Whisper Creek Archery Stealth LX

Whisper Creek Archery Stealth LX

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In 2001 an archery company was born, if only in concept. That concept turned into prototyping and then into trial production before finally ending up on the national stage in 2004. That is when the outdoor industry was introduced to Whisper Creek Archery (WCA) during the annual Archery Trade Show. In 2006 the company unveiled its Innovator Pro, a bow that has received graduated upgrades along the way and still remains their flagship today.

Last year Whisper Creek learned a lesson--a bow designed for women and youth hunters, if good enough, may just end up being a hot seller in the adult market as well. The Stealth LX afforded them that lesson. So, in response they now offer the Stealth LX as an adult bow capable of reaching a 30-inch draw and 70-pound pull. This little rig is packed with features like their HyperForce Accel-Cam, WhisperGrip traction control idler wheel and all-new HyperForce String Suppressor.

A compact aluminum riser serves as the backbone of the Stealth LX measuring less than 14 inches in length. Even if you include the pivoting strut it still measures under 18 inches. The miniature riser is a big contributor to the Stealth's super maneuverable 255⁄8-inch axle-to-axle measurement and light mass weight of 3.6 pounds.

MANUFACTURER: Whisper Creek Archery, Dept. PB, 975 West 850 South, Woods Cross, UT 84087; (801) 335-0006; www.whispercreekarchery.com
MODEL:Stealth LX
DRAW WEIGHTS:50-, 60- and 70-pound peak
DRAW LENGTHS:27 to 30.5 inches in one half-inch increments
RISER:Reflex, aluminum
LIMBS:13-inch machined fiberglass
STRINGS:79.5 inches BCY 8125/425X
CABLE:27.25 inches BCY 8125/425X
MASS WEIGHT:3.6 pounds
GRIP:Two-piece laminated wood
BRACE HEIGHT:Approximately 8 inches
AXLE-TO-AXLE LENGTH:25.625 inches
FINISH:King's Woodland Shadow
COMMENTS:Excels in maneuverability and reports little noise at the shot.

A noteworthy upgrade for the 2008 Stealth LX is a standard two-piece laminated wood grip contoured for comfort and consistent hand placement. Another new addition is a broadhead guard attached to the riser for increased protection for the archer. The riser's short length and three-inch reflex geometry make it necessary to offer an unconventional stabilizer attachment point. A portion of the front of the riser below the grip is formed in the shape of a fishhook. This creates a tab that juts upward, which is drilled and tapped for stabilizer mounting.

LX machined aluminum limb pockets remain constant during the weight adjustment process allowing the limbs to move within the pocket. Draw weights are available in 50-, 60- and 70-pound peak and are easily adjusted 10 pounds down from that point. The pocket, strut and Riser connection points create Whisper Creek's 3 Pivot System featuring Pocket BowStrut technology.

This system is designed to allow the limbs and pockets to move naturally and thereby limit vibration traveling into the limbs or riser. LX limbs measure approximately 13 inches in length. At full draw the limbs attain a parallel position and when fired move in equal and opposite directions effectively canceling out much of the shock and vibration common to upright limb configured bows.

Whisper Creek's single cam eccentric system consists of their IdlerDamp wheel and new HyperForce Accel-Cam both of which ride on double-sealed ball bearings. The WhisperGrip Traction Control system forces the idler wheel to return to its original position rather than slipping under the string during the shot resulting in retained energy and speed.

297 fps68.57 foot-pounds88.78 foot-pounds77.24 percentSteady climb to peak with smooth transitions before and after.
*(Test result) **Product of speed and arrow weight ***Energy supplied to and held by the system ****(K.E. divided by S.E.)

This is accomplished by incorporating WCA's BowDamp material into the idler wheel's string contact surface. Attached to the ends of the idler wheel axles is WCA's new and unique HyperForce adjustable string suppressor that uses a large rubber barrel suspended just below the idler wheel. Central to the LX's eccentric system is the 2008 HyperForce Accel-Cam. This new large diameter cam has a single rotating module that can be adjusted, without a bow press, for draw lengths from 27 to 30.5 inches in one half-inch increments. Also featured on the Accel-Cam are a three-inch solid wall draw stop and 80-percent letoff. IBO speeds are advertised to reach 300 fps.

Editor's Note: Petersen's Bowhunting standardized testing includes the use of the same equipment and test methods. For more detailed information on the testing parameters go to www.bowhuntingmag.com and look for the "bow testing" link.

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