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Mission Archery prides itself on what they call the "Mission Advantage", which paraphrased basically states they have all the technological backing of Mathews in a cost conscious package. When you pick up a Mission, you will experience simple quality in a bow that has everything. When you walk out of the shop, you will also experience satisfaction in the price you paid. Mission wants to give you maximum performance at a minimal cost.

The Mission Eliminator features a short axle-to-axle measurement, parallel limbs, silencing package, CNC machined aluminum riser, reflex geometry, a comfortable grip and perimeter-weighted single cam. Plus, it boasts a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $479. Keep that in mind as you read this report and review the test results.

Speed Plus Shootability
The job of generating the horsepower and 319 fps IBO falls on the Eliminator Single Cam eccentric system, which is made up of a four-inch idler wheel and a perimeter-weighted cam. Perimeter weighting is designed to enhance speed and reduce shock.

Speed at times comes at the cost of a rough draw cycle. The secret to the Eliminator's smooth draw is found in the way it transitions from the initial climb to peak. When graphed, many bows will have a "squared off" looking draw cycle in that they climb straight to peak and then remain there as long as possible before dropping sharply into holding weight.

The Eliminator Cam, on the other hand, is designed in such a way that it starts its climb like many others, however, before reaching peak it starts to slowly transition over a greater distance, hitting peak much later in the draw cycle and creating a "rounded" shape. The result, a smooth draw cycle, was noted during my testing. Once at full draw, the shooter will enjoy an 80-percent letoff. Eliminator draw lengths range from 24-30 inches in half-inch inch increments and are cam specific, meaning that to change the draw length you will need a new cam.

Stealth and Stability
Mission understands bowhunters are looking for a rig that has a quiet shot and little shock or vibration. To that end, they have outfitted the Eliminator with all the essentials necessary to achieve that goal. First and foremost are the limbs; specifically their parallel position at full draw. Limbs that reach a parallel position at full draw distribute the force from release in equal and opposite directions. My testing demonstrated only a small jump in the handle upon release and little of either vibration or noise. The limbs are constructed from a formulation of fiberglass and measure approximately 14 inches in length.

Working with the parallel limb technology to provide an overall reduction in shock, vibration and noise are string and cable silencers. Two all-new D-amplifiers are situated on the cable, one above and one below the carbon cable rod. Mission's String Cushions are mounted on the tip of each limb and consist of a proprietary damping compound molded in the shape of a hook and mounted into an aluminum bracket. When the bow is shot, the hook-like feature catches the string and greatly reduces its resonance.

Rounding Out the Package
Mission puts the finishing touches on the Eliminator with V-Shaped limb pockets, a brass stabilizer-mounting insert, reflex geometry riser and one-piece molded rubber composite grip. The grip's surface is semi-smooth, which will allow your hand to consistently move into the correct position while providing a somewhat soft interface that is comfortable and warm. Eliminator composite material limb pockets form a "V" shape that mirror the limb ends for a snug fit. The "V" has a natural tendency to create a secure fit for consistency, precision and repeatability -- all critical in the limb-to-riser interface area.

Editor's Note: Our standardized High Grade testing includes the use of the same equipment and test methods. All bows are tested with a draw length of 29 inches and a draw weight of 65 pounds. Speed tests are conducted with two different arrow weights — 375 grains and 425 grains. For more detailed information on the testing parameters, go to www.bowhuntingmag.com and click on "Bow Testing Parameters."

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