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New Tree Saddles, Treestands & Blinds for 2023

Whether you've transitioned to saddle hunting, or still prefer traditional treestands and ground blinds, you've got plenty of each to choose from this year.

New Tree Saddles, Treestands & Blinds for 2023

(Photo courtesy of Tim Kent)

Built Tough — Rhino Blinds R-300 Realtree Edge Blind

Rhino Blinds R-300 Realtree Edge Blind

Standing 74 inches tall and with a center hub measurement of 77x77 inches, Rhino’s R-300 comfortably fits up to three hunters and is built with tough, 300D polyester fabric featuring Realtree Edge camo on the exterior, a blacked-out interior, DWR coating, anti-microbial treatment to prevent mold and mildew, reinforced stress points and triple-stitched corners. Add it all up, and you have a feature-rich blind that will keep you hidden and protected even on foul days afield. Weighing 18.5 pounds, the R-300 has a 58x58-inch footprint and comes with a backpack-style carry bag, ground stakes and tie-down ropes. Setup and takedown are easily accomplished in less than a minute thanks to the five-hub design. Other highlights include triangle-shaped windows on all four blind walls, with removable, shoot-through mesh and silent hook-and-loop closures that can adjust window openings to suit your hunting needs. A zippered roof opening allows for additional ventilation and also comes in handy on waterfowl hunts. $189.99 |

This Platform Stands On Top — Trophyline Onyx

Trophyline Onyx

Trophyline designed its new Onyx to be everything hardcore saddle hunters could ever want in a foot platform. In ancient Greek, onyx means “claw,” and the Onyx has a one-piece, cast mounting post that features a claw-shaped stomp post and standoff. Measuring 14.9x13 inches, Trophyline fused the dimensions of its EDP and Mission platforms with the angles of the Wingman to create a platform with ideal form and function. Plus, a new feature is that all three outward-facing edges of the platform are angled downward, with non-slip ridges, for maximum foot contact and comfort in all positions, whether leaning, rolling to stand or shooting your weak side. Also includes integrated platform leveling system. $229.99 |

Take It To The Max — Primos Double Bull SurroundView Max

Primos Double Bull SurroundView Max

Primos was the originator of one-way, see-through blind technology, and the company’s latest creation is the Double Bull SurroundView Max. Featuring 180 degrees of see-through fabric, the blind also features a built-in sun visor to maintain maximum vision at sunrise and sunset when game is most active. Primos has also added a more versatile triangular door with zipper or bungee closures for quieter entry and exit. The blind measures 7 feet wide between center hubs, stands 6 feet, 7 inches tall and has a footprint of 56x56 inches. It's built with Double Bull’s legendary quality and covered by a limited lifetime warranty. $399.99 |

Join The Saddle Revolution — Aero Hunter Revolution

Aero Hunter Revolution

Aero Hunter designed its new Revolution saddle to be a two-in-one solution for serious mobile hunters — a highly maneuverable harness perfect for rope climbing combined with extreme comfort for long sits while hunting. The broad leg loops leave your legs free to move while climbing, eliminating the binding feeling associated with traditional saddles. And below the belt, in the rear, two separate panels support your backside and provide great comfort during your hunt. Better yet, the Revolution does not cover your hip bones, completely eliminating the dreaded “hip pinch.” Aero Hunter also offers interchangeable pads that can be added anywhere on the saddle — on the belt, rump and leg loops for those who want an even more luxurious feel. Hand made in Oregon, the Revolution weighs 2.8 pounds and is available in three sizes to fit everyone from youths to big and tall hunters, in a choice of olive or Broadside camo. $349 |

Just For You — Millennium Solo Buck Hut

Millennium Solo Buck Hut

Millennium’s popular Buck Hut is now available in a solo version, offering a one-person, elevated shooting house perfect for compound bow, crossbow and rifle hunters. The shooting house framework, platform and ladder are constructed of heavy-duty, powder-coated steel using Millennium’s SteelTOUGH construction. The rugged exterior shell is made of heavy-duty, water-resistant fabric. The Solo Buck Hut’s sturdy steel ladder features non-slip steps and a pair of steel rail handles up top to keep hunters steady as they enter and exit the shooting house through its large side door. The blind tower uses a reinforced, tripod design for stability, while a 10-step ladder supports the blind. The Hut measures 4 feet long by 4 feet wide inside, while the 7-foot interior height makes it easy to take standing shots. Meanwhile, long vertical windows allow archers to shoot with ease. Each of the numerous windows also includes a built-in, adjustable shooting rest for crossbow and gun hunters. Black windows and an all-black interior provide the ultimate in hunter concealment. The Solo Buck Hut weighs 225 pounds and has an overall height of 15 feet, 8 inches. The weight capacity is 400 pounds. $699.99 |

See It All — Barronett FourSight Hub Blind

Barronett FourSight Hub Blind

The Barronett FourSight Hub Blind is an extra-large, four-sided, see-through blind. The 1-Way Fabric provides an undistorted view from the inside, while the exterior appears completely solid to keep you shielded from your prey. The FourSight offers room for up to three hunters, with 75 inches of headroom and an 88x88-inch shooting width. That’s 8 inches taller and a 25 percent larger footprint than a typical four-sided hub blind. The blind is reinforced throughout with an OxHide two-layer fabric roof and reinforced in the corners. In addition, the framework is constructed from extra-large, heavy-duty fiberglass poles and rugged aluminum hubs for maximum durability. Zipperless, low-profile windows allow silent adjustment, while included blackout panels offer additional concealment. Includes brush loops for adding vegetation and comes with carry bag with chair holder, ground stakes and tie-down ropes. $399.99 |

All You Need — Trophyline Venatic Saddle Kit

Trophyline Venatic Saddle Kit

Trophyline’s new made-in-the-USA Venatic represents the next generation of ultralight saddle design. Constructed with rugged, breathable, quick-dry, ripstop fabric, the saddle itself weighs a feathery 20 ounces and even with the integrated bridge and carabiner that total climbs to just 30 ounces. Despite its light weight, the Venatic also offers the comfort Trophyline saddles are known for and incorporates a number of innovative features designed to help saddle hunters be more mobile and hunt longer. For example, Trophyline reduced the width of the leg straps without sacrificing strength, added a rubberized waist band to prevent hunting layers from riding up and added a saddle compression hook that allows you to stow the saddle up and out of the way of your legs during the hike into your hunting area. Other highlights include a rigid rubber Molle band that holds its shape and makes it easier to attach gear, two additional bands of Molle webbing, Raptor waist and leg strap buckles, foldback lineman’s belt loops that stay out of the way when not in use and an adjustable waist band position. The full Venatic kit, including a Venatic Pouch and two TechCore 8mm ropes with carabiners, weighs just 2.7 pounds. $474.99 |

Make Your Own Saddle Show — Fourth Arrow SaddleLite Arm Kit

Fourth Arrow SaddleLite Arm Kit

Saddle hunters are all about being light and mobile, and Fourth Arrow’s new SaddleLite Arm Kit is perfect for saddle hunters who want to film their hunts but don’t want to pack a heavy camera arm into the woods. The SaddleLite kit weighs only 2 pounds, 6 ounces and comes with the arm, base and tree strap. The total reach of the arm is 25 inches, and it is rated to hold 5 pounds — perfect for those who film with their phone or a small camcorder. With easy, toolless leveling to almost 20 degrees and a silent cam-buckle strap, you can set up the SaddleLite Arm silently and in seconds. $249.99 |

Going Up! — Elevate Ascend Climbing Sticks

Elevate Ascend Climbing Sticks

Ascend Climbing Sticks from Elevate Stand Company were engineered to offer everything serious bowhunters want in a premium climbing stick. What sets Ascend Sticks apart from the competition is the patent-pending magnetic design so the sticks stack perfectly and securely together and also easily attach to Elevate’s Element and Element Ultra hang-on treestands. Available in packs of three or four sticks and in stick lengths of 17 (1.6 pounds) or 20 inches (1.7 pounds); the fixed, dual foot rungs ensure a secure climb into your favorite big-buck hotspot. Ascend Sticks come with cam buckle straps and are made in the USA. $299.97-$439.96 per set |

Built Tough — Ameristep Brickhouse

Ameristep Brickhouse

The Ameristep Brickhouse hub blind is built tough, with a Durashell Plus fabric that keeps you protected from the elements and concealed from your quarry thanks to an exterior featuring Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camouflage and a blacked-out interior that makes you invisible to game. Other highlights include shoot-through mesh windows, brush loops for adding native vegetation to your hide and a rugged, Spider-Hub frame. The Brickhouse measures 59 inches square at the base and stands 67 inches tall. $195.99 |

To Infinity And Beyond — Muddy Infinity Blind

Muddy Infinity Blind

Muddy’s Infinity 3 Man Ground Blind is made with heavy-duty, water-resistant, 600D fabric finished in Epic Camo. The easy-to-operate blind measures 65 inches square at the base, stands 74 inches tall and measures 83 inches wide at the center hubs, offering plenty of space for you and your hunting partners. The interior is blacked out to conceal movement and also features three built-in pockets to hold your ozone appliances. Windows include a 270-degree, wraparound viewing area with six independent windows covered with one-way, see-through SHADOW MESH drop-down curtains; a rear viewing window; and one small peek window. Two rows of brush loops and a zippered door round out the package. Comes with carry bag, ground stakes and tie-down ropes. $279.99 |

Who's Your Daddy? — Primal Mac Daddy Ladder Stand

Primal Mac Daddy Ladder Stand

The new 22-foot Mac Daddy Xtra Wide Deluxe Ladder Stand from Primal Tree Stands is durable, rock solid and offers tremendous comfort for those hunting from its lofty perch. Setup of the Mac Daddy is easy and safe, thanks to Primal’s patented Grip Jaw and Truss Stabilizer systems that lock the stand tightly to the tree from the ground, before you ever ascend to attach your ratchet straps. In addition, this system puts continuous pressure on the ladder, eliminating those game-spooking squeaks and creaks. An extra-wide, 24x16.5-inch, flip-up mesh seat provides great comfort, and a 29x24-inch footrest offers plenty of room to maneuver for the shot. Other highlights include sturdy, steel construction, padded armrests and padded, flip-up shooting rail. $299.99 |


Your Favorite Place — Hawk Mancave Ground Blind

Hawk Mancave Ground Blind

The Hawk Mancave features a unique shape that maximizes floor space. It has a 68-inch square footprint, 90-inch shooting width and 75-inch height with a full-sized, walk-through door that makes getting in and out of this blind a breeze. The quick-set hub system makes setup fast, and the black-backed, water-resistant 500D fabric interior keeps you hidden. Four full-width panoramic shooting windows ensure you are able to take advantage of all shooting opportunities. $299.99 |

Pick Up Sticks — Millennium M-260 Climbing Stick Quiver

Millennium M-260 Climbing Stick Quiver

Millennium has long made some of the most popular hang-on stands for mobile bowhunters, and with the new M-260 Climbing Stick Quiver those hunters can now conveniently attach their climbing sticks to any Millennium stand that uses a CamLOCK receiver. The 2.5-pound aluminum Climbing Stick Quiver measures 5 inches high, 12 inches wide and 6.5 inches long. It can accommodate up to four climbing sticks made with tubing measuring an inch or less in diameter, and the design ensures your sticks are perfectly positioned and balanced for the hike into your hunting area. Plus, a rubber coating on the quiver ensures everything remains quiet along the way. $54.99 |

Bowhunter Friendly — Rhino Treestands RTH-100 Hang-On

Rhino Treestands RTH-100 Hang-On

Rhino’s RTH-100 Hang-On stand is a bowhunter-friendly option that won’t break the bank. Featuring a generous, 24-inch wide by 32.5-inch deep foot platform with flip-out footrest and a 20-inch wide by 14-inch deep flip-up Comfort Mesh seat, the RTH-100 is a great option for all-day sits in known buck hotspots. Lack of a shooting rest or rail makes it ideal for vertical bowhunters, as there are no obstructions to get in the way of your bow limbs or cams while maneuvering into position for the shot. Other highlights include orange plastic spacers that eliminate noisy metal-on-metal contact, top and bottom tree straps to prevent shifting, a leveling knob on the seat and a three-position cable adjustment that allows you to level the foot platform once the stand is installed on the tree. Built with sturdy steel, the RTH-100 weighs 23.5 pounds and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. $124.99 |

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