt Fall Call marries the latest wireless technology with treestand safety, automatically alerting family, friends or emergency responders if you fall. The small, lightweight iHunt Fall Call unit attaches between the safety harness tether and tree strap and, if a fall occurs, uses Bluetooth wireless to automatically activate a companion app on the user's Android or iPhone. The app puts the phone in hands-free mode and begins dialing pre-selected emergency contacts until someone answers. Users can set up their own contacts and determine call order. If none of the contacts can be reached, the app will dial 911 for assistance. In addition to the safety feature, you can use the iHunt Fall Call smartphone app to mark the GPS locations of treestands, game sign, blood trails and other important landmarks. You can even take GPS-tagged photos and add custom notes. MSRP: $99.99

ReadHead BlackOut Swivel Hard-Arm Chair

The extremely comfortable RedHead BlackOut Swivel Hard-Arm Chair will be the perfect complement to your favorite ground blind. The chair sets up in seconds and features a breathable, water-resistant neoprene and mesh design with heavily padded backrest and padded arm rests. The quiet, 360-degree swivel seat lets you turn and shoot in any direction. The strong steel frame has a durable, powder-coat finish with a wide, stable, tripod base and independently adjustable legs for leveling on uneven terrain. Wide, pivoting feet prevent the chair from sinking into soft ground. The 14-pound seat also features a collapsible frame for easy transport via the attached shoulder strap. MSRP: $89.99

Hunter Safety System Contour

The new Contour women's harness looks more like a fashion garment than a fall-restraint device but still delivers all the safety you'd expect from Hunter Safety System. The Contour is made with Hunter Safety's Comfort Cool liner and breathable fabrics. A front-zipper design and three Right-Fit stretch panels allow the harness to fit comfortably over light or heavy hunting clothing while accenting the contour of the wearer. The Contour also features a brushed, micro-tricot shell that is weather resistant and deadly quiet while providing just the right amount of warmth. The Contour has four magnetic-closure pockets for gear storage, including two fleece-lined handwarmer pockets. The Contour has Hunter Safety System's new, 1€‰¼-inch upper body webbing, tether and waist buckle, which helps keep total weight down to just 2.5 pounds. The harness comes in Realtree Xtra camo with teal accents. MSRP: $139.95

Cabela's Predator Den

The Cabela's Predator Den is a quick-set, hub-style ground blind made of premium, black-backed, water-resistant fabric. And now, for 2014, it's available exclusively in Cabela's new Zonz Woodlands camo pattern. All windows on the Predator Den are covered with removable, shoot-through mesh with YKK-zippered closures and tie-downs. Brush strips at the top and bottom of the blind allow you to add local flora to your setup for the ultimate concealment. Two interior gear pockets keep hunting items off the ground, while a full-length YKK zipper allows easy blind entrance and exit. Nine stakes and four tie-down ropes are included to secure the 19.1-pound blind in windy conditions. The Predator Den measures 75 inches square and 67 inches tall. MSRP: $199.99

Muddy Outdoors Vantage

The Vantage aluminum hang-on from Muddy Outdoors is a perfect choice for mobile bowhunters thanks to the exclusive Super Mount system. With the Super Mount, there's no need to hold the stand against the tree while trying to deal with a ratchet strap. Instead, you simply install the lightweight Super Mount bracket first and then slip the stand into the keyhole-like mounting plate. Additional Super Mount brackets can be purchased separately, allowing you to create multiple stand sites for your Vantage. The Vantage weighs 13 pounds and features a 29x21-inch foot platform and three-layer, waterproof seat. It comes with padded backpack straps. MSRP: $199.99 (Vantage with Super Mount) and $39.99 (Super Mount 3-pack)

Ameristep Crush Enforcer

Ameristep's new Crush Enforcer blind boasts a generous, 71-inch square shooting width and 64-inch shooting height, making it the perfect size for a solo bowhunter. Nine windows with removable, shoot-through mesh maximize your field of view, while the Spider Hub frame is covered with rugged Durashell fabric finished in Realtree Xtra camo on the outside and black Shadow Guard on the inside. The 15-pound blind is easy to transport in the included backpack case and quickly secured via included stakes and tie-down ropes. MSRP: $149

Summit Tree and Roof Kit

Don't let a soaking rain ruin your day on stand. Summit's new Tree and Roof Kit will give you all-day comfort in inclement conditions. The innovative Tree and Roof Kit provides four feet of canopied, concealed protection thanks to the Realtree AP camo fabric. The main ratchet strap and durable secondary straps ensure the Tree and Roof Kit will hold up even in windy conditions, while a tree flap prevents water running down the trunk from soaking your back and gear. The Roof and Tree Kit is ideal for all types of stands, from ladders to hang-ons to climbers, and it can even be used when hunting on the ground. MSRP: $49.99

Big Game Treestands Fusion

Big Game Treestands has jumped into the climber category for 2014 with three new models led by the all-aluminum Fusion, a highly packable stand built for strength and comfort. Featuring ultra-strong Alumi-Lite aluminum, the 22-pound Fusion attaches to the tree with a Hybrid Mounting System that is flexible like a cable but strong like a chain. The Fusion's foot platform measures 20.5 inches wide by 26.5 inches deep. The nylon net seat is 22 inches wide and adjustable for up to 16 inches of depth, with a 17x11-inch seat cushion and 17x11 padded backrest. The Realtree AP camo fabric is waterproof, and the stand folds flat for transport via included padded backpack straps. The Fusion has a 350-pound weight limit and comes with an accessory bag, footrest and full-body harness with climbing belt. MSRP: $279

Millennium M-100U

Millennium took its extremely popular M-100 hang-on and kicked it up several notches for 2014 with the new M-100U, which features a larger platform, single-rail upright frame and tailored seat. Plus, at just 12 pounds, it weighs a full 2 pounds less than the original! The M-100U has a 300-pound weight capacity, and you can sit in all-day comfort on Millennium's trademark, 20x17-inch ComfortTech sling-style seat that silently folds up and out of the way when not in use. The generously sized foot platform measures 20 inches wide and a 39 inches deep, giving you the ability to step away from the tree and pivot for unexpected shots on game animals approaching from the rear. MSRP: $219.95

Hawk Hunting Mega Combat

Hawk Hunting is new to the treestand scene with its all-new Combat series of hang-ons, featuring super comfortable memory foam seats. The Mega Combat is an all-steel stand with a large, 24x30-inch foot platform and a four-layer seat — each featuring a different density of memory foam for the ultimate in all-day comfort. The Mega Combat's platform is built using oversized grip mesh that is welded at all contact points for rock-solid, noise-free performance. MSRP: $99.99

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