Bow Review: Bowtech Reign 6

Bow Review: Bowtech Reign 6

Bowtech prides itself on being a leader in archery technology. And for 2017, the company continues its high-tech push with the new SmartBow concept designed to tackle common problems with tuning, shootability and performance.

Bowtech's 2017 Reign 6 features what the company calls SmartBow Technology, which finds its core in the OverDrive Binary Cam system. Customization is achieved through the performance-modifying Micro Sync Dial and FlipDisc, while the patented split buss cable system on both top and bottom allow for tuning to your shooting style. Outrigger offset stabilization, FLX Guard and the Center Pivot Extreme riser — all part of the SmartBow system — work together to enhance tunability and accuracy.

The SmartBow platform is a key component of the flagship Reign 6, which features the OverDrive Binary cam, Microsync Dial cam synchronization system, FlipDisc performance adjustment, Outrigger offset stabilization system, Carbon Core split limbs, Center Pivot riser and FLX-Guard cable-containment system. Vibration and noise-reducing accessories are also found on the riser,

cables and cable guard.

Smarter, Easier, Better

Bowtech's SmartBow platform marries numerous technologies to bring critical and useful results to the table. The OverDrive Binary cam system is the heart of the platform and includes the FlipDisc, which is a new version of the popular PowerShift Technology. This disc offers two settings — performance and comfort — by simply removing a couple screws, flipping it over and re-inserting the screws.

The Reign 6 features the OverDrive Binary cam system, including Bowtech's patented split buss cable system on both cams.

The result is two distinct draw cycles, one of which (performance) stays at peak longer to store more energy and generate more speed while the other (comfort) drops off soon after peak and gradually descends into the valley for a comfortable experience. The same disc is rotated to achieve the range of draw lengths. Be sure to make equal adjustments on both cams, along with the dual cable draw stops.

Each OverDrive cam also features the Microsync Dial system. A set of hex head wrenches gives you the ability to synchronize the cams so they roll over at the same time, causing the draw stops to contact the cable in sync — no bow press needed. This improves tuning and eliminates the annoying double bump that systems may encounter due to issues with string stretch or seating.

One of my favorite aspects of the OverDrive Binary cam system is Bowtech's patented split buss cable system on both top and bottom cams. This design allows the archer to set up their rest at true center and tune arrow flight by twisting one side of the split buss on both cams. Essentially, what you are doing is manipulating cam lean to achieve the desired paper-tuning results based on your form. The bow tunes to you.

Building Blocks

The new technologies explained above are built to work in tandem with proven Bowtech technologies such as the Center Pivot Extreme (CPX) riser that places the pivot point of the limbs closer to the shooter as it relates to the grip position, resulting in a more stable platform along with reduced shock, vibration and noise. A deep footprint from front to back gives the CPX design strength and rigidity, which aides in efficiency and accuracy. The riser is also home to a two-piece Rosewood grip designed to neutrally position the shooter's hand.

Bowtech's FLX-Guard cable-containment system uses a mini limb-like arm and rollers that flex toward the centerline of the bow during the draw cycle. This reduces torque at full draw for increased consistency and accuracy. When the shot is fired, the FLX-Guard automatically springs back out of the way of passing vanes. A stainless steel stabilizer-mounting insert and large cutouts that reduce overall mass weight round out the package. A set of Carbon Core split limbs can be selected in peak draw weights of 50, 60 or

70 pounds.

Noise Reduction

Bowtech attacks vibration and noise on five fronts. It starts with the past-parallel position of the split limbs and also includes a string stop, cable silencers, cable-guard silencer and the Outrigger Offset stabilization system, which uses the company's Revolver silencer. Together, these accessories and technologies work to minimize any vibration and noise.


The Reign 6 delivers two different shooting experiences, depending on the FlipDisc position. The back end of the comfort setting's draw cycle is much gentler compared to the performance setting, which is more aggressive and takes advantage of as much power stroke as possible to gain speed. There is a small jump in the handle at the shot, followed by low-level vibration, both of which are improved with a quality stabilizer. Regardless, overall shock and vibration is minimal considering the speeds generated. The grip is comfortable and functional, and the Reign balances well at full draw. The bow is quiet at either setting.

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