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Big Game Christian Berg: Stuck In The Rut Whitetail

Live Holiday Hunt: Deep in the Heart of Texas

by Christian Berg   |  December 5th, 2011 0

My bags are packed once again, and I’ll be leavingĀ  tomorrow for my final whitetail hunt of 2011. This time I’ll be heading to the legendary Vatoville Outdoors located Deep in the Heart of Texas. The ranch is located somewhere in the vicinity of Eldorado in West Central Texas. Ah yes, nothing says Christmas like mesquite trees, prickly pear cactus and big-racked Texas bucks!

On this hunt, I’ll be sharing camp with colleague John Geiger from our Game & Fish magazines and some folks from Mossy Oak. It should be a great chance to enjoy a few days of fellowship and fun hunting before things really get crazy for the holidays. And with any luck, we’ll have a few good bucks on the ground by week’s end. I’ll keep you posted!

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