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BowTech Experience Review

by Jon E. Silks   |  August 12th, 2013 4

Few bow manufacturers have wielded as much influence on the archery industry in recent years as BowTech. Driven by its “Refuse to Follow” motto, BowTech has built a strong following by taking bold design risks and developing a host of leading bow technologies.

For 2013, BowTech introduces the aptly named Experience, a bow designed to maximize the archer’s overall shooting experience, with a strong focus on accuracy. This rig features the new CarbonCore Limbs and Extinguish Dampening System, along with a host of proven technologies such as the OverDrive Binary Cam System, Center Pivot Extreme Riser, Two-Piece Wood Grip, FLX Guard Cable-Containment System and Octane factory string and cables. Read more for my BowTech Experience review.

What’s New?
BowTech introduces the all-new CarbonCore limbs on its new flagship bow. Each limb includes six proprietary layers of laminated material, including a layer of carbon and a layer of impact resistant skins on the top and bottom surfaces. The laminated, double taper limbs, coupled with the Center Pivot design, result in low dynamic mass and improved dynamic response, reducing energy loss and noise while making any limb vibration easier to dampen. Limbs measure 12 inches in length and are offered in draw-weight ranges of 40-50, 50-60 and 60-70 pounds.

Also new on BowTech’s Experience is the Extinguish Dampening System, which features The Clutch String Stop, Dura-FLX Cable Dampeners and a set of Revolver Dampeners. Unlike many other string stops, The Clutch actually has a receptacle to catch the string inside of its “jaws.” BowTech’s Revolver is named for its webbed rubber design that resembles a revolver’s circular chamber. A Revolver is located near each end of the riser and on the string stop mounting rod. There are five weights suspended in rubber around the outside diameter of the web to reduce vibration.

What’s Proven?
Along with the new technologies and features on the Experience, there are many proven features carried over from previous models. Kick it into Overdrive: The OverDrive Binary Cam System is a symmetrical cam system, which means the top and bottom cams are mirror images of each other.

Further, the two cams are forced to turn in synchronization by the cam synchronizing axles. Together they result in straight and level nock travel, even at high speeds. The cam synchronizing axles allow the attachment of a split bus cable to both the top and bottom cams, which does two things.

First, it provides a rigid platform that reduces the possibility of limb twist/cam lean, and second, it allows for simple adjustments to the split bus cable for systematic tuning without moving the arrow rest side to side. With this system, you set the arrow rest at dead center and tune to perfect arrow flight by adjusting the split cables.

Draw lengths from 26 1⁄2-31 inches, in half-inch increments, can be selected via a rotating module and adjustable draw stop. The OverDrive Binary Cam System produces an advertised IBO speed of 335 feet per second with a 7-inch brace height and 80 percent effective letoff.

Center of Operations: BowTech’s signature Center Pivot Extreme (CPX) riser is configured in such a way to allow the limbs to be attached to the riser over a longer span than is typical. This moves the limb pivot toward the shooter and results in a riser with minimal reflex for enhanced torque resistance, which equates to improved forgiveness.

On Guard:
BowTech’s FLX-Guard cable-containment system has an attachment arm that acts much like a bow limb, flexing during the draw cycle. When the bow is drawn the arm gives way to system tension and bends toward the centerline of the rig, reducing accuracy-stealing torque. When the shot is fired, the FLX-Guard automatically springs back to position and out of the way of passing vanes.

Experience the Extras: The Experience has a two-piece wood grip that is designed to force the shooter’s hand into the throat and against the upper stop consistently and comfortably. Also at home on the riser is a stainless steel stabilizer bushing and a flared riser shelf to keep broadheads away from the shooter’s hand.

BowTech’s 2013 Experience is designed to enhance your shooting enjoyment and make you a better shot. During testing, I was able to do exactly what is advertised—place the arrow rest dead center and tune with the split bus cables. I like that feature. The grip was comfortable and the draw cycle was fairly smooth. Minimal shock and vibration are further reduced with a
quality stabilizer.

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