Prime Alloy Review

Since its beginning as Grace Engineering in 1968, this three-generation family business has always been about innovation, quality and service. The "G" in the G5 name represents the family name, while the 5 is the number of Lou Grace's children. Lou and two of his five children, Matt and Nate, run the business today, which includes the Prime line of bows.

Prime's 2014 Alloy features patent-pending Parallel Cam Technology, extra-wide Gordon Glass limbs, a newly designed reflex riser and the Ultra Fit grip.

Additionally, this rig was outfitted with a specially designed Flexing Roller cable guard, a string stop and two Bowjax limb dampeners to reduce shock and vibration.

Spread Offense

The Alloy's PCX Parallel Cam system spreads the base of the dual lobes out further than previous versions for an increase in lateral stabilization. This is designed to drastically reduce cam lean.

Rather than pull from the center of a single lobe cam, the PCX uses a split yoke at the end of the bowstring to apply the load to the outside surfaces of the dual-lobe Parallel cams.

Think of the difference in your own stability if you stand with your feet together versus a wide stance! In essence, the PCX has its feet spread wide.

Each of the two cables used in this system are anchored to both cams in line with their center. This keeps the load from the cables centered while forcing the cams to work in lock step. This greatly reduces any problems with cam timing and allows the system to self-adjust over time.

Draw lengths are available from 26-30 inches, in half-inch increments. Another feature is an adjustable draw stop, which offers a wide range of letoff percentages for a custom feel.

On the Riser

Prime's newly designed reflex riser is constructed using 7000 series aluminum, which is alloyed with Zinc and extremely strong. The riser is finished with the company's patented Durafuse process. Sublimation, rather than film dipping or painting, is and it is said to exactly transfer the pattern with no stretching or pattern degradation, while added durability resists wear.

Another riser-based feature is the Ultra Fit grip. It is molded from a semi-soft rubber material that contains a combination of contours, size and shape for a comfortable experience. The handle under the molded grip has been machined with smooth transitions so that the user may remove the molded rubber grip for a narrower fit.

The Flexing Roller Cable Guard was designed for the Alloy and aids in the fight against cam lean. The rollers create an effortless interface for the cables as they move during the draw cycle and shot. Available adjustments allow the user to customize the distance cables are positioned from the fletching to avoid contact as the arrow leaves the bow.

Calm and Quiet

As bowhunters, we work hard to remain undetected in the field by fooling our prey's eyes, ears and nose. Prime outfits the Alloy with several features to make this rig our advocate. First, Prime situates the extra-wide Gordon Glass limbs at an angle that results in a past-parallel position at full draw.

The shock-, vibration- and noise-reducing power of parallel and past-parallel limbs is well known in the industry and is expected on most top-end rigs. Furthermore, Prime seeks to tame the shot with a pair of BowJax limb dampeners and an adjustable string stop mounted to the riser below the grip.


The Prime Alloy is truly a pleasure to shoot thanks to a super smooth draw and minimal negative feedback at the shot. Slight hand shock and low-level vibration were almost completely knocked out with a quality stabilizer. The grip is comfortable but forced my hand a little higher into the shelf area than I like.

At just over four pounds, the Alloy's weight is in line for a 33-inch rig, and all of the noise-reduction features pay off with a notably quiet shot.


Manufacturer: Prime by G5

Model: Alloy

Cam System: Parallel Cam PCX

Weight: 4.2 pounds (advertised); 4.15 pounds (as tested)

Brace Height: 6'‰3⁄4 inches

Axle-To-Axle length: 33'‰1⁄4 inches

Letoff: 75 percent

Draw Weights: 50, 60 and 70 pounds peak

Draw Lengths: 26-30 inches, in half-inch increments; cam specific

Riser: Forged and machined 7000 Series Aluminum, Reflex

Limbs: Extra Wide, Gordon Glass

String: 8190 BCY, 26 inches plus 33.79-inch yoke

Cables: 8190 BCY, 39.41 inches

Grip: Ultra Fit

Finish: Black, Optifade Open, Optifade Forest, Realtree Xtra

Advertised IBO Speed: 335 fps

Suggested Retail Price: $949-$999

Comments: A pleasure to shoot.

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