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New Kid on the Crossbow Block

by Christian Berg   |  January 24th, 2012 0

It’s no secret that the crossbow market remains the fastest-growing segment of the archery industry. And that being the case, it’s also no surprise there have been a steady stream of new players in the crossbow space in recent years. One of the newcomers for 2012 is Cross Archery, which is jumping in with two new, Made in the USA models that will be available starting May 1. Here’s some additional information and a couple photos from the press release we received here at the office:


The DOA features a first of its kind, shoot-through foot stirrup increasing the power stroke to a stellar 16 inches, producing speeds to 385 feet per second. The CarbonLite technology removes up to 43 percent of the weight from the front end, so the center of gravity is moved back to the end of the stock. The DOA is comfortable and easy to shoulder all the way to your hunting location. The DOA, available in Carbon and Realtree APG, features high-velocity Whiplash cams and the Crosswire String and Cable system. You can always expect a smooth, 3.5-pound trigger pull, thanks to Cross’s new ADF MIM trigger. The package is complete with a quiver, three arrows, rope-cocking device, illuminated scope and sling.
DOA Specs:

185-pound draw weight
131 foot-pounds of energy
16-inch power stroke
385 feet per second

8.3 lbs weight
37 in length
24 in width
22 in arrow length


The Hero is packed with features enabling you to better your shooting performance, while keeping the comfort and efficiency you demand. You’ll love the patented Quick Detach Front End, finally making it fast and easy to break down a crossbow. With the push of a button, the bow is disassembled for efficient storage, eliminating the need for an oversized case. The Hero ships with Cross’s new ADF (Anti-Dry Fire) trigger system and an adjustable cheek plate and butt stock for a custom fit. The Hero also features the Crosswire String and Cable system for quieter, smoother shots and increased string life. The package is complete with a quiver, three arrows, rope-cocking device and illuminated scope and sling.

Hero Specs:
160-pound draw weight
115 foot-pounds of energy
15.5-inch power stroke
350 feet per second

8.5 lbs weight
37.5 in length
26.75 in width
22 in arrow length

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