Diamond Marquis

Diamond Marquis

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In 2007 the rapidly growing Bowtech and Diamond archery business received a boost when well-known Savage Sports Corporation purchased them. Maintaining their same location and leadership team, BowTech/Diamond now has the support and interest of a company with the means to significantly invest in new technologies--something the company is already known for.

Diamond's Marquis is their 2008 flagship and has been loaded with the best technology they have to offer. New and attention-grabbing on this rig is the combination Roller Guard/ShortStop string suppressor system. Also featured is the Pinnacle5 Single Cam system designed to offer speed and a smooth draw cycle through an oversized cam diameter. Other notables include a two-piece laminated wood grip, short parallel limbs and several shock/vibration-dampening components.

A quick look at the Marquis will most likely have you believing it is a super long axle-to-axle target bow, however, looks can be deceiving. The target bow appearance comes from the riser, which measures approximately 30 inches. Ten years ago that would probably equate to a 40-inch plus rig. With the short parallel limbs of the Marquis the long riser actually results in a 34.5-inch span between the axles. One of the greatest benefits target archers look for in a longer bow is stability.

MANUFACTURER:Diamond by Bowtech, 90554 Hwy 99 N, Eugene, OR 97402; (877) 447-0293; www.bowtecharchery.com
ECCENTRIC SYSTEM:Pinnacle5 Single Cam
DRAW WEIGHTS:50-, 60- and 70-pound peak
DRAW LENGTHS:26 to 30 inches in one half-inch increments — modular
RISER:Reflex geometry — 6061 T6 Aluminum
LIMBS:Machined fiberglass — 12 inches
STRING:22-strand BCY 452X, 93.625
CABLE:22-strand BCY 452X, 37.25 inches long
MASS WEIGHT:4.3 pounds
LETOFF:Adjustable 65- to 75-percent
GRIP:Two-piece laminated wood
FINISH:Realtree Hardwoods HD standard with many other options
MSRP:$749 bare bow or $879 with Timberline package
COMMENTS:Super stable on the target, great speeds with little shock or vibration at the shot.

While the overall length of the Marquis may not equal that of a target bow it would seem to carry inherent stability as its main component (considering size and mass), the riser, is relatively long. With that size, however, comes the immediate concern of weight. Diamond unleashed their CNC machine on the Marquis riser reducing its weight through a slim profile and a host of large cutouts, chamfers, and pockets. In the end the Marquis weighs in at 4.3 pounds--well within the range of today's top rigs.

Another notable Marquis feature is Diamond's combination Roller Guard/ShortStop string suppressor system. A bracket attaches to the outside of the sight window, protrudes back toward the shooter and angles slightly back toward centerline. The angled section of the bracket is home to a set of two rollers on which the cables ride. Attached to the rear of the bracket is the ShortStop string silencer. The ShortStop uses a reverse flange lined with a rubber-like material that catches the string when released, absorbing vibration.

At each end of the riser you will find the Marquis' machined aluminum limb pockets. These pockets are closed-end traditional style with a locking tab on one side. Perhaps the most important aspect of the Marquis pockets is their weight adjustment method. In short, they pivot when the limb bolt is turned. In less efficient systems the pocket remains stationary during weight adjustment while the limbs move independently. A pivoting pocket, rather than a pivoting limb, more accurately controls the movement and tolerances at this critical riser-to-limb interface.

The Diamond Marquis is equipped with 12-inch solid limbs that may be selected in draw weights of 50, 60 or 70 pounds peak.

Diamond advertises IBO speeds in the range of 316 to 324 fps. The component tasked to generate this noteworthy accomplishment is their Pinnacle5 Cam system. Both elements (cam and idler wheel) included in this single cam configuration ride on stainless steel axles and sealed bearings. A modular system offers a draw length range from 26 to 30 inches with further refining through a one quarter-inch adjustment post on the cam. Letoff may be adjusted between 65- and 75-percent by simply repositioning the draw stop.

318 fps78.61 foot-pounds94.1 foot-pounds83.54 percentA comfortable combination of aggressiveness and smooth transitions.
*(Test result) **Product of speed and arrow weight ***Energy supplied to and held by the system ****(K.E. divided by S.E.)

Editor's Note: Petersen's Bowhunting standardized testing includes the use of the same equipment and test methods. Click HERE for more detailed information on the testing parameters

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