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6 Proven Turkey Hunting Products for Crossbows

by   |  June 3rd, 2014 0

With crossbows now firmly entrenched in the archery industry, it was with plenty of excitement that I accepted my first hunting invitation that involved a horizontal bow in late March of 2013. ALPS OutdoorZ and Browning Camping—along with public relations firm Howard Communications—brought a group of outdoor writers from across the nation to the great turkey state of Nebraska in search of the popular Merriam.

To say we got into a couple of birds would be quite the understatement. Our group braved temperatures that started at 7 degrees on a slow opening morning, but after the weather heated up later that afternoon, the turkey hunting was quick to follow.

In all, we finished well into double digits in kills, and a lot of that had to do with the great gear we were using for the hunt.

Here is the gear that worked for us. Don’t take my word for it though—give the following items a try for yourself.

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