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Center Shots: How to Conquer Tough Bow Tuning Issues

by Bowhunting Online Staff   |  July 30th, 2015 0

A straight-flying arrow is more consistent in the air than one that wobbles. And because the vanes aren’t ripping sideways through the air trying to stabilize the shaft, a straight-flying arrow is also quieter. Finally, an arrow shot from a well-tuned bow penetrates deeper because all of its momentum is directed straight down the shaft on impact.

Bow tuning is an important part of your list of archery skills, and late summer is the perfect time to get your bow shooting perfect darts. Most of the time, a good bow will tune with minimal effort. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned.

For those times when they don’t, field editor Bill Winke shows you what to do in this Center Shots video.

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