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9 Killer Budget Bows Under $500

by Patrick Meitin   |  June 29th, 2015 0

The major bow manufactures’ flagship bows are cool to look at, handle and dream of, but in the bigger picture most of us working stiffs would be headed straight to divorce court if we came home carrying such a model.

Sure, for 1,000 bills you get all the latest bells and whistles, racy new looks, maybe 15 or 20 extra fps — plus undisputed bragging rights with your hunting buddies. But when it comes down to real-world bowhunting they don’t really kill deer any deader than if taken with a bow costing half as much.

Budget bows — those setting you back, say, no more than $500 — may include last year’s perfectly-acceptable technologies, maybe cast-metal instead of milled parts here and there, perhaps a more conservative cam system providing a bit smoother draw cycle. But they’ll get the job done during the toughest assignments conditions.

And all that money saved can be invested in important things, like an extra trail camera or fuel for additional scouting trips!

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