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Guaranteed Accuracy

by Dave Dolbee   |  October 28th, 2010 0

When gearing up for a hunt, the one thing I can’t live without is a range finder. When on a range I can usually judge yardage about as good as anyone, but there is still that obscure target in the shadows, or across a gorge that throws me and causes me to make a bad shot. When hunting, there’s no room for chance, especially if the shot concerns the animal of a lifetime. With the new low prices and availability of rangefinders, there is no room for guessing any more.

American Visionwear’s TLR 75 is an optical rangefinder versus a laser rangefinder. With optical rangefinders, you’ll never have to worry about a battery ruining your hunt. Optical rangefinders are much lighter than most lasers and you can recalibrate an optical rangefinder if you find the accuracy to be slightly off, something that just isn’t possible with a laser rangefinder. Optical rangefinders use a split image system, so you never have to worry about a nearby object causing you to missjudge the distance to your target once you’ve used your range finder. Cost is another reason to check out optical rangefinders–optical rangefinders typically cost 50- to 60-percent less than laser rangefinders.

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