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Scent-Lok Vertigo System

by Kathy Etling   |  October 28th, 2010 0

Scent-Lok never disappoints, and since cold weather, scent-proof performance is their forté, bowhunters should be ecstatic. The company has now branched out into tweaking camo patterns with the new Vertigo System, which mimics the natural dark-on-light visuals of the woods while interrupting visual elements used by big-game, especially on the periphery, to pinpoint predators.

Scent-Lok did this by carefully arranging camo patterns from Mossy Oak’s Break-Up family in each garment’s highlight and shadow regions for better concealment. Choose from the Vertigo Jacket, Pant or Head Cover, all constructed with a weather-resistant membrane, and all ideal when used for cold weather, scent-free layering.

Contact:; 800-315-5799

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