PSE Full Throttle Review

PSE Full Throttle Review

pse_full_throttle_fSo, did you ever think we would get here? 370 feet per second! I remember the days when we started breaking the 300 fps barrier on a regular basis. True, a 370 fps bow may not be for everyone, but it pushes the envelope of technology — something that inevitably benefits the entire industry.

The Full Throttle is driven by a hybrid cam system and signature pre-loaded limbs, while the BackStop Lite string suppressor, limb bands and past-parallel limb position work to tame the shot. Also featured are the Planar Flex riser, 2nd Generation S.L.T grip and much more.

Pushing It to the Limit

Simply put, this bow was built for speed. It did, in fact, edge out the Omen — another PSE burner — in my testing for the title of fastest bow. How did they do it? It starts with the draw-specific hybrid cam that is optimized to grab as much power stroke on the front end as possible, which generates more speed.

pse_full_throttle_chartHowever, take a look at the accompanying draw-force curve and you will see that while the system gets to peak very quickly, it is essentially all downhill from there, with a gradual decrease in weight and a sloping drop into the valley. PSE made it this way to create a relatively smooth draw compared to a bow with a level peak and squared off transitions.

This also means they can actually go faster — makes you wonder, doesn't it? Speaking of power stroke, PSE also uses a very short brace height on the Full Throttle at 5'‰1⁄4 inches. Fortunately, the BackStop Lite string suppressor was added to tame string oscillation.

PSE uses a super strong 7075-T6 aluminum alloy to build its skeletal cams, which ride on hardened steel axles and sealed bearings. Separate cams are offered to cover a draw-length range of 26'‰1⁄2-30 inches, in half-inch increments. System letoff is advertised at 65-70 percent.

Coiled and Ready To Strike

Extreme pre-loading gives PSE's X-Tech Speed Limbs their signature curl. The 11.8-inch split limbs are offered in peak draw weights of 50, 60, 65 and 70 pounds. The limbs reach far beyond parallel at full draw to take advantage of the significant benefits in terms of shock, vibration and noise reduction.

PSE's Centerlock Speed Limb Pocket is shorter and lighter than previous versions. Each closed-end pocket pivots during draw-weight adjustments for superior centerline control and can be locked in position.

Planar Platform

PSE's Planar Flex riser utilizes straight structural lines, especially on the back side, to enhance strength and rigidity. This design results in a 25 percent rigidity increase over previous versions, which translates into improved consistency and accuracy. Center Pull Technology is also featured on the Full Throttle. Limbs, cams, cables and string are positioned relative to the centerline of the riser so the arrow is centered in the overall structure.

The PSE 2nd Generation S.L.T grip, an adjustable FlexSlide cable guard, tuning marks in the shelf area, a stainless steel stabilizer-mounting insert and multiple sight mounting positions round out the package.


Yes, this is an extremely fast rig. The draw cycle is aggressive on the front end before a rounded transition into a razor-thin valley. That means you need to ensure your draw length is spot on and you do not creep at all. As PSE says, the Full Throttle is designed for the experienced, performance-focused shooter.

There is a notable jump in the handle at the shot with an average measure of vibration. The vibration is almost eliminated with a good stabilizer.

Keep in mind you can back this bow down quite a few pounds and still be faster than most other rigs while enjoying a mellower draw and reduced shock, vibration and noise.


Manufacturer: PSE, 520-884-9065

Model: Full Throttle

Cam System: Hybrid

Weight: 4.1 pounds (advertised); 4 pounds (as tested)

Brace Height: 5'‰1⁄4 inches

Axle-To-Axle length: 33'‰1⁄4 inches

Letoff: 70%

Draw Weights: 50, 60, 65 and 70 pounds peak

Draw Lengths: 26'‰1⁄2-30 inches, in half-inch increments; cam specific

Riser: Planar Flex, with Center Pull Technology

Limbs: X-Tech Speed Limbs, Split

String: America's Best, 62.875 inches

Cables: America's Best, 37.75 and 35.5 inches

Grip: PSE 2nd Generation S.L.T.

Finish: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Skullworks, Solid Black

Advertised IBO Speed: 362-370 fps

Suggested Retail Price: $1,099.99

Comments: A true speed machine!

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