Bow Review: Prime Centergy

Bow Review: Prime Centergy

Prime bows are stable performers each year, demonstrating excellent quality and sporting features that support the company's slogan, "Designed to Hunt." My son Caleb became a Prime customer in 2016 and put that slogan to the test. Prime got an A+ as he and his Ion smoked a Pennsylvania buck and two does! The bow fit him well and stayed dialed in from summer through Thanksgiving. I was excited to see what Prime had in store for 2017.

The 2017 Prime Centergy is home to the company's signature TRK Parallel Cam system, which is double trouble for cam lean and a welcome advantage for the archer. A set of Gordon Composite solid limbs complement the cams and help generate advertised IBO speeds of 333 fps. The 82X aluminum riser serves as home base for the Ghost Grip, Flexis-AR cable-guard system and string stop, plus features Prime's unique SWERVE Technology.

Prime's new Centergy features an 82X aluminum alloy riser with SWERVE technology and a centered grip. The TRK Parallel Cam system powers the rig, along with Gordon Composite limbs. The two-piece Ghost Grip and riser-based string stop enhance the shooting experience, while the Flexis-AR cable-

containment system reduces torque.

Wide-Spread Control

Prime is known for its unique Parallel Cam system that provides the performance loyal fans have come to expect. If you do much reading on tuning, bow performance and accuracy, you will run into a few discussions about cam lean and the nasty impact it has on tunability and consistent performance. Prime's TRK Parallel Cams are a direct assault on this problem. They split the string with a yoke, spread it out and feed it onto the two wide-stance cam lobes of the parallel system. Cables are then tracked in the center on a separate lobe.

The machined aluminum cams ride on quick-pull axles and sealed bearings for reduced friction and increased efficiency. Cams come set at 80 percent letoff and can be adjusted from 75-85 percent, but draw length will change with the adjustment. Draw lengths are available from 24'‰½-31 inches in half-inch increments with a separate cam needed for each draw-length option. Longer limbs are also required for the 30'‰½ and 31-inch draw lengths, and the brace height will increase to 7'‰½ inches.


Prime's SWERVE Technology in the lower portion of the riser is designed to produce the same effects on the riser as those generated by the sight window on the upper half. Essentially, the goal is to reduce riser movement during the shot to enhance overall stiffness and consistent accuracy for the archer. The reflex configuration riser is first forged and then machined from 82X aluminum alloy into its final form before the surface is prepared for finishing.

Looking to boost efficiency and reduce friction, Prime employs its  Flexis-AR cable-containment system on the Centergy. It is anchored to the outside of the sight window and features a flexible arm with a set of rollers mounted at the end. When the bow is drawn, the Flexis bends toward the centerline of the bow to reduce torque. When the string is released, the Flexis springs back into position, taking the cables with it and out of the way of passing vanes. A vibration-dampening device is mounted on the flexible arm.

Bringing it all Together

In addition to the cams, riser and Flexis, the Centergy has other noteworthy features and technologies. The Ghost Grip consists of two dual-injection molded composite side plates that can be easily removed. The Centergy's solid limbs are made with Gordon Composite materials and reach a past-parallel position at full draw for reduced shock, vibration and noise. Aluminum limb pockets pivot during the weight adjustment process for a consistent and precise alignment at this critical interface.


As a bare bow, the Centergy has only a small bump in the handle and little to no vibration at the shot. The draw is particularly smooth, and I was able to relax into full draw. The noise was a little elevated, but still minimal. The grip was comfortable, and the bow sat perfectly balanced after the shot. This is a top-level bow in performance and quality.

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