Win & Win Shadow 32 Review

Win & Win Archery is a Korean-based company that has a long and successful presence in the recurve bow and competition archery arena. Its advanced technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing produce bows that have set numerous Olympic and world records around the globe.

With the introduction of W&W Black, the company has entered the compound bow market. The Shadow 32 features carbon technology in the riser, limbs, limb pockets and RF Shock Stopper. A one-piece, walnut grip, hybrid cam system and BCY Trophy string and cables round out the package.

Carbon Platform

The Win & Win Shadow 32 is a unique rig in many respects. Much of what makes it different is carbon construction. Win & Win has been perfecting carbon manufacturing processes for years in the recurve bow arena and its maiden voyage into the hunting bow market under the name W&W Black showcases this technology.

While many of the details around the carbon molding process are proprietary, we can tell you that the riser is essentially made of a pure carbon internal structure layered with an overmold skin. This provides fiber alignment that generates a super stiff and strong platform. Metal inserts are built into the riser for secure attachment of a rest, sight, grip and stabilizer. Metal barrel nuts are also inserted into the ends of the riser to secure the limb bolts.

Shadow limbs measure 12.5 inches long and are also made of carbon infused with nano materials, which consist of carbon nanotubes and graphite nanofibers. Nanotubes are as small as one ten thousandth of a human hair and are one of the strongest, most stable materials available, greatly enhancing the limbs' strength and durability.

The three layers of the limb are arranged to complement the elastic movement of the limb (compression, tension) during the draw cycle. Limb sets are matched based on deflection values to produce consistency and accuracy. The straight limbs are solid in construction (not split) and are finished in either natural carbon or film dipped in Next Camo.

The carbon limbs are attached to the carbon riser with a set of carbon limb pockets. The pivots are made of CNC-machined 6061 aluminum and black anodized. However, the cap portion of the pocket, which houses the limb bolt, is manufactured with carbon. Pockets are minimal in material while getting the job done in this critical area by precisely controlling the position and alignment of the limbs in reference to the riser.

Last on our list of carbon components is the RF Shock Stopper, which consists of a carbon attachment bracket and clamshell rubber end. The rubber piece is designed to allow the string to slip into the opening at the shot to quickly stop string oscillation and reduce noise.


There are a few components on this rig that are not carbon and they are very important to the overall package. First up is the TL-3 Hybrid cam system and string/cable material. The machined aluminum cams ride on sealed bearings for reduced friction and increased efficiency.

Three cam sizes, a set of modules, two string posts on the cam and an adjustable draw stop all work together to cover the entire draw-length range and customize the feel for each individual archer. System letoff is adjustable between 65 and 80 percent via the draw stop. Win & Win uses pre-stretched BCY Trophy material for both string and cables.

The one-piece custom walnut grip is designed for comfort and functionality with a neutral wrist position. It can be removed for a bare carbon grip, which gives you a low-wrist position — preferred by many target archers. The cable slide is last up on our non-carbon component list and it is made from Delron material and holds the cables free of contact with passing fletch.


Super light carbon construction makes this bow easy to carry and excellent for maneuvering in tight quarters. Along with that light mass weight, the Shadow 32 produces a stout kick and louder than average noise at the shot. The addition of a quality stabilizer and string silencers made a significant difference in shot noise, eliminated the slight vibration and noticeably reduced hand shock.

The grip is comfortable and functional. The cam system is smoother than most, and the bow holds steady as a rock on target.


Manufacturer:  Win & Win Archery

Model: Shadow 32

Cam System: TL-3 Hybrid Cam

Weight: 3.2 pounds (advertised); 3.1 pounds (as tested)

Brace Height: 7'‰1⁄4 inches

Axle-To-Axle length: 32 inches

Letoff:  65-80 percent; adjustbale

Draw Weights: 40, 50, 60 and 70 pounds peak

Draw Lengths: 26-31 inches, in half-inch increments

Riser: Reflex, all carbon

Limbs: Three-Layer NanoTech Carbon

String: BCY Trophy, 51.25 inches

Cables: BCY Trophy, 34.75, 39.125 inches

Grip: One-piece walnut or all-carbon riser handle

Finish: Film-dipped Next Camo or Natural Carbon

Advertised IBO Speed: 320 fps

Suggested Retail Price: $855

Comments: Light, compact and smooth drawing.

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