Bow Review: Obsession Fixation 6XP

Bow Review: Obsession Fixation 6XP

Building on the solid success forged in recent years, Obsession Bows is moving full steam ahead in 2018 with its new Fixation Series and the new Final Pro X target bow.

Obsession has also added more color options for 2018 and introduced several new technologies, such as a redesigned riser and the new Anti-Torque Cable Rod. The bottom line is that Obsession is growing in many ways — popularity, technology, experience and options.

The Obsession Fixation 6XP is a high-performance hunting bow loaded with features such as the draw-specific XP dual cam, America's Best string and cables, composite split limbs and six-piece limb pockets. Front struts, both top and bottom, on the riser add strength and rigidity, while contouring on the handle coupled with a two-piece laminatedObsession Fixation 6XP wood grip serve as the archer's interface. Limb and string dampeners tame the shot, and an angled roller-rod cable system is designed to reduce torque and create clearance for passing vanes.

Focused Firepower

Obsession wants your bow to perform to its very highest potential. So, they have designed the Fixation's XP cam to be draw-length specific. That means there are no modules or any other type of draw-length adjustment, short of changing out the cams. This allows Obsession to control the shape and specifics of each cam, optimizing performance for every draw length. As with other cams made by the company, the XP cam uses a proven two-track, symmetrical dual-cam system to power the Fixation at advertised IBO arrow speeds reaching 358 fps with a 6'‰1⁄8-inch brace height and 80 percent system letoff. One track is used for the string, while the other is used for both cables, with one being taken in and the other letting out on the same plane during the draw cycle. This system also links the cams together using direct cam-to-cam anchoring, which forces lock-step performance. The result is a system that automatically compensates for small changes such as minor string stretch.

The cams, which ride on case-hardened axles and sealed bearings, are machined from 7075 aluminum alloy and anodized in one of three colors: black, orange or red. Eight cams cover draw lengths from 26'‰½-30 inches, in half-inch increments, and an adjustable draw stop on each cam allows the shooter to customize the feel of the back wall. Obsession pairs the XP cams with America's Best string and cables.

Rocker Solid

Limbs, which are matched into sets through deflection values, are available in peak draw weights of 40, 50, 60, 65 or 70 pounds. Split limbs create a wider base with less material, reducing overall mass weight while also eliminating the stress issues related to solid-limb designs. The 12'‰¼-inch limbs are made with industry-standard Gordon Composites material and reach a past-parallel position at full draw. At the shot, energy from the limbs travels in opposite directions, cancelling each other for reduced shock, vibration and noise. Each limb set is outfitted with custom Axion OB Dampeners.

Obsession uses a six-piece pocket to align the limb pieces to the riser. A 3⁄8-inch, stainless steel rod passes through the rockers and is designed to reduce limb torque and cam lean. These pockets pivot with the limbs during the draw-weight adjustment process to increase stability, control and precision, which is extremely important at this critical interface.

Strutting Its Stuff

The Fixation's riser is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum into its final reflex configuration. All else being equal, this shape allows for an increased power stroke, which is the distance the shooter moves the string during the draw, and in turn increases arrow velocity. A unique strut-type construction on the front of the riser increases strength and stiffness, creating a more stable platform that enhances consistency and accuracy.

Mounted opposite the stainless-steel stabilizer insert is an adjustable string suppressor complete with a rubber stopper designed to quickly reduce string oscillation and resultant noise. A rear stainless steel stabilizer insert is located at the very bottom of the riser. Also making its home on the riser is Obsession's Torque-Less grip, which employs two laminated and machined side plates seated on a contoured section of the riser handle. The Anti-Torque Cable Rod is advertised to increase speed, make the draw cycle smoother and reduce cam lean.


Obsession's Fixation 6XP generates super quick arrow speeds and does so with little shock, vibration or noise. I almost didn't put a stabilizer on, since it felt so good without one. But I decided to try a stabilizer anyway and was surprised that all were made even better. The Fixation 6XP does have an aggressive draw cycle; however, it was consistent, with no sharp changes at any point. And once at full draw, I was able to relax into the valley for a comfortable aiming and shooting sequence. At roughly 4.5 pounds with no accessories, the Fixation 6XP is a bit heavier than other top-end bows. So, you may want to focus on lightweight accessories to round out the setup.

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