15 Hot New Broadheads for 2016

Just when you thought broadheads couldn't improve in the slightest, manufacturers continue to push the envelope for 2016. Delivering better accuracy with lethal efficiency, this years broadheads are better than ever.

We've come a long way since the days of flint, but the objective remains the same. Here's a mix of modern ingenuity designed exclusively for the bowhunter.


Dead Ringer Hunting

Cyborg | $45

Dead Ringer once again pushes the limits and breaks the rules in broadhead technology with its new Cyborg introduction. Incorporating the Rampage's hybrid design, the three-blade Cyborg converts between a dependable 1-inch fixed-blade broadhead and 1 ½-inch hybrid mechanical by changing the patented Flex Collar System. And it flies the same — like a field point — regardless if shot as a fixed-blade or hybrid-mechanical head. The 100-grain Cyborg ends the fixed-blade-versus-mechanical debate by offering both in one reliable design.


Hunga Munga

Hunga Munga Broadhead | $35

For 2016, Hunga Munga debuts a 125-grain version of its unique mechanical broadhead. The broadhead body uses proven Blade Clip Technology, however, a new tip helps it achieve the additional grain requirement. The new tips can be interchanged on any Hunga Munga broadhead to convert from 100 to 125 grains. Hunga Munga has launched a new website, and its broadheads will don brand-new packaging for 2016. A 1 7/16-inch cutting diameter inflicts maximum hemorrhage, and the tip-forward design reduces deflection on angled shots. Anti-noise and anti-vibration technologies ensure quiet flight, and Blade Clip Technology retains blades during flight, but allows each to deploy independently on impact.



RX-S | $35

The new Rexpid RX-S is guaranteed to open only upon impact, not during flight. Don't trust a flimsy rubber band to retain your blades in flight; lock them down tight with the Rexpid RX-S. Upon impact an internal, spring-loaded rod forces all three blades open simultaneously, and locks them there for maximum cutting performance. A 1 7/16-inch cutting diameter packs a wallop, and punches wicked holes to promote maximum blood loss for effortless recoveries. Choose Rexpid's 100-grain RX-S for flawless performance, every time.


G5 Outdoors

Havoc HS | $50

Designed specifically for crossbow hunters shooting high speeds, the Havoc HS from G5 Outdoors features a 1 ½-inch cutting diameter, and touts a beefier blade-retention system to ensure blades remain closed during flight. The Havoc HS is available in a 100-grain configuration and, like the rest of the Havoc line, features .030-inch-thick stainless-steel blades, the proprietary G5 Dual Trap blade-retention system, and a cut-on-contact design. Steel-tough construction delivers benchmark durability to tackle bowhunting torture. Replacement blades and collars are also available, and sold separately.


Wasp Archery

Dueler | $35

Wasp Archery launches a lethal, dual-purpose two-blade mechanical broadhead with the all-new Dueler, which utilizes the Jak-Hammer's time-tested characteristics. It's designed for use with high-speed compounds and crossbows, and has the ability to change from a 1 ½-inch cutting diameter to 2-plus inches by rotating the Select-A-Cut washer to the preferred setting. The Dueler features a pressed-on stainless-steel tip, .036-inch-thick stainless-steel blades, and a fool-proof O-ring retention system to ensure reliable blade deployment without premature openings.



Diamondback | $42

Ramcat's new Diamondback is the broadhead maker's first true fixed-blade head. Still, it features proven offset-blade design — just like previous Ramcat models — for maximum devastation and hemorrhaging. The 100-grain head features a 1 1/16-inch cutting swath, making it an excellent choice for low- anRamd high-poundage bows alike. Dual-purpose patented deep lobes draft wind over the blades to eliminate windplaning, and reduce friction as the broadhead penetrates. Firenock Arrow Concentric Technology (FACT) ensures precision alignment. A solid stainless-steel body rounds out this lethal weapon.


Trophy Taker

A-TAC | $100

Trophy Taker's A-TAC broadheads exude toughness beyond reckoning. A stainless-steel ferrule ensures precision straightness through repeated torture, and features a 5/8-inch (100 grain) or ¾-inch (125 grain) cutting diameter for bone-busting power. An unvented, single-piece stainless-steel blade slips through the ferrule, and locks into place to complete the four-blade design. The .080-inch-thick main blade is twice as thick as most, and honed to a razor-sharp edge.

The main blade creates a cut-on-contact design, and touts a deadly 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter. The A-TAC is available in standard and Deep Six threads. Deep Six models feature a Titanium collar that slips over the arrow shaft for increased arrow strength. For 2016, the collar has been lengthened to slide more than 5/16 inches over the shaft.



Slingblade | $30

NAP's latest rear-deploying mechanical marvel is the all-new Slingblade. Its simple-yet-rugged construction is designed to tackle all hunting conditions. The Slingblade aims to handle the heat from high-speed bows and crossbows, ensuring blade retention until impact. A large 1 7/8-inch cutting diameter produces massive entrance and exit wounds, promoting maximum blood flow and quick recoveries. Best of all, its low profile ensures field-point flight.


Wac'Em Archery

Expandable | $45

Wac'Em Archery taps the mechanical-broadhead market with its new Expandable. Engineered to precision tolerances, the Expandable flies like a champ. A premium 7075-aluminum ferrule delivers strength, and .034-inch stainless-steel blades withstand battering as they travel through flesh and bone. The Expandable is available in four models — including crossbow and Deep Six versions — featuring a minimum cutting diameter of 2 inches, with two models reaching 2.2 inches. It's also offered in two- and three-blade versions. Expandable users can expect giant wound channels and short blood trails.


DirtNap Gear

DRT HD | $39

DirtNap's new DRT HD broadhead is available in 150- and 175-grain configurations. A proprietary weight collar gives you a 175-grain head, but removing it reduces the weight to 150 grains. The DRT HD is perfect for traditional bowhunters or those needing a little more punch for dangerous game. Available in single- or double-beveled designs, the DRT HD delivers accurate flight and creates massive wound channels.

The stainless-steel ferrules are tough as nails, and the .051-inch-thick blades with 420J2 hardness boast unreal strength. The heads are spin-tested for incredible flight, and Teflon-coated for minimum resistance. They're offered in five eye-catching colors, and are backed by DirtNap's Lifetime Guarantee.



Hypodermic +P | $50

Rage takes penetration to an all-new level with the Hypodermic +P. Its swept-back blades create a 2-inch "slap cut" entry wound, but scale back to 1.5 inches when fully deployed for unprecedented penetration. This suits it for large and dangerous game with high-energy bows, and for deer-sized game with low-energy bows. The 100-grain Hypodermic +P features the precision-machined stainless-steel Hypodermic ferrule with surgically ground, .035-inch-thick stainless-steel blades.

Additionally, the two-blade Hypodermic +P exhibits outstanding flight with great durability for the performance bowhunters demand. Rage's proprietary Shock Collar reliably retains blades, and ensures proper deployment on impact. A practice head of simulated weight and profile is included.



Trocar | $40

Muzzy expands its Trocar broadhead series with the Trocar Switch, a fixed-blade featuring three razor-sharp, .035-inch-thick blades that quickly position to one of three settings for a 1-, 1 1/8-, or 1 1/4-inch cutting diameter. The three configurations help hunters customize the broadhead for optimal performance on any game with any setup.

The blades are set at a 2-degree right offset in the stainless-steel Trocar ferrule, each locked in place by a steel shoulder screw with a steel blade-position collar. To change between cutting diameters, simply loosen the broadhead on the arrow, slide down the blade collar, position each blade on the desired notch, and tighten the broadhead to the arrow.



SLASH Arrows | $70-$150

Game hit with SLASH arrows get a double dose of lethality. These deadly arrows pack a standard 3-blade broadhead on the front, but conceal deployable INsetBlades inside the shaft just behind the fixed-blade broadhead. The INsetBlades combine with the three fixed blades to create 5.25 linear cutting inches, producing 275 percent larger wound channels than most broadheads. The results are quicker kills with otherworldly hydrostatic shock inflicted inside the animal. SLASH Arrows knock 'em down fast. Period.



Gravedigger | $40

Now part of the Bloodsport family, Gravedigger broadheads boast a cross-opening blade design, which deploys with less energy than traditional "jackknife" mechanicals. The Gravedigger also features an exclusive fixed-blade mode, which allows it to be shot as a 1-inch fixed main blade with half-inch bleeders by tightening the set screw on the kick-out blades. The mechanical blades can be adjusted to open easier or harder depending on the hunter's draw weight. The Gravedigger touts a patented blade-retention system, which keeps blades closed in flight but ensures they open on impact, every time. This no-fail broadhead gives hunters the best characteristics of fixed-blade and mechanicals broadheads, and it's available with chisel and cut-on-contact tips.


Slick Trick

RipTrick | $27

Reclaim your peaceful evening on stand with Slick Trick's new RipTrick small-game head! The RipTrick is designed to unleash deadly blows on furry, leaf-rustling critters that turn quiet evenings into a distracting ruckus. The RipTrick features a 7⁄8-inch cutting diameter and is constructed from .035-inch steel blades and SuperSteel ferrule for a lethal combination of durability and pinpoint accuracy. Slick Trick's proprietary Alcatraz Bladelock system retains maximum energy while keeping blades locked tight. The RipTrick is sold in 3-packs with your choice of 100- and 125-grain Standard or 100-grain Deep Six.

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