Bow Review of the Mission Venture

Bow Review of the Mission Venture
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Mission is a bow company all about providing the best price/performance ratio on the market — top end performance at a better-than-reasonable cost. Their seven-bow lineup covers a wide range of specs and features that allow archers to enjoy an excellent shooting experience regardless of their age, size or skill level.

Need a fast bow — how about 330 feet per second?

A bow that will grow with a youngster — will one that is capable of a draw weight range of 15-70 pounds and a draw length range of 19-30 inches

without changing modules, limbs, strings or anything else do the trick?

Need a lightweight adult bow — how about one that tips the scales at only 3.96 pounds?

Basically, Mission is capable of being the official bow of your entire family at price tag significantly smaller than you might expect.

The Mission Venture is an all-around workhorse that showcases many useful features, including a single-cam system, roller guard, Dead End String Stop, parallel limbs, limb-mounted String Suppressors and much more.

Singular Focus

Mission's Venture churns out arrows at an advertised 321 fps IBO, which is an excellent rating for a hunting bow that features a brace height that exceeds seven inches on a single-cam system. The Venture Cam is draw-length specific, meaning a cam change is required for each available draw length. Cams are offered from 26-31'‰1⁄2 inches, in half-inch increments. System letoff is advertised at 80 percent.

Single cams are considered to be one of the smoothest drawing eccentric systems available, and Mission delivers that with its Venture cam. A quick look at the draw-force curve shows an easy climb to peak followed by smooth transitions at the corners. Testing at the range confirmed the lab results, with the Venture demonstrating a super smooth draw. Mission outfits the Venture with a Zebra Hybrid string and cable.

Still Quiet

Mission attacks vibration, kick and noise on many fronts. A set of parallel limbs leads the way, with each limb's action counteracting the force of the other upon release. The result is a cancellation of unwanted energy. The solid Venture limbs measure 14 inches in length, are layered with laminated glass and contain a notch on both sides near the end that meets up with the limb pocket. The V-notches lock the limb and cup together for a stable connection at this critical interface.

Limb pockets are molded from a composite material and pivot during the draw-weight adjustment process. The Dead End String Stop advances the fight against vibration by taming string oscillation after the shot. A bracket mounted just below the grip allows the string stop to be fine-tuned for optimal performance. The rubber cushion that contacts the string can be purchased in a variety of colors for those wishing to create a custom look for their rig. A String Suppressor is mounted to the tip of each limb and consists of an aluminum bracket that houses a proprietary polymer cushion that absorbs string vibration at the shot.

Last But Not Least

Mission demonstrates its commitment to quality by adding a Roller Guard cable containment system, mounted on a machined aluminum bracket. The end of the bracket is cut out into a U-channel and angled toward the centerline of the bow. This is done to match the natural tension and movement of the cables. The    U-channel is home to two machined wheels that ride on a stainless steel axle and sealed ball bearings. Also included in the Venture package is a metal stabilizer mounting insert and molded, one-piece rubber composite grip that produces a neutral wrist position.


The Mission Venture has a pleasant draw cycle, with the added benefit of good speed. A small kick and short-lived vibration are diminished with the addition of a quality stabilizer. The composite grip is well formed, comfortable and functional, and it will provide a measure of warmth on cold days afield. Aiming is steady, and the overall shooting experience is positive.

At a retail price of only $499, you will be hard pressed to find many other bows in this price range with comparable features and performance.

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