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TenPoint Stealth SS Review

The name TenPoint is synonymous with crossbow hunting, and the 2013 Stealth SS is loaded from stock to stirrup with features and technologies designed to enhance your shooting experience.

What's a Bullpup?

At the center of the Stealth's design is the FSB (Functionally Superior Bullpup) stock. A bullpup stock places the action behind the trigger, which allows for a shorter,  lighter design. Maneuverability is of prime interest to the folks at TenPoint, who have heard the requests of their customers for smaller rigs.

The one-piece polypropylene thumbhole stock and forearm are integrated, with cutouts that reduce weight and  improve balance. An elevated comb is positioned for optimum height while the stock length was designed for a comfortable length-of-pull. The interface between the rail and stock is cushioned with rubber inserts that fit perfectly into receiving slots.

Four smaller inserts and two longer inserts, which double as safety wings, bed the rail and reduce shock and noise. The safety wings flare out to prevent the shooter's hand from extending above the flight deck. Shallow checkering on the pistol grip and ribbing on the butt plate offer increased control.

Tactical Rail

TenPoint's ACRA-ANGLE ventilated aluminum rail measures 19.6 inches long and includes many cutouts for reduced weight. The slight angle of the rail's top portion is designed to provide a consistent draw and eliminate finger pinch.

Attached to the rail is a combination trigger box and scope rail. TenPoint's PowerTouch trigger is advertised to produce a 3.5-pound pull. It sits on a pivot rod and is attached to a linkage, which in turn reaches back and attaches to a rocker underneath the trigger box.

When you cock the Stealth, the string passes under the scope rail and into the receiver, where it lifts the dry fire-prevention device out of the way. Further into the receiver, it pushes the cocking mechanism back, drops the string catch and automatically sets the safety. When you turn the safety off, it moves the safety block out of the way and allows the rocker to rotate, releases the string catch and the bolt is on its way.

A spring steel bolt stabilizer is attached to the trigger box and holds the bolt tight to the rail. A groove runs from the front of the rail back to the trigger box to allow clearance for the cock feather/vane. Five bolts and a Phillips head screw secure the rail and stock together.

Stealth Bow

TenPoint uses a machined aluminum riser that designed to work with their Xtreme Limb Technology (XLT). The riser is compact, measuring approximately eight inches wide, has numerous cutouts for weight reduction and is black anodized. A small Vibra-Crush insert where the rider meets the rail greatly reduces vibration and noise. Accessory holes allow for attachment of the stirrup and quiver mount.


Machined aluminum Over-The-Top (OTT) limb pockets are formed to capture each individual limb piece and hold them in proper position. The IsoTaper Quad limbs measure 11 inches long and are set at an angle that produces a compact, 13.5-inch axle-to-axle width when cocked. TenPoint relies on industry standard Gordon Composites for its double-laminated, pultruded glass limb material.

Package Deal

TenPoint's Stealth SS comes only as a package including a scope with mount, quick-detach quiver with ambidextrous mount, three bolts with practice points and your choice of the ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 cocking mechanisms. The scope is a TenPoint 3X Pro-View 2 mounted on an extended, machined aluminum 7„8-inch Fixed Dovetail Mount. Bolts are TenPoint's Pro Elite carbon.


TenPoint's Stealth SS weighs in below seven pounds and is compact thanks to the company's XLT technology. It is easily maneuvered in tight spots and light enough for most to carry deep into the woods.

I like the short overall length created by the FSB stock, and the comb/cheek piece put my eye right in line with the scope. Nice groups at 35 yards would certainly translate into the demise of any big-game animal you care to pursue.


Manufacturer: TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, 800-548-6837

Model: Stealth SS

Safety Features: Anti-dry fire, trigger safety, rubber forearm flare

Cam System: MRX Dual Cam

Weight: 6.8 pounds (advertised, bare)

Axle-To-axle length: 17.5 inches at rest, 13.5 inches when cocked

Draw Weight: 185 pounds

Power Stroke: 13.25 inches

Riser: Machined aluminum, XLT

Limbs: IsoTaper Quad Limb

String: D75, 32 inches

Cables: D75, 19.625 inches

Grip: Pistol style, polypropylene

Finish: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity

Forearm: Injection molded polypropylene, with safety flares

Overall Length: 34.4 inches

Advertised Speed: 334 fps

Suggested Retail Price: $1,099 (with ACUdraw 50)

Comments: A top-quality crossbow that is very compact and easy to shoot.

TenPoint Vapor

TenPoint's lightweight (6.8 pounds) and remarkably quiet Vapor employs a novel design platform for TenPoint, focused on speed and maneuverability.

The ultra-compact Vapor features TenPoint's new 165-pound, 360 fps PLT (Parallel Limb Technology) bow assembly, fitted with 11-inch IsoTaper Limbs, new HE (Hybrid Eccentric) cams and custom fabricated Viper X 8190G string and cables for dramatically reduced recoil and noise.

It measures just12.6-inches wide axle-to-axle when cocked, and an intricately webbed and lightweight, machined aluminum riser is optimized for weight reduction and strength. A new bullpup stock features strategically placed cutouts for reduced weight and improved balance, along with optimal comb height and length of pull.

The Vapor also features TenPoint's wrapped carbon fiber barrel and PowerTouch trigger. The integrated SDS String Dampening System, along with rubber inserts between the barrel and stock and dual-purpose rubber safety wings, keep noise and vibration to a minimum.

The Vapor comes complete as a package that includes bolts, quiver, soft case and ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 cocking system.

MSRP: [imo-slideshow gallery=25],899

Barnett Vengeance

The new reverse-draw configuration of Barnett's Vengeance moves the limb pockets closer to the trigger assembly and faces the limbs forward, shifting the center of gravity closer to the shooter's body to reduce front-end weight.

Meanwhile, a CarbonLite riser assembly reduces overall weight to 7.9 pounds without compromising strength or accuracy.

This compact unit measures 34€‰1„4 inches long and 24 inches wide while boasting an 18-inch power stroke, 140-pound draw weight and speed rating of 365 fps. Decorated in a carbon-fiber finish or high-definition camouflage, the Vengeance is available through retailers as a complete package with quick-detach quiver, three 22-inch bolts and an illuminated 3x32 multi-reticle scope.

MSRP: $899

Carbon Express X-Force 350

The X-Force 350 from Carbon Express has many new design features, not the least of which is a tactical, lightweight composite stock with a one-piece, ergonomic profile for improved comfort and accuracy.

It also features an adjustable forearm on a Picatinny rail with more than five inches of travel for customized fit, a durable cast riser with rubber-coated foot stirrup, heavy-duty compression-molded limbs, a trigger box safety system for smooth, consistent performance and SilenTech coating for stealth and performance in the field.

The X-Force 350 weighs 7.6 pounds, has a 165-pound draw weight, 12-inch power stroke and 300 fps speed rating. It comes with Carbon Express PileDriver 20-inch crossbolts with moon nocks and a 4x32 multi-reticle scope.

MSRP: $299

Mission Archery MXB-360

Mission Archery, a division of Mathews, is jumping into the fast-growing crossbow market in 2013 with the all-new MXB-360. As the name implies, this sleek, tactically inspired crossbow has a speed rating of 360 fps with a 160-pound draw weight and 14-inch power stroke.

The MXB-360 is relatively light among crossbows at 6.55 pounds and fairly compact at 35 inches long and 19€‰1„2 inches wide. A slotted rail and a riser that doubles as a foot stirrup helps reduce weight and improve balance.

Draw weight can be reduced to as little as 100 pounds simply by adjusting the limb bolts. You can also change the string and cables without a bow press.

The MXB-360 is finished in Lost AT camo and comes with a customized Mission soft case with added storage for accessories. Mission also offers optional accessory packages that include an MX-3 Quiver, three customized Mission crossbow bolts and a Hawke scope of your choice.

MSRP: $899


PSE completely redesigned its TAC series of AR-platform crossbows for 2013 to be more accurate, more efficient and more durable.

The all-new TAC Elite comes complete with a fully adjustable stock and crisp trigger assembly. The TAC Elite features PSE's incredibly strong X-Tech limbs in an extremely compact platform that measures 41€‰1„2 inches long and 22 inches wide.

The 9-pound crossbow offers a high-performance, twin-cam design that generates bolt speeds up to 405 fps with a 150-pound draw weight and 17€‰1„4-inch power stroke.

The TAC Elite is available only in black and comes standard as a package that includes a case, scope, bipod and three bolts.

MSRP: [imo-slideshow gallery=25],499.99

Scorpyd Ventilator

Scorpyd's new, 80-pound draw weight Ventilator crossbow is a scaled down version of the original designed with the increasing number of women, youth and senior hunters in mind.

At just 80 pounds, this crossbow is extremely easy for almost any hunter to cock, but with 75 foot-pounds of kinetic energy and speeds up to 310 fps, it still has plenty of knock-down power.

The compact size (35€‰3„4 inches long, 19€‰1„2 inches wide) makes it easy to maneuver in a treestand or the tight quarters of a ground blind. The Ventilator 80 comes with a folding stock for easier cocking in the seated position and weighs just 7.8 pounds thanks to a vented barrel and forged riser.

Like all Scorpyd crossbows, the Ventilator 80 comes with reverse-draw Barnsdale limbs, which have a generous power stroke of 18€‰3„4 inches to produce more kinetic energy with less draw weight.

It comes with a 3-pound trigger and your choice of Hawke optic.

MSRP: [imo-slideshow gallery=25],349

Stryker Strykezone 380

New for 2013, Stryker's popular StrykeZone 380 is available in the tactically inspired Black Ops finish. The StrykeZone 380 has a 160-pound draw weight, 15€‰1„2-inch power stroke and a speed rating of 380 fps.

It features a molded rear stock with generous cheek piece and fixed, slotted handle pistol grip, a machined aluminum barrel and riser, Octane string and cables and a KillSwitch trigger rated at less than 3 pounds of pull with less than .015-inch of travel.

The StrykeZone also features an Auto-Flip magnetic safety that clicks on every time the receiver is lifted or the bow is cocked, and is engineered to click back into safe mode if the crossbow is dropped or the bolt is removed.

There's also a double barred Cease-Fire safety plug insert that slides into place, locking the jaws and immobilizing the trigger until you remove it and are ready to shoot. The StrykeZone 380 comes with the GameOver package that includes five bolts, quiver, multi-reticle scope, shoulder sling, cocking aid and string stops.

MSRP: $749

Parker Stingray

Parker's StingRay crossbow is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater bowfishing. Compact and lightweight (7.5 pounds), it's easy to maneuver, aim and shoot on the water.

The StingRay features an adjustable draw-weight range from 100-125 pounds, so it can be customized to your particular quarry; and draw-weight adjustment can be made without tools, a bow press or additional parts.

The StingRay package includes your choice of an open sight or a non-magnified, illuminated multi-reticle scope, AMS Retriever Pro bowfishing reel, bowfishing arrow with Muzzy Gator Getter Point and mounting hardware, 25 yards of 200-pound, high-visibility braided Dacron line and an integrated arrow quiver. The StingRay is appropriately decorated in Fishouflage Camo.

MSRP: $499

Arrow Precision Firestorm II

The Inferno Firestorm II from Arrow Precision has a relatively modest crossbow draw weight at 165 pounds, yet it will still shoot a blazing 375 fps thanks to its compression-molded limbs, CNC-machined aluminum cam system and aircraft-grade aluminum risers.

The ultralight trigger requires only 2.4 pounds of pull, while Next Vista soft touch microprint camouflage adds comfort, grip and style. The Firestorm II weighs 8.2 pounds and measures 40€‰1„2 inches long.

Like all Inferno crossbows, the Firestorm II comes packed with standard features such as a 4x32 illuminated (red and green) scope, padded shoulder sling, four 20-inch carbon bolts with 100-grain practice points, rope cocking device, quick-detach quiver and safety goggles.

MSRP: $649.99

Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra

Excalibur's new Matrix 380 Xtra is a shining example of addition by subtraction. Excalibur shaved off six inches of width, four inches of length and a full pound of weight compared to previous models while boosting speed to a whopping 380 fps and 112.3 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.

In addition to being the first compact recurve crossbow, the 5.9-pound Matrix 380 Xtra is loaded with revolutionary performance enhancements. Reduced length (35.63 inches) is due in part to the new, compact Ergo Grip stock, which provides better balance and ergonomic design features such as a thumbhole, pistol grip, finger guards on the fore-end and warm, soft, non-slip rubber grip inserts.

A Quad-Loc riser contains each of the new PowerLoad limbs — touted to be 60 percent stronger than previous versions — on four sides for added consistency and accuracy. Improved geometry means reduced friction and wear on the BCY Dynaflight 97 string for increased speed and efficiency and reduced creep.

Integrated, adjustable R.E.D.S. (Recoil Energy Dissipation System) string suppressors reduce vibration, noise and shock. A self-contained Guardian Anti-Dry Fire System, housed in the scope mount, catches the string, preventing the crossbow from firing if triggered without a bolt in place.

And a built-in release allows you to easily de-cock so you do not have to fire a shot at the end of the day. The Matrix 380 Xtra is dressed in Realtree Xtra camouflage and outfitted with a Tact-Zone scope, a cheek piece, a four-bolt quiver, four Diablo bolts with 150-grain fieldpoints and a rope cocking aid.

MSRP: [imo-slideshow gallery=25],099.99

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