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Shooting The Big One: Bowhunting Trophy Bucks

by Bill Winke   |  June 20th, 2012 5

Field Editor Bill Winke talks about the mental challenges of bowhunting trophy bucks.

  • John

    Great infomation sir! Been there and done just that – thanks for the tip…

  • John ODonnell

    Great column…..I realized a number of years ago while trying to kill a mature doe in Wisconsins EAB program that the doe with her yearlings during the rut is the smartest deer in the woods. Taking that thought with me and trying not to overthnk the shot on a big buck has helped me just focus on the spot behind the shoulder Experienced bowhunters are extremely competative and I sometimes let my mind got way in front of the shot. The word is focus on the task at hand . Your past column on shooting anterless deer had clarified that for me…Thanks again and good hunting

    • David

      I totally agree….. enough said….. :)

  • Bowsonly

    I agree, mental preperation is a big part when it come to hunting trophy bucks. And some luck!

  • Ryan

    Big bucks are totaly a thing of the past brah! jus shoot the most damn scrawny ugly ass doe u can with a lot of diseases!

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