PSE X-Force Dream Season DNA Review

PSE X-Force Dream Season DNA Review

PSE is one of the largest, most successful archery companies in the world, and it shows no signs of slowing down or letting up. Year after year, PSE pushes the boundaries of bow design and tweaks its creations with a goal of  continuous improvement.

PSE's 2013 X-Force Dream Season DNA is loaded with features, including the all-new Flex Cable Slide, Core Hybrid Cam, 4th Generation X-Technology limbs, Centerlock 2 limb pockets, forged reflex riser, B.E.S.T. Raptor grip, new BackStop string silencer, America's Best string/cables and Detachable Limb Bands.


PSE has a reputation for producing super-fast bows, and the DNA falls right in line. Its new, Core Hybrid Cams are responsible for advertised speeds ranging from 344-352 fps on a 6-inch brace height. The string and cable grooves are engineered to reduce friction and wear while enhancing consistency.

An Inner Cam system offers draw lengths from 26-30 inches, in half-inch increments. A pin protruding from the Inner Cam is positively positioned into one of the available holes on the main body of the cam. Simply place the pin in the hole that corresponds to your desired draw length and lock down the screws. Main cams and inner cams are clearly marked with easy-to-read engraving. Draw stops on each cam are to be located in the holes that correspond to the inner-cam position.

Forged Strength

PSE's forged aluminum riser serves as the base of operations for the DNA and is fully CNC-machined into its final form, which is designed to promote a stiff platform through straight lines both front and back. The Planar Flex design is made to keep much of the riser's flex in a front to back motion rather than allowing twist and flex from side to side. All this translates into improved performance through increased consistency

and accuracy.

When you pick up a DNA, one of the first things you may notice — other than the fact it is surprisingly lightweight at only 3.7 pounds — is the cable guard system. For 2013, PSE introduced the new Flex Cable Slide. This device is essentially a miniature X-Technology limb manufactured with a friction-reduction material attached to the side opposite the cables to allow the cable slide to operate freely.

The idea is that the limb will flex as the bow is drawn to reduce lateral load by up to 30 percent, which decreases torque at full draw. When the bow is shot, the limb quickly returns to its natural position, taking the cables with it — out of the way of your fletching. Adjustments can be made to customize fletching clearance by simply turning a screw in or out, just like a limb bolt.

The DNA riser incorporates PSE's new Center-Pull Technology that basically places the arrow in the exact center of the bow. PSE's goal for this design is improved tunability and increased performance.

Rounding out the package on the DNA riser is the B.E.S.T. Raptor Grip, a stainless steel stabilizer-mounting insert, multiple sight mounting positions, engraved tuning marks on the shelf and a new-and-improved, tunable BackStop string stop.

4th Generation X-Technology

The Dream Season DNA is home to PSE's 4th Generation X-Technology Limbs. A heavy pre-load and curl brings the split limbs to a parallel position even when the bow is at rest. At full draw, they demonstrate a radical past-parallel curl. Limbs measure 13.375 inches and are made from fiberglass through a proprietary process. Peak draw weights are available in 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70 pounds, with 80-pound limbs

offered through PSE's custom shop.

An all new Centerlock 2 limb pocket was designed to be stronger, lighter and more stable than the first generation. This is a pivoting pocket that has a center locking feature and allows for 10 turns of adjustment.

Range Notes

The Dream Season DNA is incredibly fast. The front side of the draw cycle and narrow valley are not for the timid, as both are extremely aggressive. This is done to squeeze every last drop of speed from the power stroke. I like the narrow B.E.S.T. Grip's feel and find it to be functional in consistently positioning my hand.  The kick and vibration noted at the shot are easily tamed, and the bow is exceptionally quiet. This is a killing machine, plain and simple.

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