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BowTech Unveils the Insanity!

by Christian Berg   |  January 10th, 2012 18

BowTech kicked off the 2012 Archery Trade Show this morning by unveiling the Insanity CPX, the company’s flagship bow for this year.

This is the second year that BowTech has waited until ATA to release its top new model, and the event drew several hundred show attendees. The event Aldo included live music and a T-shirt giveaway for everyone who came.

Some photos of the new Insanity are included here. Look for more details on the Insanity in our Feb/March 2012 New Gear Guide issue!







  • Jna329

    lets have some specs on this bow. ata bh ibo etc.

    • fbru73

      look on bowtechs website

  • STFUBowtech

    Glad the overhype is over

  • tru hunter

    shot it this morning. really nice bow

  • wbbowhunter

    what is the price??????

    • byron mike

      900.00 have friend at trade show right now just talked to him 5 min. ago

  • ScorpRG66

    I'm really considering the Insanity CPXL….

  • Hunterrrr

    Nice Pse X-Force Copy !!!! Ha Ha

    • indiana hunter

      may look like an x force but the limbs won't x-plode!!!

    • Dustin Palmer

      It does look kinda like PSE X-force!

      • Corey Frye

        Doesn't shoot like one that is for sure…….PSE X force and Evo are junk to shoot!

  • mike

    it may look like an x-force, but its still way better than a piece of crap mathews.

    • mike

      you my freind have never shot a good bow

  • barry

    never blame the bow or the brand name

  • TheDudeMan

    Shot it…Didn't like it. My Elite GT500 blows it away in draw cycle, noise, vibration and forgiveness.

    • john

      Yea, I know what you mean, started shooting Elite in 2008, anything else i shoot now just doesnt feel right. Elite all the way!

  • Kyle Brovlowski

    Someone just smurfed on two thirds of a solami….

  • Matthew

    Elite is for posers, Mathews is for people how like to buy the name, PSE is for knuckleheads who like to buy garbage, hoyts are for people who like to buy a nice bow for twice what its worth. im sorry to say right now bowtech is where its at.

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